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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Why is the DQ5/DQ8 combo much worse? Apparently I am DQA1*01, DAB1*0502, DQA1*03, DQB1*0302
  2. Hi all, my first post. I've been gluten free since last Dec. Had labs a few weeks ago and the results are back. Hope I get this all right...neg. for DQ2, positive for DQ8 (A1*03/B1*0302) Then I'm guessing my other DQ (two right?) is a DQ5 since I see A1*01 / B1*0502 History: 44F, Psoriasis since age 16, I have antibodies for Graves' at @ 100% activity 125%+ is diagnostic, the endo thinks I am going hypothyroid (I'm considered subclinical hypo - no TPO's), had 'the runs' for years - used to call pasta my 'diet food' for that reason - like I didn't have a clue!! Getting that 4 to 5+ times a week isn't normal - who knew?? Well, got an infection and huh, I'm diabetic also. I'm listed as T2 even without fitting that profile (medically or physically) but my brother does (it really wasn't in the family - and no known T1 either) but my GAD65's came back .2 and the rest of the antibodies came back neg. for T1 diabetes. Diagnosed officially with the diabetes last year (very mild, insulin sensitive...I know, odd but the endo said I must have been resistant at some point - I tend to agree with that). So after reading some research article I decided to try gluten free - maybe it would help my mild to moderate Psoriasis. Well..within 3 days I saw a difference. And it's still clearing slowly. At first it was quick. My antibodies came out neg. >3 for both IgA and IgG but I had been gluten free 15 weeks by then + I really wasn't eating much gluten to begin with because of the diabetes. I did also take one of those over the counter tests from Canada - but there again it was 5 weeks into the gluten free and it was neg. also (so I don't know how much stock to put there) Endo is considering me a Celiac based upon my genetics and how much improvement I've seen since going gluten free (namely the psoriasis greatly improving) So... I state "officially" since I will never be OFFICIALLY diagnosed. It's not an option to go back on gluten. Also I noticed my LDL lowered from 121 to 89 on the gluten free diet and it's not because I wasn't eating processed foods. Is that typical? Common? Also I can't find anything about the DQ5. Figure it's pretty unknown / neutral? I know the DQ8 is highly linked to T1 but it looks like if I didn't have the autoimmune attack as a child I won't / shouldn't have it. But if I was both DQ2 and DQ8 then ya, it's really up there as LADA or late onset T1. But for a female...only DQ8 is not common for Celiacs, correct? So there is my intro :-) I really need to get some good low carb recipies...my dietary choices have been limited since I wasn't too sure if this was it and I really wasn't ready to 'commit' to this without full labs - even with being very strict with staying away from gluten. Kcat99