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  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. Oh, wow, I'm also a 22-year-old male. I still don't know exactly what's going on with me. I'm not even sure if something is or is not critically wrong with me on the inside. I wonder if I just don't know how to eat because the problem seems to be so connected with my food intake. I think I might have been eating meals that are too large for me but at the same time are too low in calories. (Yea, I've been a health freak when it comes to food, and I don't know if it's a result of the "sweaty" feeling or not.) For a few weeks now I've changed my eating to be more regular. I've been consuming four very healthy and small foods a day (like cereal/sandwich/health bar/bagel) plus some drinks (water, juice, and milk). Every meal I eat has fruits and/or vegetables in it, and I put effort into incorporating healthy, calorie-dense food (like cheese, hummus, and lots of nuts). This pattern of eating seems to be helping; the "sweating" hasn't been as severe as it had been. I have some questions: Have you also lost weight along with this problem? Maybe from avoiding food in order to avoid the "sweating" OR from eating healthily? Sometimes I'm tempted not to eat a lot (to avoid the "sweating"), but I want to eat enough to get me through the day. Do you often feel full? Or too full to be physically active? I have a vicious cycle of thinking I need to eat before exercising, but after eating I feel too full to exercise. Do you often have trouble gauging how full or hungry you are? My pattern of eating four small meals has REALLY helped me with this one. I kind of procrastinated with scheduling doctor appointments. My upper endoscopy for celiac disease came out negative, and I'll see my GI again in about 1.5 weeks. I still plan to see a dietitian. Let me know if you get any insight about what's going on with you. I would appreciate hearing anything about it.
  3. Decided To Go For The Biopsy

    The following is a detailed account of my upper endoscopy for anybody who's curious. The "too long; didn't read" version is that it went fine and you have nothing to worry about. I turned into a mess as I was being prepared for my upper endoscopy. I was literally shaking and crying, and I couldn't control myself. The nurses were great, though, and not rushed at all. They took time to explain what would happen, asked if I had any questions, and made small talk to try to ease my nerves. After all of the nurses' preparation, the doctor finally came in. He quickly saw I was a wreck and assured me the procedure would be quick and take about "six minutes." The nurses had already explained what would happen, but he gave me a quick overview anyway. He told me the route of the scope, what he planned to biopsy, and asked if I had any questions. He listened to me and declared the procedure a "democracy." Then I was told to lay my head down. The IV was put to use and I fell asleep VERY quickly. I woke up in another room feeling pretty tired (not dizzy or nauseous) and I noticed a MILD sore throat--nothing bad at all. In fact, I would only barely notice the sore throat when I swallowed, and the unrelated sore throat that I coincidentally have today is MUCH worse than the one I got from the procedure. Anyway, a nurse came in my room, asked what I would like to drink, and gave me a small cup of water. After what I guess was 15 minutes, she returned to walk me to my dad so that I could leave. That was when I noticed I was somewhat disoriented. I think I would have had some trouble walking on my own. I felt too tired to sit upright for the drive home, so I layed down in our van. After 10 minutes of that, I felt well enough to sit upright. I went right to bed when I got home. When I woke up from my nap, I was pretty hungry but not starved. I walked to my kitchen to see what kind of soup we have, but I quickly felt... wrong. I felt brain-fogged or lightheaded or something, and I couldn't tolerate standing on my feet. I had my dad get me a salad and I wolfed it down. I went back to bed after that and woke up feeling good. Before leaving for your upper endoscopy, I recommend you to have some light food already made so that you can eat it RIGHT when you want to. (I had to fast for 12 hours prior to my procedure, so I was pretty hungry.) Also, make sure a place for you to sleep is prepared in advance--make your bed, turn off the TV, turn off the lights, close the windows, close the curtains, etc. (If you'll be like I was, you'll feel too tired to want to do all that right when you get home from your procedure.) So, basically, it's a simple procedure, and try not to worry. I'd say "good luck," but I don't think it's needed.
  4. Do you have any eye inflammation? I'm allergic to dust mites, and the only symptom I notice from it is eye inflammation.
  5. enniomoricone: I went through that cleaning phase too. I even coated my butt in deodorant a few times, but I eventually realized that it was all futile. Also, excessive wiping can actually cause irritation because it removes the anus's natural oils, so be careful of that. My doctor said my thyroid is fine, and I don't have any of the symptoms you listed. In fact, my heartbeat is really slow. Oh, it's affected my relationships too . I don't want to be around others but I want friends; I don't want to exercise in public but I want to be physically fit. Ugh. I'm sure you know how it is. r0ckah0l1c: I'm glad you made the suggestion of short bowel syndrome, but it doesn't seem to fit me at all. I haven't had any surgeries on my small intestine, and I hardly seem to have any of its symptoms. Also, I don't think I have IBS (have some constipation but no diarrhea), and I definitely don't have IBS medication. Are you two both diagnosed with celiac disease? I'm unsure if I have it, but I'll be getting a biopsy for it tomorrow. I'm really hoping this strange symptom is a reaction to gluten, but that's probably wishful thinking. If I figure this out, I'll reply to this thread no matter what. I don't care if it takes twelve years.
  6. About four months ago, for maybe a year, I felt as if I had an unusually small appetite. I would try to eat as much as I could but be unable to satisfy my caloric needs. I could either stuff myself until I became uncomfortably full (and I often was!), or eat just a little and be lightheaded. I wish I had noted my bowel movements at this time, but I believe I went maybe once every 3-4 days and they were typically a one on the Bristol Stool Scale. I'm wondering if I unintentionally backed up my body with too much food that caused a cycle of having a small appetite and poor bowel movements. On the other hand, I don't even know if that's possible. In the next stage of this predicament I listened to my body's hunger signals. I didn't eat much during this time, so I lost a lot of weight. During this period I also saw a doctor. He ran some blood tests including vitamin checks and the celiac panel. Everything came out in the normal ranges except for low vitamin D. His conclusion was that I have an eating disorder. This leads me to the stage I'm at now. I began eating a reasonable amount of food and was amazed that my body would accept it. (However, I've been eating so healthily that sometimes my calories fall a bit short.) Right now a chief concern is, once again, my stools. Despite eating what most would probably consider ridiculously healthy and despite taking Miralax as prescribed by my GI, my stools have been mostly twos but also sometimes ones on the Bristol Stool Scale. (If you want me to post what I've been eating, just ask.) I'm really considering the possibility of having celiac disease, so here are some things to consider along with the above. (Note: I know some of these might be insignificant, but given some of my more mysterious symptoms, I want to be thorough.) My aunt has celiac disease. On the same side of my family, I remember my cousin getting migraines so bad she would cry. Her medication didn't even help them. I no longer talk to her, but I wonder if they were from celiac disease. The sweaty-feeling anus that I've posted about. My arms and legs seem to fall asleep with light pressure. It happens when I stretch and sometimes when I merely rest a limb on an object. (I thought this would be from a vitamin deficiency, or is it from a lack of vitamin D?) Tinnitus (ringing in the ears) (but I admit to having listened to music too loudly on headphones... but I'm only 22 ) Low libido (from low vitamin D?) I always wake up from sleep after about three hours. My left eye has worse vision than my right (celiacs seem to have problems with the left side of their bodies?) I have felt abdmonal pain, but it has been minor, has only happened a few times, and has only happened when I've eaten a lot. (One time after I ate a sandwich and a hotdog, I had a single sharp pain in my abdomen.) When I first thought I might have celiac disease, I tested myself by eating two tortillas and dry cereal. If I don't have celiac disease, I would love to know why I got a tingling stomach, I couldn't sit still, and I got diarrhea. I've been unable to repeat this episode despite eating lots of gluten. Moreover, there have been other times in the distant past that I got the tingling stomach, inability to sit still, and diarrhea pattern. In the morning when I do a yoga pose that involves lifting my legs in the air, I sometimes get extremely disoriented (or could this be from not eating first?) This might be insignificant, but as a child I experienced formication ("an abnormal sensation of insects crawling on or under the skin"). I'll get a biopsy of my small intestine in three days. I'll tell you the results when I get them. Please share your thoughts. Thanks!
  7. Have you searched for a doctor who's been recommended for dealing with celiac disease? Here's one list of recommended doctors. Even if there isn't a recommended one near you, maybe a long travel would be worth it. Good luck!
  8. It's my understanding that weight loss from celiac disease is from having damaged villi that are unable to absorb food properly. That makes sense to me, but I haven't heard an explanation for weight gain. Can somebody please explain how it would happen?
  9. I went gluten free for four days. Right now, in these 28 days, I'm trying to eat at least 5 servings of glutenous foods a day. Then I will have an endoscopy. Does this sound adequate to get an accurate result from my endoscopy? I could use some reassurance.
  10. I'm trying to put my embarrassment aside and be completely open about this symptom. Here it goes. At times my anus feels as if it gets wet, like it sweats. When this first happened to me (2.5 years ago), I thought of it as a "leaky" feeling. However, when I use a baby wipe on myself, I don't notice any extra moisture, fecal matter, or smell on the wipe. The symptom seems to have a connection with my eating and activity. If I eat a lot, I expect the "sweaty" feeling. If I eat moderately, I may or may not get it. As for the activity, I have to be walking, running, or, in general, be on my feet, to get the feeling. When I planned to exercise with my friend, I tried skipping breakfast to avoid the feeling, and it worked! However, any other time I eat and then take a run, I can count on getting the feeling. People tend to take short sniffs around me when I notice the symptom, but I don't smell anything when it happens (recall that I don't notice an odor on the baby wipe). I wonder if I put a smell of some strange sort in the air (foul or not, I don't know). As you can imagine, the symptom makes me quite self-conscious. I've tried looking for other symptoms, even ones related to celiac disease because my aunt has it. I've come up with the following: I think I get full easily (I think, but am not sure, that I should be able to eat more. Note: I plan to see a dietitian.) I think I should feel hungrier in the morning (or perhaps I eat too late at night). One time I wanted some extra calories in me despite feeling decently full. I decided to eat a sandwich, and I ended up with a tingling/sick feeling in my stomach followed by a few hours of numerous stools that increasingly became closer and closer to diarrhea. The tingling/sick feeling followed by diarrhea has been a pattern when I "overeat," but I don't "overeat" often. Right now my stomach is mildly rumbling, and I don't think that's warranted given what I've eaten today. (I need that dietitian more than I thought.) My stools almost always come out in the form of smallish, separated balls. Maybe I'm wrong, but given the way I eat, I think my stools should be shaped normally (or maybe I eat too much fat?). I feel silly asking, but does anybody think this might be a strange form of celiac disease? Any questions and insight are welcome. Thanks!
  11. I don't mean to hijack this thread, but I basically have the same question as the topic's starter. I'm feeling stupid because I'm having trouble understanding which tests weren't done on my report: My questions: What do these words and abbreviations mean: Abs, S, deamidated, Ab? Are the first two any of the following (that I've read should be done)? Am I right to think that the last two on my report are "Anti-gliadin antibodies (AGA) both IgA and IgG"? And the rest seem to be completely skipped. Hmmm.
  12. This reminds me of a story I heard about a person craving salty potato chips, I think it was. It turned out that the person was low on sodium (or whatever was in the food the person craved).