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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Afternoon Fatigue

    I agree and if you have any deficiencies, such as Iron, Magnesium or B12 you will get fatigue and muscle aches. I thought I had fibro, too but 6mos gluten-free and taking these supplements, all symptoms went away. I used to have afternoon fatigue really bad and no longer experience it whatsoever. B12 made the most difference as far as my energy level. If you are gluten-free your body is healing so make sure you get plenty of sleep and rest. I remember when I was first dx I fatigued very easily and now I am back to a normal activity level and do not fatigue easily anymore. Take epsom salt baths for the muscle pain if you over do it and rest, rest, rest.
  2. This bread is so fantastic tasting, but Ive noticed it makes me a little gassy? Anyone else? Ive only had the whole grain kind. It has teff flour in it...maybe thats it. I heard they have a white bread. Maybe I should try that? What do you guys think? Im obscessed with this bread it is the best Gluten-Free bread I have ever had!!
  3. Help Me! :o

    Thank you so much that really helped alot!! I think I really just over do it sometimes. I love to find new foods so much that I just dont moderate them very well. Im going to stay fructose light including honey and see if my system calms down, the inulin fiber was making everything worse. I didnt have a problem with it until I overloaded my system. I have GOT to learn moderation it is very hard for me since going on this diet. Thank you for helping me understand fructose. SO confusing. lol!
  4. I have recently figured out that too much of any food besides meat and veggies is not a good thing. It overloads our already damaged, sensitive systems! I have reacted to quinoa in the past and now I eat it maybe 1x a week and handle it fine. I recently experienced this over the holidays when I baked everything with honey, agave and maple syrup(all fructose). Healthy...right? NO NO NO!!! I once again over did it and payed for about a week! MODERATION is key. I agree with the post about water, too. The more I drink, the better my bowels move. I was thinking it was quinoa too a few months ago. I may have even asked the same question somewhere on here. Its not the food itself, just TOO much of it. Your fine just cut down! Take it from me!
  5. I have been Gluten-Free 1 year and I am having some issues with fructose and inulin. The whole topic is so confusing. When I eat agave, I have a violent reaction of intestinal pain and D. Also experience this with FOS/inulin. Are the two related? Do I have to cut out all sugars or just these ones? Will it get better when my intestine are healed? I seem to do fine with honey and sugar. Is the agave just TOO MUCH? I know its really high in fructose. Im so confused!! I dont know what to do or where to start. I already cant eat gluten or dairy. I really dont want to quit fruit, veggies, coconut but I want to have a normal bm which sometimes I do eating these foods in moderation. If anyone has knowlege on the subject or has experienced this please help! Thank YOU!!
  6. I use the pancake mix for pancakes and the flour for everything else!
  7. I improved quite slowly in the first few months. I will be 1yr gluten free on New Years Day and my symptoms are completely gone. I feel amazing. Do not get discouraged if it dosent happen right away. Medically, they give you up to 2yrs for complete healing time so be patient.
  8. So one year gluten free after all was ruled out and celiac was determined by my dr and I through no real medical testing besides an inconclusive IgA IgG test. As if I need more confirmation! I feel the most amazing Ive ever felt in my life. Now Im having normal bms everyday!! Its amazing to witness the actual healing of my intestine. The bm thing is something I thought I was destine to endure for the rest of my life and I cant even remember the last time I had a normal one. Those of you discouraged on this journey, I just want to say hang in there. I thought nothing was going to fix me and going gluten-free/CF has changed my life!! I am so glad I did it. I will never go back. It does take a while though!! Patience is a hard one for a lot of us but damage takes time to heal!! I am finally here and you will be too!!! YAY!!!!
  9. Have you been diagnosed with refractory sprue? You say you started Gluten-Free diet in june as in 5 months ago? I dont think thats nearly enough time to be healed from celiac. It took me a year for my symptoms to clear all of which were similar to yours. They did come and go and come back with a vengance a few times. And I was not cc'd either. It is such a long, slow healing process. I think your doing the right thing and when I was at my worst, I would have taken any medicine to stop the pain. Give it patience and time, I know how hard celiac can be but it does get better with time. Are you taking any vitamin suppluments by the way? Thats what eventually turned me around was finding out what I was deficient in and correcting it. Its a HUGE part of celiac because you are not absorbint the nutrients your body needs because of the damage in your intestine. Hope it helps.
  10. Im doing my first Thanksgiving this year. Im just gonna make everything Gluten-Free and not say anything. Its such a hassle to do 2 menus, Ive done it before. Now a days, I think the Gluten-Free food out there is so good that nobody will even notice. Ive made B-day cakes and stuff for parties and my food is always the hit of the party! Get one of those Betty Crocker Gluten-Free cake mixes, people LOVE those and then you wont have to worry about CC-ing your baking dishes. Im going Gluten-Free all the way this Holiday Season, ordering stuff from Babycakes, and using my recipes that everyone (so far) really likes and Nobody else In my friends or family is celiac or even gluten intolerant. I also get people asking for my recipes all the time. I find that just bringing no attention to the fact that everything is Gluten-Free, making it a non issue works. Sometimes after everyone is happily full and telling me how great the meal was, I tell them it was all gluten free and they are pleasantly surprised!! If you need any recipes, let me know! I have a ton of great party recipes and other tricks up my sleeve!! LOL!!
  11. Having A Bad Day...

    Youre doing great! I remember being starving too. Your body is finally ready to abosorb those nutrients!! Its a good thing I welcomed it because I, according to my parents "ate like a bird" my whole life and could actually stand to GAIN some! LOL! Now I eat a full meal! Yay! and Im 29!! I think the advice on veggies is GREAT!! Load up! They have no fat and your body NEEDS them right now! I ate a ton of smoothies too. They are easy to digest and fill you up. Put some flax or rice protien powder some blueberries, so on. Those would hold me in the morning before breakfast. Also if you eat lean proteins every meal it will help sustain longer. Empty carbs will just make you more hungry!! I have been in your shoes and almost 1 yr later, I cant even express to you how totally awesome I feel. Gluten-Free lifestyle has saved my life!! I have more energy now than I did as a kid! Hang in there, its a marathon.
  12. Yes!! I cannot eat dairy. I have tested this theory on myself many times and it goes away everytime I quit dairy. I also stay away from tomato products and citrus. My heartburn is non-existant when I avoid these foods.
  13. Pamelas gives me the poopies too. It has buttermilk in it. That may be why. I like Bob's Red Mill. They are yummy and They don't bother me at all.
  14. If you have been constipated, it could be as simple as a hemroid. See your doctor just in case.
  15. Beginning Basics

    Edited that sentence cuz I want to support eachother not argue. Much appologies.