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  1. Herbalife, Is It Gluten-Free?

    I was an Herbalife distributor, they can only say that one of the formula one nutritional drinks - i believe it was one of the fruity ones was gluten free. I didn't renew my distributorship as I didn't feel comfortable selling something that I could use myself.
  2. Thank you to everyone who posted, it really does help to put in words how we feel and have those that understand give their feedback. I really don't have anyone that I can really talk to with whom I can express what I'm going thru - well, I suppose I could say something to my mother, but, she's not the sympathetic type to just listen and let you vent, so that makes it tough. She's been dealing with this for more than 17 yrs and the rest of my family has gotten used to it, they are still getting used to the fact that I am now having to deal with it too. The niece I mentioned in the initial post is from my late husband's side and they are totally clueless regarding this. Turns out that plans changed and I ended up having dinner at my parent's - therefore guaranteed a safe meal. The mental "loss" of traditional gluten filled meals is still something I need to deal with, and hopefully, over time, the late husbands side of the family will get used to. Especially now that it is decided that I will be taking care of Christmas dinner - which means I am in control and they will have a feast that they will not forget !!! Totally gluten free and "traditional" AND delicious !!!!
  3. It hit me today that I'm realizing that I can't have a "normal" Thanksgiving - the first one since being diagnosed. I couldn't figure out why I have been in such a funk all day until I went to the grocery store for ingredients to make a gluten-free pumpkin bread. While there called my niece's to see if there was anything they needed me to get while I was there. Told them i had picked up chicken broth and cornstarch to insure a gluten-free gravy, they said they had everything THEY needed. That's when it hit me because it seemed like they didn't care to ask me any questions to help insure that I had a safe meal with them or need the things I needed to insure this. I know I'm sounding selfish, but the reality of the loss of Thanksgiving as I used to know and others not seeming to care enough to ask me questions, I had all I could do to hold myself together until I got out to my car to loose it. Others are doing the cooking - I don't have control over it, and that scares me. I want to enjoy my time with them, but I don't think they understand the importance of being gluten-free. My sister-in-law keeps trying to offer me things that aren't gluten-free with - "you can't even have a little?" She has MS and tells me all the time that unless you have MS - you don't know what she's going thru, WELL, the same goes for having to be gluten-free - unless they're going thru what I'm going thru, they'll never understand either. I had been doing OK so far mentally with this until today.
  4. I went with the Pro 6 - since it was the strongest Kitchenaid machine. I ordered directly from www.shopKitchenaid.com - they happened to be running a special at the time just a few months ago - have not see the same price at a store yet. Plus you have more color options thru them. I knew from my mother's experience that the first action I needed to do was get the mixer.
  5. Finally started with a local nutritionist who specializes in Celiac - there is a MASS based website called Healty Villi - www.healthyvilli.com - they have all day conferences serving gluten-free menu and a chance to meet vendors and try their foods - a once a month support group meeting at Emerson Hospital in Concord on the 1st Thursday of the month & another at The Natual Food Exchange in Reading on the 2nd Tuesday of the month next one would be this coming Thursday 7/2 in Concord - i'm planning on going since i have that night off from my 2nd job. Maybe i'll meet some of you there??
  6. I made both the yellow and chocolate cakes - layered them with Duncan Hines whipped vanilla frosting for my sister-in-law's birthday yesterday, everyone really liked it, I'm the only one with Celiac. THANK YOU BETTY CROCKER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes - most of the Duncan Hines frostings are gluten-free
  7. Found today at Market Basket - Billerica, MA store - both cake mixes, brownies and CC cookies - 3.69 a box - bought 1 of each - will try this weekend can't wait
  8. Anyone find them in Massachusetts yet ??
  9. I love the Cinnammon Chex - eat them by the handfuls
  10. - What makes me wonder on beef - if the cows are grain fed and not free range - would the grain they eat affect their systems thereby passing on the gluten protein into their meat ??
  11. So Confused!

    Welcome I think one of the main things you might need to do is get tested and truly diagnosed, unfortunately to have an accurate test would reguire eating gluten. Start with you primary physician or ask them to recommend someone who specializes in celiac. Although the beginning can be overwhelming, but once the reality and acceptance settle in, you just learn how to adjust. The more you research and educate yourself the more you you'll become comfortable. For me, the thing that keeps me on track is preventing the ongoing damage to the small intestines - thereby preventing the possibility of lymphatic cancer. The book - Gluten Free Shopping Guide is a big help to make shopping easier. If you like to cook, then there are many recipes through out various sites that you can learn from and experiment with. There are alot of people out there who have learned what works and what doesn't and gladly share the info.
  12. Thank you - will have to try this - I love Pannukakku, I sent it to my mother - she'd have to modify the butter and milk since she is lactose intolerant. Being that I need to be carefull with sugar, I have found that stevia works well in baking. I'm also planning on trying alternative sweetners like agave and so on. I have modified the recipe for Finnish Lattyja's ( laa tu yah's )- which are more like the crepe 4 eggs 2 TBSP sugar - or - 3 packets stevia 1/2 tsp salt - or less if desired 2 c buttermilk 1 c Bobs Red Mill Pancake mix butter for frying ( i like to add flax meal and some Fibre Sure to boost the fiber content ) hand beat / whisk eggs and sugar together, add salt and buttermilk. (original recipe called for adding 2 TBSP of melted butter - but the butter for frying is enough ) Add pancake mix - slowly - you might want to sift it into the mix to prevent lumps, you can let stand for 1 hr to thicken a bit, but I like to start cooking after about 10 mins. In a heavy bottomed pan, low to medium low heat, take butter stick and ligthly coat the bottom of the pan - using a small ladle - spoon in small amounts - cook like you would a regular pancake with flipping when the top is slightly dry. Move to waiting plate. Butter again, keep going until all batter is gone. IF - there are any leftovers, freeze to keep for later meals. Tastes great with maple syrup, sprinkled with sugar, topped with fresh fruit or jam, what ever you might have with regular crepes. MMMMMMM good - you may not be able to build enough on the storage plate
  13. Anybody Who Loves Jesus? :)

    ME TOO!! - I know the Lord has been behind my being able to accept and change my life. Change is a hard thing for me to make and accept. So I know his hand is guiding me. Doesn't mean I don't find it hard at times, especially when everyone at in my department is ordering out for lunch and I can't join in anymore. One can only order salads so much.
  14. Mascara

    Found a link to Avon's gluten-free list pdf format: http://glutenfreeinsd.com/PDFs/AVON%20glut...t%209-24-08.pdf
  15. My GI recommended a nutrionist who specializes in Celiac - seeing her the end of May. I need to lose weight and trying to eat healthy and balanced is tough because it is so expensive all the way around. I already work 2 jobs to keep up with everything, now things are even tighter due to the increased cost for many of the gluten-free products. I did get the Gluten Free Shopping Guide to help me find the most cost effective standard grocery store products without having to buy specialty store products. I try to use frozen store brand veggies in cooking when ever possible but they are limited - fresh can be more expensive. It figures that the foods I love are what I now have to eliminate or drastically reduce whether it is because of Celiac or Diabetes. Will update once I see the nutrionist.