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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Is there LGG in BioK or Dr Ohira probiotics? I have been taking those two for some time.
  2. The Internet guy from Texas isn't the only one to say all grains are bad for your health. Even Loren Cordain the paleo Dr says that grains even things like quinoa are not so healthy. I think I read rice is the least bad. I skimmed that book quickly and maybe missed certain things but in the paleo diet from Cordain, even white potatoes and sweet potatoes aren't friendly food (for anyone not just for celiacs). Is there another paleo diet custom made for celiacs? Right now, I have different intolerances on the top of gluten and I eat potatoes regularly. I was disappointed when reading Cordain's book...there is no ideal diet for gluten intolerant people.
  3. Confused By Potato

    Too bad I am reading this now that I switched to olive oil. I always thought olive oil wasn't good for frying and I knew that for years but have recently changed my mind because of the negative info on canola. The only thing I fry are white potatoes and plantains and I try to keep the heat down. Would this still create free radicals?
  4. Gemini, I never eat there either but I sign the petition anyway because I hate soy products From what I have read, soy has been promoted as a health food and pushed by vegetarians but it is far worst than corn and even wheat (for those with no intelerance). Even the organic soy isn't good...watch out maybe there is something else it can mess up for you.
  5. I am hungry all the time: my gut must be really leaky!

  6. Done. I'll sign any day a petition against soy products. Soy is everywhere and it is not only GMO but it messes up hormones for men and women. I never have soy but I eat popcorn as one of my safe snacks and hope this other frankenstein food isn't messing up my health.
  7. I am trying the GAPS diet but I have hard time respecting all the rules like no potato or sweet potato when they are among the few things I can digest normally. I am surprised sweet potato is restricted on the Gaps diet as it is a good source of energy for those of us that don't have much grains and it is really nourishing. So far, I am using some of the Gaps diet guidelines like eating good fats, drinking bone broths and using home made meat stocks. I cut off most grains but have kept some and getting only very small portions of grain. I can make these grains even less once I can control my excessive hunger. I have been drinking soups and bones broths and my stomach is loving it as it is filling. I almost feel I have less cravings but still a long way to go. I am trying other ways to heal my gut and have heard of glutamine supplement. I read some info online and it all looks good. Have you ever tried glutamine? What can I do to conquer my terrible cravings? I need serious help. I used to be teased for my bird appetite but I can't stop eating now how do I tell my brain I am full I am almost thinking of looking for a supplement to suppress my cravings. Is there any other leaky gut diet that would suits me better and allow some sweet potato, a bit of corn and rice here and there? Also, on the Gaps diet, I should have eggs and yogourt and these aren't things I would like to have any time soon. They are on my avoid list along with nuts, all dairy, beans and seeds. I am allowed to have some of them 1/4 days if reaction was moderate but I want to stay away from them all together for at least 6 months.
  8. I take melatonin with doctor supervision to work on my circadian rhythms and my skin has been darkening since then but I am not sure it is a side effect. The darkening could come from adrenal fatigue but I read online that melatonin can cause a form of melasma. Are melatonin and melasma from the same root?
  9. GAPS Diet For The Poor?

    Domesticactivist, I am starting to think GAPS...it is a start.
  10. GAPS Diet For The Poor?

    Thanks for your reply. I am notorious for forgetting posts if I don't reply the next few days. But I am glad I am reading now actually. Because now I can not only read but understand what healing the gut means. My gut needs healing big time my IgG showed many things and today after checking the grocery store, I had one thing in mind where are the healing foods. I remember from Eat 4 your type Dr D'Adamo talks about healing food and others. Lentils are the only legumes I can have for now and beans are harsh for my gut (I didn't any test for that). I have to read this book now. Two days ago, I was saying the Gaps diet must be so boring with bones and meat...but I guess I have no choice. Anyway, when I see all the removed foods I can only eat a poor poor GAPS in a wheel chair until my system gets better.
  11. Oups, I didnt see this post earlier. But I can't compare with my own results because we use different systems and units in Canada.
  12. Enzyme Question

    It is even more depressing now if this means I will never be able to have dairy, nuts, beans, seeds and eggs. It involves so many type of food. Actually, my reaction to chicken is weak...I didnt read the test well the first day. My reaction to eggs is moderate but it is strong to seeds, beans and nuts...a little less for some of the dairy. I hope I can still have butter Of course, I reacted to gluten too and I guess I had been getting some gluten from somewhere based on the reaction. So not even when the gut heals, we cannot add these foods back? Like your husband I snacked so much on almond, raisins and sunflower seeds. My reaction to almond and sunflower is the highest. It is good to have firm diagnosis. I would have never guessed nuts were a problem...actually maybe I was in denial because I could see I was not digesting them. The best test for me was this last week: I had all these foods in the same week and when I went to see the doctor I wasn't feeling very well...I had my answer there. I am not allergic to soy and corn. I dont really like soy (maybe as coffee cream it would ok) and my favourite popcorn has milk ingredients anyway so it is out Thank you all for your support.
  13. Enzyme Question

    I am sorry to hear about your dad. Celiac can be a silent killer and H pylori is often associated with celiac as I have been reading for the last few days. Also, anemia is due to h pylori...I am also learning that adrenal fatigue can be a result of h pylori as the body fighting exhausts our stress hormone. I want to take some sort of natural medicine as I have already passed the bottom of the crisis. I had chronic fatigue for the last months and feeling better now...my itching and skin sensitivity have decreased. I still don't know if all my symptoms were due to h pylori or food sensitivities. But I will monitor and see if the natural medicines are working. If they don't I will take antibiotics. Basically, I would need the betaine HCL if my estomac doesn't make enough acid? I took antiacids for years and I suspect I don't need more acid but I will try and see. Thank you.
  14. Enzyme Question

    Thank you for the info. I am going to buy mastic gum and coconut for sure and I already have oregano oil. Anything that can avoid me antibiotics is good as I don't want to mess up 5 years record of not taking antibiotics. I dont like cruceferous vegetable but if they can help wiht hpylori, why not. I already use liquorice root for my adrenals but I think it isn't DGL. I must have the original root but will look for the DGL.
  15. Enzyme Question

    Thats right. Thank you for reminding me. Sorry for my rant. These days, I am all over the place in the GUT section of the forum. Have you ever had h pylori? I created a topic on that and didn't get any reply so far. I am looking for alternative ways without the use of antibiotics to kill the bacteria. You wrote oregano oil can kill anything...can it kill this h pylori?