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  1. Did you add anything to the turkey supper? Butter? maybe it had been used for the bread? (double dipped?). Did you touch any knobs on drawers, then touched what you ate? Think of sponges used for washing dishes, ANYthing like that. I never used to think of those things until I had ruled everything out and it dawned on me. It could be that you "inhaled" flour?? Hubby may have to change his "traditions" in lieu of YOUR better health! Yes, we can be that sensitive.
  2. I bought a food dehydrator after neighbors offered for me to pick figs from their trees this year. I dried a bunch of figs...BUT, what I REALLY like is slicing bananas into about 1/2 inch slices (rounds), sprinkle cinamon on them and then dehydrate them. YUMMM. And I don't even like bananas. I put baggies of them in the freezer and they get super crunchy. You can't eat too many, though. Poooot. (like we need any help with THAT, eh?) I also like to freeze grapes. We have several concord vines and I wasn't sure what to do with them this year since it was the first big crop. I froze them and they're scrumptious. Seeds and all. Next year I may try to make jelly.
  3. Stomach Ache After Glutened

    I realize this is a month after your post...you ate REGULAR cake? If you have gluten intolerance/celiac then you can't do that! When I first went gluten free-YEARS ago and got into something accidently, even a crumb, I was sick for months, literally. Find gluten free alternatives and stick to it. Every time you expose yourself to gluten, if you truly have celiac, you are increasing your chance of getting stomach cancer..and other things. You need to take care of yourself. Are you feeling better now? And ummm..how do you have "accidental" birthday cakes??
  4. That's funny! Sometimes I'm glad that my little girl is as active as she is, on occasion when I've forgotten to turn on my alarm she never fails to wake me up! I have owned/operated a professional pet care service since 1998 and get lots of stories from clients. One client with two kitties, boy and girl littermates, had to take the knobs off of her jewelry box because she discovered (after jewelry was missing and found throughout the house) the girl kitty (of course, the girl!) had learned how to pull the drawers of the jewelry box open and was stealing all the shiney stuff! I thought it was hysterical. I could write a book with my stories of pets!
  5. This just made me pull out all of my products and take a look at them. Fortunately I DON'T have the soy issue because I love Burt's Bees lip glosses and lotions. My shampoo has soy, but my conditionaer does not. I use "Organix" Shea Butter conditioner. The longer you leave it in, the softer it makes your hair. (I find it at my local drug store) I also put a small dab of "Organics" Red Raspberry Conditioner (found at Whole Foods) on the ends of my hair and don't rinse it out. I don't see soy listed in the ingredients but emulsifying wax is vegetable derived, so it'd have to be checked out. Since using the combination of those two conditioners my hair is softer than it's been in a long time, and I color frequently. I feel for you! It IS expensive to live this way.
  6. I thought this was SOO funny. My one kitty is like this!
  7. On Novartis' site it lists adjuvented vaccine for Germany (2 other countries , too, looked at it last night and am not recalling right now) but stated "MF59" which I believe IS squalene.
  8. I am not a medical professional, nor have a science background. I read articles by those WITH those credentials and rely on their interpretations based on them having done the research. An article: Startling New Evidence That The 'Swine, Flu' Pandemic Is Man-Made Novartis Patent Detailed And Mass Murder Charged By A. True Ott, PhD, ND 7-26-9 indicates that the patent I listed is, in fact, the patent used to produce the H1N1 vaccination. In reviewing the patent myself it lists NUMEROUS antigen combinations. I also did a search and found that several other drug companies applied for patents and there are claims of "foreknowledge" by them, as well. It makes sense to me that drug companies would apply for patents in advance that include a variety of combinations, to be prepared for any flu that arises. We know by history that there is a flu every year, and from time to time an "odd" one arises, bird flu, avian flu, etc. Is this the "smoking gun" that I thought it was? Perhaps not, but Dr. Ott, and others believe it is. Suspicions and distrust of drug companies are not unfounded or unwarranted. We all see the attorney ads on t.v. daily promoting class action lawsuits against drug companies for one thing or another. We are one of the only countries that allow direct to consumer ads by drug companies and they are protected! Why on earth are the drug companies being held harmless from any lawsuits for damages from this vaccine if it is so assuredly safe? Why is everyone so willing to be a guinea pig? It's beyond me, but it's everyone's own personal choice. I also found it interesting in reviewing the patent that it calls for oil based adjuvant which squalene is AND a Bloomberg report several months ago mentioned that Novartis and Glaxo both purchased huge amounts of squalene. I realize other countries are allowing that in their vaccinations, but is a *US* patent appropriate? I mean, could a US company start producing marijuana, and though it's illegal here, have it be OK to produce it as long as it gets sold to a country where it's legal? (maybe not an accurate apples to apples comparison, but I'm trying to make a point) I find it suspicious. I am a person who seeks truth. I welcome opposing views because it causes me to do further research. It is imperitive that everyone know the whole story of any substance being promoted to be put in our bodies. We are not a stupid people, we don't have to have information hidden from us "for our own good" (which usually means the opposite). We can make up our own minds once we have ALL of the information. Drug companies are good at hiding information from us until they get caught!! (and the FDA protects them) Ironically, my developing celiac is what led me on the road to health information, and uncovering all kinds of troubling drug/diet information. Then my best friend was diagnosed with advanced cancer and we BOTH went head first into researching. There is a lot of scary stuff out there folks. Don't rely on main stream media to get accurate or complete information to you, because they're NOT! I won't go on any longer because my passion for truth about health matters isn't "light"..and the forum instructions say to "keep it light". Plus there are so many political ties with all of this and that is also a no-no.
  9. Actually YES US Patent #20090047353-A1, Novartis applied for Nov. 6, 2006. http://appft1.uspto.gov/netacgi/nph-Parser...=DN/20090047353 It stops being a "theory" when proof starts to pile up.
  10. Great posts, Thomas. The patent for the swine flu vax was obtained a couple of years before we even heard about it!
  11. Summary Of Restaurants In Denver, Co

    I just came back from a trip to Denver CO and was excited to see how many restaurants there are gluten free friendly. We had lunch at Beau Jo's and I was so happy to have a pizza made for me, insteady of BY me and they also had my favorite Green's Beer!! I wish they had a Beau Jo's here in NC. Denver is beautiful!! We also went to Manitou Springs to go up Pike's Peak and in town there was a restaurant that had a sign out front that said "gluten free" so we ducked in there and had lunch. Every thing was done in crepes. I had a veggie crepe (with hummus) and have been making them at home ever since. What a great idea!
  12. Have you read that somewhere or seen it on a news program? I'm just wondering what your source is. According to everything that I've read there is SOME kind of adjuvant added, that's what preserves it. It may not be squalene or thimerosal, but some other ingredient.
  13. 8 glasses may not be enough for you. Are you on any medications? Check how much sodium is in your diet, too. Do you engage in labor activities during the day? As a rule of thumb, you should take your weight, divide it in half, and drink the same amount in oz. each day. Start your day by drinking 2 full glasses (12 oz glasses) before you have anything else. I drink 64 + oz a day and find when I don't I not only get headaches but I get cramps in my legs at night, too. It's good you had your glucose checked, that was my first thought. The fact that you are NOT peeing a lot during the day,makes me think you need to be drinking more.