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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Help! Long story, but I need a very gluten-free-friendly destination for our family, and have to make plans now for travel soon. OK, yesterday. But it's a hugehugehuge deal to do this trip. I remember once finding a place on an island in or near Washington state that was entirely gluten-free, and would accommodate other sensitivities, which we also have. Sadly, I can't find it now. Parameters: being by water, preferably ocean, is best. No So. California. A cruise is ok; island is ideal; being able to eat easily is part of what makes it a true vacation/getaway. I welcome your suggestions and ideas!
  2. Poo On Godiva!

    When it comes to chocolate, US labelling laws require that wheat in any amount be disclosed (since it's one of the Big Eight allergens), but barley malt does not have to be disclosed if it's less than 2% of the weight of the product. Unfortunately, it's not at all uncommon to find said malt in chocolate. Therefore, chocolate is one product that I won't eat unless I've checked with the manufacturer, first. Remember: the old Lindt labels gave the appearance of safety, until they started listing the barley malt.
  3. I would not consider it safe, as chocolate can easily have undeclared barely malt (think of the old labeling on Lindt chocolate). Since barley is not one of the "Big Eight" allergens, it's not required to be disclosed if present in any amount, as wheat is. However, Dove is made by M & M/Mars which does have a policy of declaring gluten on its labels. Knowing this, I would eat it. But I won't consider any chocolate safe without resolving the labeling/barley malt issue.
  4. I Just Need To Vent

    Our home is gluten-free, too. I can't afford to be constantly on guard, and nagging my loved ones, in my own home. It's expensive, but the results are that it's very, very rare for my dd to be glutened, and I've been "unpoisoned" since my dx last October. That, and I don't need to "police" anybody.
  5. Son's Upcoming Hospital Stay

    How about an electric teakettle (about $15 US at "big box" retailers), and just-add-water stuff? No worries about cross-contamination, and you can bring in bags of tea and/or cocoa packets. I've also used this gadget to heat up canned soup, although then you have to wash it, etc. Try a cooler w/plenty of ice & string cheese, etc. for the first few days, perhaps. Remember: germs ABOUND in hospitals. Pack a big container of gel and disinfecting wipes. Wipe down EVERYTHING in the room, especially the phone, remote for TV, switch plates, bed rails, etc. I recommend extra chocolate for you; no refrigeration required! Good luck to both of you.
  6. Sea World

    See this board for earlier postings about Sea World. Bottom line: they suck. Staff not aware of gluten-free in the slightest, and cross-contamination issues abound. Trust only their sodas; pack the rest of your food in (San Diego is chock full of Trader Joe's and Whole Foods, both of whom stock loads of gluten-free goodies). Sea World allows folks with food issues to bring food in, and lockers are avialable throughout the park.
  7. Canned Food On Airplanes?

    Thanks for the help, everyone! Tree
  8. OK, so I never took physics... What happens to, say, canned soup (checked in one's luggage) when it achieves high altitude on airplanes? Will it leak, explode, or contrive other nasty surprises? Also--does anyone know what food I can pack/check for a domestic flight? Thanks! Tree
  9. Seaworld In San Deigo?

    I was there when Elsbels got glutened. It was awful! My dd (a gluten-free veteran) took one look at the food line and refused to put anything but their soda in her mouth. She ate quite well from her cooler--better than the rest of us, truth be told. The food at Sea World is pretty gross. Note to any gluten eaters: they have "rice krispy" treats dipped in chocolate. It's mint chocolate, and just plain tastes wrong with the rice krispy thing. But at least it's shaped like Shamu T.
  10. Celestial Seasonings teas will say either "gluten free" or "may contain gluten" om the bottom of the box (not the side ingredient panel). It helps! Tree
  11. Girl Scout Cookies

    What kind of leader requires this of a scout? Grrrrr.....
  12. Happygirl, Thank you! Your reply and links were exactly the info I needed. Life is good. Tree Yes, any amount of any of the 8 main allergens must be disclosed, which, like you mentioned, includes wheat, but not oats/barley/malt. So, if you see a "modified food starch" and it doesn't state wheat, then it is safe (probably corn starch).
  13. OK, this is kinda embarrassing to admit, but... Do the new US labeling laws that went into effect last year cover disclosure of the "Big Eight" allergens in ANY amount? I've found the original regulations, written in governmentese, and it seems that any amount of the big 8 needs to be disclosed in common language. Is this true? If so, that could make my life so much easier. If I could know that spices weren't powdered with wheat flour, it would make a huge difference. After all, who's gonna powder a spice with barley flour? I'm realizing this has been the norm since January '06! Who has information about this? Tree
  14. I often dream about eating a sandwich, then realizing what I've done. So surreal; so scary!
  15. 15 Years

    Molly, My hearfelt congratulations to you, and to your parents, who knew better than to give up on you. I wish your whole family much joy, Tree