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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Gluten Free Mom I read this on a gluten free blog and am so disheartened a company would say these things. Just wanted to share. Thank you.
  2. Ibs And Gluten Intolerance/Celiac

    First thank you for all your input...being 40 and having lived a certain way for all these years.. it was difficult to go gluten free.. I have changed my diet to more gluten free foods and took dairy out. So my diet doesn't look like a previous post. I was reacting to the bakery on main so I had switched to a gluten free flax/amarynth cereal with almond milk and a fruit. For lunch I usually have a bland chicken breast with veggies, and dinner is the meat veggie combo. Snack is either the lays stax or popcorn. Sorry my diet made you queasy.. =( I am not the best eater.. I have gotten better..except for christmas...I have verified all my vitamins, shampoos, toothpaste, hand lotion, etc.. but that being said.. since christmas I have been eating very bland, nothing processed because I have been so sick. I have taken everything out of my diet , I can say that its not gluten. I will keep a food diary and look for other allergens. Whats weird was how this came on. I don't react to gluten this way, my glutening consists of headaches, migraines, dizziness, rib pain.. not tummy troubles. They are sending me in for a ct scan on thursday... but i will heed all of your advice in the hopes I can back to normal.. Thank you all for your input.. and yes.. I will start eating much better and including more fruits and veggies.. =) Thank you all...
  3. I don't know if any remember but I had posted that I got glutened over the holidays. A number of you told me to change my diet to bland items until it got better. Well on Jan 7, I got severely sick with D. My husband got sick the next day and this continued for a few days..he got better and things kept getting worse for me. I saw my family dr who thought I had a bug, give it few more days..it just got worse. Finally she took a sample and sent me to the gi dr. The GI was completely skeptical over the celiacs/gluten intolerance, told me she doubted the gluten caused my migraines/dizziness and set out looking for other issues. She scheduled me for the colonoscopy , which was last tuesday. The results all came back today normal. She said IBS and is prescribing me lomitil. At this point, I am still having to go about 15x a day... I have missed two weeks of work. My question is this.. can gluten intolerance and ibs reside together? Could I have gotten gluten which activated the IBS? Years ago, at least 20, I was diagnosed with IBS.. I thought after the gluten finding that IBS would go away since I never really believed that diagnosis. Seems like when they can't find answers they go the IBS way. I am so confused right now, and so frustrated. I know I am not eating gluten because after the incident at christmas, i have gone back to the simple diet of nothing processed.. just too hard to find gluten free items since I seem to be so sensitive.
  4. Our store has trouble carrying the udi's too...people clean off the shelf quickly. But as far as expensive, it is far cheaper than the kinicknick bread or the glutino. They run me between 6-8 dollars a loaf. Our local stores sell the udi bread for 4.79 a loaf. Heck, when I was eating whole grain, a fancy loaf of bread would cost me close to 3 or 4 dollars so I am willing to pay for an awesome loaf of gluten free bread
  5. I wish I knew. I got glutened over christmas and am still having gastro issues , I took the advice of everyone here and changed my diet to bland and gentle foods but still I suffer from the gastro stuff. I went to the dr yesterday and she said the glutening can really mess you up, especially if its from a wheat source and not just cross contamination.
  6. Label Laws In United States

    This is a great question and one I share with you. I too was eating lays chips because I thought it was mandatory that they disclose the made in a facility with wheat but come to find out, they don't. They do have a disclosure on their website which I would not have seen had it not been for this board. I am disgusted by this because I am super sensitive and could not for the life of me figure out why I still felt so sick. Doesn't this also apply to gluten free chex? What are the label laws? Seriously, I have more to do with my time than call all manufacturers and even then, are they telling me the truth? It drives me crazy. vent over.
  7. wow.. looks very yummy...may have to tinker with these to make them gluten free.. how wonderful. Thank you.
  8. thanks.. i love gluten free pretzels too but they are pricey. I will try the lays staks and the utz chips..I appreciate all the advice.. thank you..
  9. ok.. so I know that I don't make good choices all the time and love to snack. I don't cheat but I do love to snack. I am also super super sensitive to gluten which includes cross contamination. I can't tolerate chex and now I know that my frito products are no longer safe. I have been so sick and I have a bag of ruffles in the cabinet. I love cereal, I love snacks.. I love chips.. in moderation but a small bowl at night or while watching football is perfect for me. For those who are snackers and super sensitive, what do you eat? Is there a safe chip?
  10. Tostitos

    This is so frustrating, I have been eating frito lays... I am going to stop. I truly wish there was a clear cut statement on food. Why should I have to call and email and find product numbers. I know I am among the super sensitive of us but geesh. This is so hard and I am getting really down about it. I know its better to eat whole foods..but those of us who don't.. just make it clear.
  11. Burger King!

    Exactly why I am hesitant to eat out at fast food places... the workers always look at you like you are speaking a foreign language..or in tongues... loved that...
  12. Glutened Over Christmas

    We had a very simple christmas so no lotions... we did eat alot of food..and not the best of foods, though almost everything was verified gluten free through a phone call , now wondering if something was not actually gluten free.. there was more junk than I typically eat. I am regretting it all...I am taking your advice and moving to a simple diet. Like I said, I don't feel glutened, it feels more like my IBS of years ago. I just don't understand, unless because I always eat right and going that far off the path really upset my system. uggg.. got sick again.. tired of getting sick. thanks guys..
  13. So I am sure I got glutened over christmas... almost positive. Ate two things that looked to be gluten free but couldn't be verified. I didn't get the normal gluten symptoms...dizziness migraine. but instead have had the worst gas, bloating, and very loose stools.. I have not had a solid bm since christmas. In fact, I have to run to the bathroom when I do need to go and its always loose, almost like diarrhea. I am getting concerned now because it won't stop and everything seems to go through me..I never got my usual and now am wondering if I even got glutened. It hard to see a doctor about this because I self diagnosed with the help of my chiropractor so I just don't know what to do. Has anyone had the stomach things last a long time? any advice? Thanks
  14. Stuttering And Gluten

    I am old...and I stutter when I ingest gluten so I think its a possibility...
  15. I agree.. run very fast and buy the bread.. you will be shocked and amazed... you may even have to read the ingredients again... make sure you didn't accidentally pick up the "other" bread....We have bought all the other breads, tried making breads but Udi's is by far the best ever. I would scream from the mountain top if I could... Udi is the best ever.. I want to hug the creator of this amazing bread.