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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. well it was just one lot, i like their waffles and they always have been fine, and it looks like once they saw it not only did they recall but they went as far as adding extra checks in to make sure it doesnt happen again -matt
  2. VANS HAS RECALLED SOME OF THE gluten-free PANCAKES DUE TO WHEAT AND OTHER INGREDIENTS THAT WERE ACCIDENTLY ADDED INTO THE PRODUCT IN ONE LOT NUMBER http://news.prnewswire.com/ViewContent.asp...0394&EDATE= i didnt see this up on the first page of the forum so i thought if it had been posted before it needed to be up again -matt
  3. Vitamins

    just checking but your not eating the kellogs rice krispies right? -matt
  4. Vitamins

    go over to a paleo heavy style diet (meats, veggies, fruit, etc) honestly i wouldnt worry about 2 days differance in weight, and remember even 5 lbs can be just dehydration or over hydration (my brother in law is a retired hall of fame jockey and he would have to sweat out 3-5 lbs often to make weight, so its not hard to get weight changes from just water changing) o and i think i forgot to mention my vitamin choice, i take stuff form "thorne research" we get it via our alternative medicine guy and it works really well, they make a bunch of different variants for people that need more/less of the metals -matt
  5. also if you want some gluten-free baked goods look over a gfmeals.com they are kinda new but have gluten free and casin free food so you probably wont have much issue getting foods that work for you and so far the bagels and burger buns i tried were good, and im going to cook up some of the chicken nuggets they sell. it is expensive but its at least good, so for a treat here and there its good -matt
  6. Restaurant Dining

    i honestly just peel back the foil and eat it like a burger with a bun, they were so drippy/juicy any way that i still did that before i went gluten free. i would have to restrain my self from smacking her. at that point i would have asked for the manager and probably left i have not had to do it but i think if you explained to them "how would you react if i put a piece of used toilet paper on your food and when you got mad i just took it off and handed it back to you" they would probably get the point by then (ya its gross but it gets a point across to those w/o allergies/sensitivities) -matt
  7. I Was Careless...

    are you identical twins or fraternal ? if she identical she probably just doesnt have noticeable symptoms or hasnt triggered it yet, heck even if she is fraternal i would be she falls in that category -matt
  8. Restaurant Dining

    very good suggestion, there are a lot of places i know this type of stuff and its pretty bad, honestly though if a place doesnt even listen when you say you have an allergy, like you said, it probably means to leave how ever a few weeks ago we went to outback and i followed the gluten-free menu and told the waiter and all and still got sick. if i had an allergy that was to the point i could go in to anaphylactic shock or similar i would not eat any where that there was the item or at least that it had the chance of getting in my food. i will grab fast food some times (5guys) and they are pretty good about building the burger sans bun off the line and swapping gloves (i did have one idiot that didnt switch gloves and didnt build it off the line and i got sick that night, maybe it was mental but idk) thanks for the excerpt -matt
  9. Vitamins

    here is my view on the tests, if you go gluten-free and it helps you why do you need a test to tell you what you already know and give you a "preexisting condition" to insurance companies. docs will put in your file you need to be on gluten-free (at least any good doc will) if it really has helped you. tests usually want 30 days worth of gluten eating for the blood tests celiac vs gluten intolerance, there is no real line between the 2 other than 80% of celiacs have positive blood tests on certain tests, no one knows for sure if gluten intolerance has the other issues with it but you eat the same way still. as to weight, what i have seen is people that are over weight seem to lose it, i was 185 at 5'7" and lost 20 lbs in 2 months and the over the next 4-5 months i dropped another 5 lbs part of the weight lose will come from not eating processed foods and eating less carbs in general but also part because your body is back in balance good luck -matt
  10. i was lucky with Dr's well at least recently, i mentioned i had a lot of D to my doc i went to i think about when i was 16 or 17 (still my ped. i went to since i was 1 month old) he just said "ibs" and didnt do anything about it. a while later i was at my alternative medicine doc and said i had been having D more and more, did some fast muscle testing and said "you have celiac" i went gluten free and every symptom that resolved fits into the celiac exactly, i asked my new general doc about tests and he said "its not worth it to get the tests done now since your eating gluten-free, you will have to eat gluten for a month, make yourself sick and maybe get a result that will only tell you what you already know and give you a 'preexisting condition' to insurance. so if gluten-free works for you stick to it" i was fine with that answer. it comes down to if doing something makes you feel better than do it, even if it is mental/placebo effect it still is help, remember you mind can make you sick and it can make you better (example: my mom worked in heart surgery and had a patient one time that was convinced she wasnt going to make it through surgery and the patient died on the table, maybe coincidence but i think there was something more there) -matt
  11. Communion

    there is one now that all available tests cannot detect any gluten (they are marked 99.9% gluten-free) and acceptable by the vatican (frankly i think the idea that it has to be certain ingredients is stupid, it would be one thing if it was to be the same bread they probably used at the last supper but its not, it also pisses me off that the vatican basically says some one with celiac shouldnt be a priest because it would interfere with their practice as a priest) i dont take the host any more though, i just take the wine. receiving communion is not about eating a host or drinking wine which has been transformed in to the body and blood, it is about receiving "christ". Americans dont get this taught to them as much because it is rare to run out of hosts or wine at mass where as in some places in europe it happens every mass so it is much more common to be given communion through blessing that to take it by ingestion. you dont have to take the body and blood, many people just take the host. just make sure not to get the priest's chalice that he breaks a piece of the host into. i have heard some people say "i still take the host and just have faith God will protect me" and all i can do is shake my head, if some one has that much faith and religion they should also know that "you should not test the lord your God" (or what ever is written as Jesus response to satan on top of the temple) wow i havent talked this much religion in while, im not a big "jesus" person just know way to much about the church from going to catholic school from 3-18 -matt
  12. I Was Careless...

    i will be blatantly honest, i would kick their butt (going to stay pg here but i am thinking more pg 13 or rin my head). if some one knowingly glutened me they would learn real fast to never think about it again -matt
  13. I Was Careless...

    well if it makes you feel better i was using kellogs corn flake crumbs for 8 months before i realized it had malt in it, i had been making a meat loaf with it all the time at school and wondered why i was getting sick all the time. i also kept using heinz 57 steak sauce that i didnt realize had malt vinegar in it. when i went gluten-free i think i had assumed those were gluten-free and never checked. -matt
  14. New & Glutened

    i would say that you might have some "bug" in your system that most MDs will just say will run its course or what ever. some alternative medicine docs will pick these out really fast and give things like black walnut or goldenseal extract for you to take that usually gets rid of it. you might be eating other stuff is giving you issues that you dont realize, im not a fan of elimination diets but you could simplify your diet to see if that helps. you might be sensitive to soy since it is just as common as gluten in food if not more so -matt
  15. Do You Avoid These Foods?

    for me most of the stuff that is made in the same facilities i will go with, if i know its shared lines i probably wont. some people are really sensitive (or have other undisclosed sensitivities that make them think its gluten when its something else, thats my view on it at least because i feel some of the extreme reactions are misinterpreted) basically, get to where your not sick and then try it the other view on it is "OMGZZZZZZ NEVER YOUR GOING TO POISON YOUR SELF ARE YOU KRAZZZYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY" (maybe im being insensitive but ive just gotten a bit tired of people blaming getting sick on a cross contact that just is so illogical, unrealistic) -matt