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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Gluten Free Pizza At Chicago Uno

    I've had it 3-4 times now. It's good, but could be better. The only options they offer here (northern VA) is pepperoni or just plain cheese. There are so many options they could offer if they would but just take the trouble. I mean, come on, how hard is it to cut an onion or green pepper on a cleanly washed cutting board? They go on about how they are so careful with the area where they prepare the gluten free foods. Then they say they cannot guarantee that anything other than the pepperoni or cheese is gluten free? Come on...
  2. Gluten Free Pizza At Zpizza - Northern Virgina!

    I finally got to try ZPizza last night. I got home late so I had to warm up the pizza (probably not a fair comparison). I liked it at least as well as the Uno's gluten-free pizza. The nice thing about ZPizza is that they do multiple toppings on the pizza. At Uno's, it's either pepperoni or cheese. No black olives or any *FRESH* ingredients like green peppers or onions.
  3. **vent** My Loving Supportive Family. Grrrr.

    Hey, it's okay. I certainly understand. I haven't had quite the experience as you, but I can tell you I've been totally frustrated by misdiagnosis after misdiagnosis. And my husband, who really does try to be supportive, does get exasperated on occasion. I'll not forget the "So what's new, you NEVER feel good..." comment. Thanks a lot. It's not like I *want* to feel bad. It's not like I don't *want* to enjoy life. Paaleeaasseee.
  4. Pf Chang's=amazing Gluten Free Experience!

    Wow! Thanks for sharing. I will definitely have to try them then!
  5. Carrabba's And Other Restaurants

    Carabba's is my friend for sure. We all had Chicken Bryan there last night (that's the goat cheese dish). MMMMmmmm. DS2 and I had the gluten-free version (no grill baste). It was just a tad different that the regular, but still very very yummy. I was pleased that the wait staff seemed knowledgeable. Not only did the waiter know what needed to be done for the chicken and the salad, the server who brought the food set the plates down before DS2 and I stating that these were the gluten-free ones. The only problem I had was heart burn during the night since we ate VERY late and I went to bed as soon as I got home. I know better than that!
  6. Mind Fog, Anxiety

    I wonder if this is what has been happening to me. Diagnosed ~10 months ago and trying to be gluten-free, but going through the learning stages. Today I'm a lot more gluten-free than 4 months ago, having learned more and cut out more. Every now and then I have an episode just as you describe here. This is just so incredibly hard. And frustrating.
  7. Are Hives A Part Of Dh?

    I don't know if hives are part of DH. I kinda doubt it. However, while hives can be caused by a lot of things, they can also be caused by gluten intolerance. See my post here: Chronic Hives and Gluten
  8. Gluten Free Pizza At Zpizza - Northern Virgina!

    Oh this is awesome! There's one right down the street. I've never tried them, but you can bet I will!!! [update] And I see we are in their delivery radius!!!! [update] I just called and they are OUT of gluten-free crust until sometime next week. That's less than useful.
  9. Extremely Itchy "hives"

    Oh my. Hives are absolutely the most frustrating thing... I've been getting them off and on all my life... but certainly not non-stop, until this last time. I had chronic hives that were so bad, they wouldn't respond to any of the normal allergy medications they give. Steroids would knock them back, but as soon as I came off the steroids, they would come right back. My lips would swell up, and I spent Easter Sunday on the sofa in border-line anaphylactic shock. That was my wake up call. It was over 8 months of pure hell. PCP referred me to an allergist. Allergist said it wasn't allergy, even though by that time I was suspecting wheat had something to do with it (that was the common factor - every time I had been eating pizza, pasta, or some other bread heavy dish). He said, "You've been eating wheat all your life, right? So it can't be that." Never mind my history of hives off and on all my life, but his take was that it would be constant if it were allergy. Technically he was right about the "allergy" part. I have Hashimotos thyroid disease, and he was insistent it had something to do with my thyroid, claiming he had seen that on several occasions. "Get the thyroid under control and your hives will go away." So I went to my endo. He laughed at the prospect that my thyroid was causing the hives. "Your thyroid is just fine." Endo said it was probably all the pesticides I was consuming in non-organic foods. Talk about frustration. I finally found a holistic medicine doctor. I was always leery of them, but traditional medical doctors had failed me and I was desperate. I took all the info I had, including my thyroid test results. One visit. That's all it took. Funny thing is that it was related to my thyroid, but that wasn't the cause. My thyroid antibodies were so high the test couldn't accurately measure them. The root cause? Gluten. It was causing my thyroid problem and the hives. No, it's not allergy. It's intolerance. I went on a gluten-free diet and within 4 weeks all hives were completely gone. I've been gluten-free and hive-free for 9 or so months. I miss my old favorite foods, but the hives were bad enough that eating the foods isn't worth it. So can gluten cause hives? You betcha.