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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. This may be known to many of you but for me I just recently found this out. It has been a little over a year now that my son was diagnosed. I only had a few weeks to prepare a gluten-free Thanksgiving so I researched how to make gravy. What I found was try this flour and add this flour. In the end it was horrible. Don't know why I never found a recipe that just said add cornstarch to the drippings. I just made chicken in the oven the other night and added cornstarch to the juice from it and all four of my kids LOVED it!!! Why didn't I find something as simple as that a year ago? The only seasoning I used on the chicken was Garlic Salt and Pepper and then added nothing but the Cornstarch to the juice to make the gravy. Just thought I'd mention this in case there may be others new to this like I was and not know how to make it. Please let me know if you have had a similar experience.
  2. I would say no. Unless they have changed things since I worked there, all burgers, buns, and chicken are heated on the same grill press. My son has Celiac Disease and I would definatly not let him eat that. Espically when you are on the road!
  3. After many hospitalizations and finally blood work and a biopsy, my son was diagnosed with Celiac Disease. This was about 1 year ago. Today he told me that he usually has blood in his stool that is bright red but the last time it was more and dark and this made him worried. He has NEVER mentioned this to me or to the doctor. Obviously I am worried what this means. He has been on a completely gluten-free diet since the day of the biopsy and diagnosis. (At least as far as I know.) He is a teenager now so I am not able to watch him 24/7 but I do know that what I serve in our house is 100% gluten-free not only for him but for all of my family now that I know he is allergic. My question is... Do I take him back to the doctor because of this or is this something that is happening because he is not eating the right things. I don't want him to go through more tests if its not absolutely necessary but I am worried about this disease creating more problems for him. Thank you in advance.
  4. The genetis markers are seen in the Celiac Plus panel. It's just bloodwork. Since you already know that you have it and it can run in familys I would get the blood work done. I wouldn't put him through the biopsy though. I think this would be the best thing for everyone in your family. You would know for sure and it would put all the worries to rest.
  5. I'm pretty new at this myself but from what I have read and been told by the doctors celiac disease is genetic. You either have the gene or you don't. They say that some people who have the gene don't even ever know it because they don't ever have any symptoms. My son went 12 years WITH symptoms before being diagnosed. From what he has been through and what I know about it now I would recommend getting your kids tested to see if they have the gene. It's just bloodwork that will tell you if they have it or not. If they have it I would just go along with the gluten-free diet. Since they are so young I would think it would be easier to get them adjusted to the food. I have another son who is 5 and has the same symptoms as my 12 year old who was just diagnosed. We have decided to get his bloodwork done to see if he has the gene as well but if it comes back that he does there is no reason to put him through a biopsy. We'll just have another gluten-free child. Hope this helps. I have read so many things about how kids are misdiagnosed all the time with doctors saying they are lactose intollerant or that they have GERD and they will grow out of it. The doctors will not see celiac disease in regular bloodwork and you need to request a special "Celiac Plus" panel done by a special lab called Prometheus. This panel will give you a definate answer as to if your child has one of the genes and at what risk he/she may be at with the disease. Good luck to you!
  6. Thank you SO much for everyone's quick responses and informative information. I never even thought of half of the things told to me here so far. Like getting a new toaster or throwing away the wooden spoons. Makes alot of sense but something that never crossed my mind. Thanks again!
  7. After many years we finaly have a diagnosis. On January 8, 2009 my 12 year old son's blood work came back that he had the DQ8 gene. Then on March 17th, 2009 he had his biopsy which confirmed the diagnosis of Celiac Disease. It was also found that he had inflamation of the stomach lining and an ulcer on his esophagus. So now he is starting his life long Gluten free diet and 6 months of medication for the ulcer and inflamation. I have a few questions... I read that there are some skin products that have wheat in them. Will that go through the skin and affect him? Is there a certain type of lotion or shampoo that he needs to use? Also, I was told by the doctor that I had to inform all of the pharmacys that we go to that he had this because some medications have things in them that can hurt him. Would anyone suggest that I get him an ID braclet that says Celiac Disease on it? My son is not to happy with this and as he is almost a teenager he is telling me that he is still going to eat what he wants. Why he wants to continue to have these horriable cramps and symptoms is beyond me! I have already let the staff at his school know as well as his school councelor that he can no longer buy lunch and that I will bring him his lunch every day. I need some advice on how to tell him how important it is that he sticks to this diet. I read on one web site that someone's mother died at 45 from stomach cancer due to Celiac Disease that was not maintained with a proper diet. I don't want to tell him this and scare him but on the other hand I feel I need to make sure he understands the reality of this if he does not follow the diet. Any advice, answers or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!! Thank you in advance.