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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I think up until this morning I really was just able to talk about this and think nothing of it...but since we are giong to Joseph's consult here in about an hour and then have his pre-op appt set up for 1 it is all real. My mom called me this morning and I just started crying . I do not want my son to be ill in anyway, but I want all the problems he is having to end as well. I know the worst ogf the biopsy is the having him put under (we went through this when he had tubes put in), but I am just scared to know the truth. Glad to know diet change will fix the aliments, versus meds, but I just cannot imagine. I also have a 3 month old baby and I am worried sick that hecould have celiac as well. Though looking at the way he is growing now, no way. We will probably never know as once Joseph's celiac is confirmed, we are all going gluten free. How do you all do it...how do you make that change and make everyone understand this is not fluke thing. It is real and it hurts out kids when they have gluten. Tina
  2. Going To See Biopsy Surgeon

    Thank you all. I will make sure to ask the surgeon to take from several places in the intestine. First I will ask what his intensions are before I tell him what to do..I know alot less than him since I do not have MD behind my name. My Joseph weighs about 24 pounds...he eats everything in sight and does not gain an ounce. People just used to tell me it was okay because he was so active, but I am finding out that is not the case. The little guy would eat me out of house and home! He has a really bad diaper last night, now he has really bad diaper rash...just want to move on the next step and get rid of the diarrhea. But for now it is gluten, gluten, gluten to make sure that biopsy gives us the proper report. Thanks again, I will try not to beat myself up too much, I just feel like I failed my son by not trying to get an answer sooner. Tina
  3. I am new here...my 23 month old son has recently been diagnosed with borderline celiac disease through blood work. Joseph is giong to the surgeon Friday to set up a time to have his biopsy of his small intestine done. I am scared and my head is spinning I have no idea where to turn with all this and I am on information overload. My family and my husband's family are NO help...they think that we are crazy trying to find a cause to our son's chronic diarrhea. After 23 months I knew something was not right and I curse myself for waiting so long to find out what the cause was. I feel so guilty for poisoning my son's system with gluten. I am hoping to find support and answers here, we are just at a loss and only have eachother to talk to. We just really need questions for the surgeon and lots of prayers that things go well. Thanks, hope I find the support I desperately want here... Tina