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  1. Had Reaction From Uno's Gluten-free Menu

    I ate there 2 months ago ordered off gluten free section and became violently ill on the way home until 4 days later. I had chicken and potatoes. I have not been back due to the extreme reaction I had. I think a cross comtamination took place. Alicia
  2. Well I have been gluten free for 5 months. I am doing well when aeating at home. I just came back from Myrtle Beach and feel I was "glutened". Does anyone on forum have neurological symptoms after accidental ingestion. Mine seem to flare up like muscle twitching usually in legs, numbness anywhere, and sometimes muscle cramping. The only other symtpom I seem to get when exposed is a pain lower right abdomen. No typical symptoms so I was just curious if others experience the atypical symptoms as well. I only had neuro symtoms upon Dx, I honestly believed I had Multiple Sclerosis!! Thanks for any input. Alicia 1995 Dx Primary Biliary Cirrhosis Positive Biopsy Celiac 3/2009 Positive TTG and Endomysial 4/2009 DQ2 Positive 6/2009
  3. I have been gluten free for 8 weeks but continue with bloating and lower abdominal pain. I have been told it is probably a dairy issue.I am very strict with gluten and many neuro symptoms have decreased. I am finding it very hard to remove dairy totally from my diet. Well my question is if I continue consuming dairy will my small bowel heal or worsen? Is this just a symptom and not damaging? Any info would be helpful. I was diagnosed by biopsy and blood with celiac. Thanks in advance for any help. Alicia
  4. Well I have been gluten free now for almost 3 weeks and WOW. I just noted today that I have 200% more energy than I had. My husband is in AWE of the way I feel. My daughter stated "I have a new mom". I have not felt this good in 10 years. I was a Jazzercise instructor until 2 months ago when my muscles could do no more but let me tell you as soon as vitamin levels are raised I am going back to teaching because I gotta use up this extra energy. See all these year's I attributed my fatigue to my autoimmune liver disease PBC but I think Celiac was kicking in and finally just recently caught up with me. I have been confirmed celiac disease with blood and biopsy. My neuro symtoms are also leveling out but still somewhat there. SOmething else that is kinda of gross is Bowel movements are not pale and yellow anymore but normal looking. Again thos was thought to be from liver disease as well. The info on this site has been so heplful and I read the posts to get info also and it has been very useful. Thank you all so much.
  5. I was diagnosed 2 weeks ago and have been gluten free for 10 days. At the time of diagnosis i had a sinus infection so she started me on Levaquin which normally takes care of any infection. After 5 days on antibiotic sinus infection worsened. Went back to Dr. and sinus infection actually worse so she started me on Tetracycline for 10 days. I have been on it for the 4th day and still have major sinus symptoms. My question is can antibiotics be malabsorbed? My vitamin levels are low so what's to say that I am not absorbing my other medicines. Any info would be great. What are options if it is malabsorbed? Thanks
  6. Thanks so much I feel a relief to know I am not crazy. I was tested along time ago with PBC diagnosis back in 1995 but I know theses autoimmune things can change. I am going to Mayo clinic where my liver doc is and hopefully be able to see celiac expert as well. Thanks again I may try to cut out dairy too. Alicia
  7. Just diagnosed on Wednesday. No GI Symptoms but difficulty swallowing and this prompted an Endoscopy and boom celiac. Prior to this I had neuromuscular issues and being a nurse and having an autoimmune disorder already(primary biliary cirrhosis) I thought I had MS!!! I never talked to anyone because I thought it was in my head. But I could not hide the difficulty swallowing, muscle twitching, lack of coordination in my hands, or muscle weakness. I was a Jazzercise instructor and unable to continue due to these problems. I had no idea what was going on but new I had no strength and needed to rest all the time. Just wondering when or if these problems should resolve. I have only been gluten free for 3 days. Anyone have symptoms that progress even on Gluten free diet? Or just cause it not to worsen anymore. I have so many questions and feeling lousy. It is very hard to not be active I loved teaching jazzercise and hope to get back to that ASAP but know this has been ravaging my body for years it won't be an overnight fix, but boy am I ready. Thanks for any input.
  8. Just diagnosed yesterday. They did a multitude of labs and after labs drawn gave me a Vitamin B 12 Injection. I had so much energy the evening after and today. Tonight I am drained and exhausted. Just curious if anyone has had this experience? I know my body still has a lot of healing but that old shot tricked me. I just started gluten free diet today. Thanks for any input.
  9. Just a couple of questions. I have a positive biopsy and received blood work results today. AB IGA Transgluminate is 4 times normal and Endomysial titer is positive 1:640. The Reticulin is normal though. Just wondering if this is pretty much a diagnosis of celiac? I have primary biliary cirrhosis(autimmune liver disease) and over the last month have had a myriad of strange symptoms and had endoscopy for some of those 3 weeks ago. Symptoms fatigue, muscle weakness, dizziness, heartburn, hands are very shaky, muscle twitching, extreme dry mouth, cracked lips, eczema. No bowel issues though which seems strange. I was just wondering if others had experienced any of these odd symptoms. Any input would be great. I have the liver disease for a long time and have always had some of these but they have been more severe this last month. Did you have major malabsorption with vitamins or anemia? Sorry for all the questions. My daughter has type 1 diabetes so she will also be tested as a precaution. Thanks in advance for any input!!!