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  1. I just found this and joined the forum to respond. I was searching for links between almonds and joint pain, but the only information I could find stated that almonds may be used to help *ease* joint pain. A few weeks ago I stopped eating almonds. I didn't change anything else about my diet. After a week, my shoulder pain had gone (my physio took the credit but up until that point his treatments had done nothing whatsoever to ease the continual discomfort). Other problematic joints also improved. So I traced it back to the almonds. To test the theory, last Saturday I ate some. Oh my gosh I wish I hadn't. Aside from physical exhaustion and tiredness (which had also gotten better in the two weeks I ate no almonds), my shoulder pain returned and so did the other joint problems. I'm only just starting to feel better 4 days later. I'm gluten/wheat/yeast/dairy free and now tree nut free. Apparently pistachio's rarely cause reactions, likewise pumpkin and sunflower seeds. So I'm cautiously testing these.