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  1. Hello. We are in a similar situation. My son is almost a year; and after a month long run of diarrhea his ped. ran the celiac panel; and he came back positive for the IgG and IgA antibodies. The ped. said "he has celiac disease, he needs a gluten-free diet'. So last week we went to the ped GI dr. and HE said based on those lab tests he isn't yet convinced it is celiac. He drew more blood for a bunch of lab tests; including some food allergies; and more extensive celiac screening (I think he is testing for 'total IgA or something...if that level is low then the blood test isn't accurate anyway). They are also testing his stool for fat. He said to go back on gluten - and see how he does. Then; if based on those labs it still looks like celiac then my son will have an endoscopy to take biopsies. The ped. GI mentioned our problem could be 'toddler diarrhea' - which toddlers sometimes get because their digestive tracts aren't mature yet. This can sometimes last until potty training. It's a bummer you can't get into the ped. GI sooner - so they can start ruling things out and finding a diagnosis soon! Renee
  2. When my son's ped ran the celiac panel 3 weeks ago he came positive for elevated IgG and IgA antibodies; but negative for the Endomysial antibodies. So initially his ped. said he had celiac; to do the gluten-free diet; and to see a GI specialist. We saw the GI dr. last week; who isn't yet convinced it is celiac; and wants to do more lab tests and possibly an endoscopy. So now he has been on a regular diet for about 4 days. When he was on the gluten-free diet his poops were down to about 2 a day; but still looked like greasy peanut butter (sorry if TMI!!) Now he has only been on a regular diet for a few days; I haven't really noticed a change in his poops yet. How old was your daughter when she went on gluten-free diet? Did she have any tests to confirm celiac; or are you just keeping her on a gluten-free diet because her symptoms have improved? Thanks! Renee
  3. Hi. My son is undergoing testing to see if the reason he has had diarrhea and has stopped growing is celiac. One of the lab tests they are doing is to check for fat in his stool. I have noticed that some of his diapers look 'oily' or 'greasy' in addition to being mucousy. Is that consistent with celiac? They are also running a bunch of blood tests; and the GI dr. advised him to go off gluten-free diet in case he needs an endoscopy in the near future. He is 11 months old. Thanks! Renee
  4. Hello. My son is almost a year; and we are in the midst of trying to figure out it he has celiac or not. We are currently waiting on some lab results to figure out what to do next. Anyway; he has been a whiney, clingy kid for a few months (since starting finger foods); and I have been breastfeeding a lot. I, too, believe that he nurses a lot for 'comfort' because his tummy hurts; and the breastmilk doesn't hurt his stomach. I am SO glad I didn't listen to people in my life who told me I was doing the wrong thing by co-sleeping and letting him nurse at night; picking him up and tending to his needs when he cries, never letting him 'cry it out' to go to sleep, etc. I am glad I followed my instincts; because I beleive that for the last several months he has had terrible tummy pain. So good for you for being there for your child; he is lucky to have you for a mommy! Some home rememdies for tummy pain: I have used Gripe Water by Baby's Bliss since he was a newborn and has had colic. I believe the Gripe Water has fennel and ginger in it and it IS gluten-free. Also Hyland's makes 'colic tablets'; a homeopathic remedy. Not sure if the Hyland's colic tablets are gluten-free though. Hope that helps! Renee
  5. Hello. My son Tyson recently tested positive for the IgA and IgG antibodies; and we are going to see a GI doctor this week. He has been gluten free for about 2 weeks now. Prior to going gluten-free he was having 8 mucousy, horrible smelling diapers a day and was very gassy, bloated and irritable. Now I think his mood is better; but he still is having some mucousy diapers. They are less; like only 3 a day at most. So I am wondering if he is still getting exposed to gluten? He absolutely LOVES his chunky board books; and loves to chew on them (he is working on some molars There are several of his books that he has 'shredded'; and I know he swallows bits of cardboard. Anyone heard of gluten in board books? Renee
  6. Hello. I was wondering if anyone could help me understand these labs. My son is 11 months old; and has had a month long stretch of mucousy diarrhea and irritability. His ped. did stool cultures that ruled out viral, bacterial, and parasitic infections. Since his ped. thought he had the rotavirus at first I was told to feed him all his favorite foods; since he needs the calories. So; he was eating waffles, crackers, chicken nuggets and toasted cheese sandwiches (loaded with gluten of coarse!!) Last week his ped. ran the celiac panel; and here are his results: Anti endomysial IgA: negative Anti gliadin IgA: 34 (positive) Anti gliadin IgG: 110 (positive) Anti tTransglutanimase: 2 (negative) His ped. says she thinks he has celiac disease; and advised a gluten-free diet; and his symptoms have improved some (he has only been gluten-free for a week now). We go see a ped GI Dr. next week. I am wondering if based on these labs, and his response to a gluten-free diet - is that enough to make a celiac disease diagnosis? Or could it be that since he was on a 'wheat feast' just prior to his bloodwork - could that cause these results? Could he just be allergic to wheat...or 'sensitive' to gluten; but not have celiac disease? Any insights are appreciated! Thanks - Renee and Tyson