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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Help For My Holiday!

    If you want a snack-like thing to keep with you, Cliff nectar bars are wonderful. They are available at Wegman's and I think I have even seen them at Tops. They are made on dedicated equipment, they have lots of yummy flavors, and are very good for you. I recommend Red Robin if you like burgers!! Their gluten free menu is wonderful and they have delicious fries. Also if you visit an outback steakhouse, the chocolate thunder from down under is an extremely tasty gluten-free brownie. Good luck!
  2. Could you two maybe give me some more details on the hernia? Is it likely at all that that could be my problem? I didn't do the gluten trial, but my doctor called me to say that he wanted me to get HLA-typing instead. So I had that blood test, and called for the results. He informed me that the test had come back negative for celiac. I have an appointment with him to discuss that on the 24th, but I was wondering if anyway could give me any insight on this. Is it possible I have a gluten intolerance aside from celiac? Is it possible that I do not have a problem with gluten? I've been researching it but it is very frustrating and confusing. I saw an improvement on the gluten-free diet but the past month or so my symptoms have been slowly returning and I'm wondering if maybe there is a different explanation for my frequent nausea and stuff.
  3. About 10 months ago I was told I had celiac disease on the basis of blood work. Last month I went to a specialist because of some elevated liver enzymes who told me that celiac could not be confirmed until I had a small intestine biopsy. He said a lot of my symptoms fit with celiac but that some were a little strange, I have had the hiccups for over a year. He told me to eat gluten for two weeks and then come in for the biopsy. He said it was not absolutely necessary but is the only way to be 100 percent sure I have celiac. I'm not too stoked on it, I was wondering has anyone else had this experience? It is of course my decision if I want to go through this process, just wondering if anyone else has been through something similar and has any tips. Thank you!
  4. Anybody Who Loves Jesus? :)

    that's great, love it. .....does anybody else kind of chuckle when they're saying the Lord's prayer.... "Give us this day our daily bread...." I always want to say "Give us this day our daily...rice bread." lol
  5. This is an e-mail I recieved from OPI today... was useful to me and I think it's been covered but figured I'd post it just in case. Thank you for your email. The following OPI products contain hydrolyzed wheat and/or oat protein, which may have traces of gluten: Acrylic Nail Base Coat Feet
  6. Me too! I once walked around my house putting my ears to all the radios, stereos, and the tv because I was certain I could hear Madonna. Nothing was actually on it creeped me out! Also, why Madonna? lol
  7. Husband Having Trouble Understanding

    Can definitely relate. My family is so skeptical when it comes to cross contamination. My sister rolls her eyes like I'm just looking for attention. My dad has trouble understanding my nervousness about shared cutting boards. My mom will be catious but kind of acts like she's just doing it to humor me and doesn't think it's neccessary. My whole family has this attitude that says, "It can't really be that bad." It is incredibly frustrating to be treated like I'm paranoid, crazy, or persnickity. I am a fairly intelligent young woman and I really dislike being treated as though I don't understand my own medical condition. It hurts that my own family could believe that I would be such a pain in the butt about having non-contaminated food if it wasn't required. I'm not a very assertive person by nature but I have learned that I need to be in order to avoid stomach pains, irritability, depression, and severe nausea. It's so isolating that everything involving food turns into a huge ordeal.
  8. This might be covered else-where in the forum, but does anyone have handy a list of gluten free shampoos and conditioners? I've been using Herbal Essence Long Term Relationship. I also use L'Oreal SKin Genesis face wash. Also does nail polish containing gluten really pose a threat? How about nail polish removers? If so I'll need to replace my nail polish... I've been using OPI Nail Envy which is apparently not gluten-free and I've been feeling sick recently and searching for whatever it is that's still sneaking in. I'd love a cheap trustworthy brand for stuff like this, I'm a college student which means I'm poor! Anyway I ask because my family is already somewhat dubious when I try to explain how hurtful cross-contamination really is. My sister thinks I'm just trying to get attention and my dad doesn't really get it, so I just wanted to verify that I'm not going crazy and this stuff can really get you sick! Thanks so much!
  9. Thanks so much everyone! Very helpful and encouraging. I'm going to cut out caffeine and start taking a multi vitamin, probably something I should be doing anyway. Im a college student and cross contamination is incredibly difficult to avoid, that is probably playing a role as well. Hope you are all doing well. : )
  10. Did anyone else experience depression or crying jags and mood swings as a side-effect or symptom of celiac? That was one of the major reasons I first went to the doctor, I've been gluten-free for about five months and although it's getting better I still experience irritability, mood swings, and crying jags. Could this be a hormone problem or do I just need to give my gluten-free diet more time? It's getting very frustrating, I'm an optimistic person but I find myself crying with little to no provocation and getting pretty cranky at times. Anyone else have this problem?