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  1. Well the truth of the matter is he has not been gluten-free. While we were dating he never really seemed to concerned about. I don't know what to me so long to do the research. We started him on a gluten-free diet this week. What are the chances of us having a problem if he hasn't been on a gluten-free diet. Should I start to be concerned that our chances are slim?
  2. Thanks You. That has made me feel better. My husband found out 9 years ago that he had celiac disease. We have only been married for a year and a half. I have just learned the seriousness of this disease. My research yesterday left me very overwhelmed. I was so excited when I found this sight. Thanks again.
  3. Hello, This is my first time doing this so I hope this is correct. I have a question. My husband was told that he has celiac disease. In all my research I have been unable to find how this will effect our ability to have children. In my research it discuss female complications. I so want to be able to have my husband's children. Please tell me there is hope. Thanks for your time