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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Does anyone else get a reaction from the Cherry Sundae at Dairy Queen??? I checked the website for ingredients, it says modified food starch in it. But, it seems to be gluten free.
  2. Has anyone tried this? It's on Life Extension's website. I am gluten free and also have alternating d and c from ibs. Does anyone know if this helps?
  3. I made a gluten-free deep dish pizza crust using gluten-free bisquick and almost 2 teaspoons of xanthan gum. Sure enough, the next day or three felt terrible. Bad cramps and diarrhea (not watery, but very slow and soft and many times- sorry tmi!). I am really thinking it's the xanthan gum for me. I can eat one piece of gluten-free bread with xanthan gum in it, but if I eat anymore than that it definitely affects me the same.
  4. Every month at ovulation time, I have really bad pains. Everything in there tightens/spasms, and it hurts a lot. It makes me constipated until it goes away (lasts maybe around 5 days or so), and then I get very loose stools. I'm thinking of making a dr appt just to check it out. I am always thinking the worst too. I wonder if there's a huge tumor in there and at ovulation time, just gets bigger.
  5. I always seem to have dry palms. I went on a two week glutening, just to see. All the classic symptoms came, but I noticed that my hands went crazy dry too. Does anyone else have this??
  6. I am trying to go through all of the "gluten" symptoms and prolapse(mainly rectocele) symptoms. The last gastroenterologist told me that she thought my issues were related to the prolapse not gut. I felt like she was just dismissive of my thoughts. If anyone has celiac and rectocele, would you mind explaining all of your symptoms??
  7. I was reading something about apple cider vinegar for stomach discomfort. So, I decided to give it a try. It actually helped my stomach sooo much. I have had very good and easy bms. Usually, they are pasty with undigested food in them. I am just wondering why this would help?
  8. I tried these b/c they are processed on gluten-free production lines. I think I had a reaction from them. Has anybody else had the same?
  9. Does anyone get pasty stools with undigested food in them after an accidental glutening/cross contamination? It seems to last all day long. (going multiple times and never really feel "finished") Feel like yuck all day, lower left side aches, tired, etc.....
  10. Has anyone tried these? I was eating them for a while, and just recently have been having some reaction to something. It doesn't have any gluten ingredients in the label and it says that it is made on shared equipment with milk and soy. Does that mean only milk and soy??
  11. It did say "Product of Turkey" on the label. Have no idea what vinegar means there.
  12. So, I bought a jar of roasted red peppers in "vinegar", salt and garlic. The jar just listed vinegar, not distilled vinegar. Should I just assume this is the same thing as distilled?
  13. I did, and this is what they wrote: It is no problem, that is what we are here for : ) Our current tocopherol ingredient is a mix of vegetable oil / soy derived. Let us know if you have any additional questions as we would be more than happy to help. Thanks, CJ Great!!
  14. I just received my order from Everyday Minerals. I ordered a Lemon Lip Balm too. It does list tocopherol in the ingredients, and I thought all of their stuff was gluten free. So, I emailed them to see if the tocopherol was derived from wheat. I am still awaiting a response from them. Does anyone know if it does for sure??
  15. So, I took one of these the other night. I thought they were gluten free but when I looked, it said "Barley Grass and Oat Grass". The next morning was rough in the bathroom and my belly hurt all day. It still isn't back to normal. Would this be enough to mess me up or is it from something completely different?