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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Hi There!! Thanks for your message Just wondering if you're able to tell me what your symptoms are? Its important to remember that celiac symptoms are similiar to a few other conditions also. For example, lactose intolerance has similiar side-effects such as gas, bloating and diarrhea. Whilst your tests came back negative, the only real way to work out if you cant tolerate gluten is to eliminate it from your diet completely for at least a month. Be mindful of foods that you wouldnt necessarily think contain gluten such as some soy sauces, soft drinks etc. In terms of nothing changing in the last few days for you, dont be discouraged! Depending on the damage to your small intestine, it can take a while for the healing process to begin to show. Have you tried doing a food journal? I found this really helpful, i wrote down not only what id eaten but also any symptoms i could think of that could possibly be related. it really helps to look back over it and see when and where i had a reaction. Im actually going to see a naturopath this week to work out if there are any other things going on in my body that im not aware of! whilst being gluten-free seems to help, i do have other symptoms going on that seem to occur regardless of not eating gluten. but just give it time, and try to be as disciplined as possible, thats the only way you will know for sure what the problem is. godd luck, and keep me posted! Em
  2. So one of my favourite snacks during the day is yohgurt and gluten-free museli, i have it nearly every day... Something weird happened today though, about 2 mins after eating it i got all the symptoms of being glutened; headache, fatigue, gas and d. The museli is def gluten-free so the only other poss thing it could have been was the lactose in the yoghurt. ive been drinking soy milk instead of normal milk to eliminate any reaction to lactose other than yoghurt (apparently it has good antibodies that lactose-free people can tolerate). I know i havent cross-contaminated either because i am the only cook and i obviously dont have gluten in the kitchen... Can anyone share any experiences they've had with feeling glutened even though they havent eaten anything bad? or perhaps experiences with lactose allergies?? Ta!! Em xx
  3. oh and i ended up going to the Thai resturant and ordered a chicken stir-fry because the only gluten free item was fish and chips!! i felt fine afterwards and started questioning whether or not my body can tolerate gluten. the next day though, i felt really fuzzy headed, lethargic and gassy... symptoms i usually dont question but now i can see their source
  4. Hi All!! Well today is day 16 of my month long gluten-free challenge (as suggested by my GP) and things are looking realy good!! I have seen a very positive improvement in my BM's, bloating and stomach pain. The added bonus is that i feel like i have a more consistent mood and energy level - something i wasnt expecting. Whlst im only half way there, if things continue to improve the way they have been then i think i will be committing to gluten free for life... but will still give it another 2 weeks. Something else i love is the challenge of cooking gluten-free food, there are so many creative ways to go about it, and i am cooking far more yummy things now than i was before this challenge! Just one quick question... i am going to a Thai restaurant today and am wondering if anyone knows of any particular Thai menu items that generally are free from gluten?? Thanks for reading! Em
  5. Hi people, I have been trying to find some info regarding amenorhea and celiacs, and havent been overly successful... i havent had my period for an entire year, i have been tested for Polycystic Ovary Syndrome which i dont have thankfully. the only other possibility the docs have given me is that i am underweight or have a low body fat percentage. I am currently 58kgs and 175cm tall so im actually not that underweight. i have been on the gluten-free diet for about 3 weeks now and am starting to acknowledge a whole bunch of symptoms that may be related to celiac disease and was wondering if anyone can shed some light on the existence of amenorrhea in those who are celiac... Ta, Em
  6. thanks for all your responses! i feel so encouraged being able to talk with people who have some understanding of how this all works! i have been recording what i have been eating and also how my body has been reacting. i do think my increase in soy could be the cause of some of my latest symptoms... but yes, will keep at it for a few more weeks!
  7. I decided to go gluten-free after my mum was told she was gluten-intolerant. we both have IBS related synptoms. the worst for me is the gas and bloating, sometimes its soo bad i cant stand up. anyway, i've been gluten-free for 2 weeks today (have prob stuffed up two or three times tho). i felt pretty good for the first week and a half, but the last two days have been horrible. ive had shocking gas, diarrhea and bloating but am fairly confident i havent had any gluten. i really just want an answer, im happy to give up anything in order for these symptoms to go away! ive also eliminated lactose from my diet to see if that is also a problem. i know that other foods can cause gas (such as beans and brocolli) but the severity of my symptoms suggests it was more than just a few gas-causing foods... so how long should it take to see improvements if it is gluten that is causing these symptoms? should i assume by now that im not gluten-intolerant if the symptoms came on without me eating anything bad?? definately appreciate any help or answers!! Em
  8. Thanks for that!! Here's the specifics of my results Endomysial antibody - negative Tissue transglutaminase IgA - 0 U/ml (<7) Total serum IgA - 0.96 (0.69-3.10) thats all i can see that relates to the coeliac screeing...
  9. Thanks for your reply I have the test results with me... The only thing it really says is that my total Serum IgA is 0.96 g/l Can you, or anyone else, explain that a bit to me? Keeping in mind that when i had the blood test id been gluten free for about 6 six days, would that have affected it much? the doc didnt seem to think so... Em
  10. Thanks for your reply I have the test results with me... The only thing it really says is that my total Serum IgA is 0.96 g/l Can you, or anyone else, explain that a bit to me? Keeping in mind that when i had the blood test id been gluten free for about 6 six days, would that have affected it much? the doc didnt seem to think so... Em
  11. Hey everyone! I've been looking into going gluten-free after my mum was told by a naturopath that she cant tolerate gluten. i have a lot of the symptoms of celiacs; mainly gas, bloating and irregular bowel movements. so i've been gluten free for just over a week and went and got a blood test, got the results back today and it said "unlikely to have coeliacs" so now im not sure what to do... ive noticed some improvement in my gut since ive restriced my gluten intake. just wondering if anyone else has opted to go gluten-free even if the docs have said they dont have celiacs?? em