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  1. Enterolab Results!

    I only got the basic gluten sensitivity testing for $100. I am a paranoid, worrier! So thats why I got the test. I also am typically never sick - we eat very well - organically, no processed foods, etc. and actively work out, etc. I've had 4 months of alternating constipation and diarrhea that started randomly one day like flipping on a switch. I've been through a ridiculous amount of testing with no answers and came across info on celiac. So to me it was just ruling out another thing and moving on to figuring it out. Its very easy logic to know that most that test there have huge indicators, but I wanted to post for those that are worry warts like myself as well. And to those that doubt their testing.
  2. I took the Biocard blood test and it was negative (assuming the drs wouldnt test me - I should have just waited because my doctor suggested it before I even said a thing). I was still concerned and sent a stool culture to Enterolab and it was negative. Here are my results: Gluten Sensitivity Stool Test Fecal Anti-gliadin IgA 3 Units The results took just short of 2 weeks to come in (2 weeks is tomorrow) Just wanted to post this because I know some (myself included) worry that Enterolab says everyone is positive and questions the validity of the company. I don't have red flags for celiac, but have had alternating diarrhea/constipation for the last few months. I know, I know - some people can't produce IGA at all..) So far everything has tested negative from all the doctors. Blood work, CT scan, MRI, stool cultures, etc. I originally thought this was a GYN issue (pain in low, low left side) and now have been trying probiotics and various supplements. The pain has since gone away and has been gone for several weeks. I have a feeling this may be a dairy intolerance and am on to that now. My blood work has been sent off through the doctor to test for an allergy to all the milk components and a lactose intolerance breath test is up next. Anyways, just thought I'd post this for those interested!
  3. Went to the dr for my chronic diarrhea/constipation alternating problem and she ordered celiac panel test, milk allergy test (this I asked for though), complete blood count, amongst others. I didnt even ask for celiac. I cant believe how much I've read on here that so many doctors wont test for it even when asked? I thought that I would have to beg and plead for it and no big deal here. I guess I'm fortunate! Now we shall see what the results are. I have a stool sample in at Enterolab that should have results by Tuesday...this other test I might know today. I tested negative on the Biocard blood test (now I wish I wouldnt have wasted the $100 on it - I just assumed from all the posts here that my dr would refuse to test me). Don't assume I guess! Wish me luck!
  4. Will this show if I have celiac? Or just if I am sensitive to gluten? Sorry, I'm new to this and have no idea. I really cant afford the $400 test or the other $250 test. I guess if the $99 test shows I am sensitive to gluten, I could then order the more expensive, knowing it's worth it to know? Any insight? Is the $99 not even worth it? What tests have others done here through them? Is the $99 stool culture for celiac through them just as effective as the Biocard Celiac blood test?
  5. I'm curious about this as well! I'd like to know which test I would want to order? There are so many?
  6. For years now, I have had random pains right below my ribcage on my left side (back). Nothing serious at all, just slight pain and probably happened once a year and sometimes not even that. Fast forward to now, I am 27 years old and had this stabbing/twisting pain in my lower left side and was having spotting or a light period that was entirely too early (2 weeks) The pain was just to the left of my pubic bone. From there, I had a gyno appt with an ultrasound for an eptopic pregnancy (negative), bloodwork for pregnancy (negative), saw no cysts, fluid, or abnormalties. I've been to several doctors and had stool samples, hormone levels checked, more pelvic exams, a CT scan and an MRI. Everything is negative and normal. My period is messed up still, but I could very well chock that up to stress over this whole ordeal. I will say it's been VERY light and I havent had a "normal" period since December. My body is going through the motions like it always has with my cycle though - diarrhea, cramps, broke out face, mood swings. Right now, I am taking a probiotic because I've had loose stools, not necessarily diarrhea every morning lately. At first, I thought it was just because I was having my period so often (and i've always had diarrhea with that), that it was that. So I got on a very good probiotic and have been taking peppermint oil capsules as well. My stools are very soft and I guess I'd say loose, but not watery diarrhea or anything. I also go every day now and never did before (which is from the probiotic I'm sure). My iron levels were fine and always have been, I do not have mucus or blood in my stools. No skin problems, weakness, tiredness, malnutrition or weight loss. As of the last few weeks, the sharp pain in my lower left side has subsided, but its now 3 months later and I still have days that the left side of my pubic bone is burning. I also have been to a massage therapist, who said that the muscle that runs across there is not abnormally tight or strained. I've also had a gyno check for a hernia as well. I have myself worked up (and have googled too much) that it could be celiac. The GI dr I've gone to says its nothing to worry about and since the pain hasnt bothered me lately, I really dont know where to go next. I've racked up 12,000 in medical bills over this. I really cant afford, nor do I know what to do next. Sorry for going on and on, but does this sound like celiac to you? I eat organically for the most part, no processed foods, a good amount of fruits and veggies, whole grains and no red meat. I have no history that I know of celiac in my family, but from being on here I see that it goes undiagnosed a lot. I'm terrified I might have celiac, but the only symptom I would have I guess is loose stools in the morning and whatever that pain was I had for a couple of months (and the burning pain on my pubic bone that hasnt seemed to go away). I have a food journal, but can't see to make sense of any one thing that makes that pain flair up. I'll stop rambling. Thank you if you even made it this far!