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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Gluten Free Now I'm Ok?

    Well I think the thing I need to do (now that I've learned my insurance-to-be does not case "pre-existing" conditions) is to get surely tested for the gluten-antibodies. I've been writing down many things to ask the doctor when I go in a few days. I would have to be on a a diet with gluten for 2-3 months before it would be accurate to have a biopsy done? Thank you!
  2. Gluten Free Now I'm Ok?

    It's very scary and I'm so paranoid if I'm eating wheat or not and it makes me feel bad when I'm constantly asking people if they cooked my food right.. such as my Mom or something. Thank you for your reply and the straight forward look at the complications that could be caused by this. Do you know if it's mostly gluten that is the cause of brain allergies or could it possibly be something else besides or in addition?
  3. Gluten Free Now I'm Ok?

    Well if I continue eating gluten now for another 2-3 months and then get the biopsy that would work well in the timing of things anyways to wait 2-3 months. I'm so very paranoid about doctors as I've been misdiagnosed with severe diseases in the past all beginning at almost 17 years old.. Hospitalized for various mental psychosis' three times in my life is enough to continue my fear of doctors and their whims. The only time that I've had any kind of brain scan was when I was 16 almost 17 and had some tests done when I started having auditory hallucinations. Then they determined I did not have anything physically wrong with me but that I was schizophrenic. Only a few brain scans and simple blood tests for "physical" out the door.
  4. Gluten Free Now I'm Ok?

    I had few digestive issues that weren't very bad like gas. I've never had many of the bad symptoms until more recently while being gluten free which is completely frustrating. That does make sense though about the doctors catching the mental before digestive. A few of my siblings are lactose intolerant so allergies do run in my family. As well as mental illnesses. My Mom and my Dad's father were adopted though so the family tree only runs with my immediate family pretty much. Doctor did not test for any of those vitamin deficiencies before suggesting celiacs/gluten free diet. I called him yesterday and he said I won't know anything until I get a biopsy done but that the symptoms will come back while eating gluten.. so I'm not sure if he thinks surely I have it anyways. I'm stuck as what to do because my insurance is running out in January and I don't get new insurance for another 5 months from now. I want to be sure of what I have but I've heard Celiacs is considered a pre-existing condition. So if I do have gluten-intolerance causing "brain allergy" at least I'm thinking that I don't have to be as meticulous when I eat. I think as long as I don't eat things that obviously have wheat in them I should be fine but I'll start to not worry as harshly about "artificial flavorings" or "spices" maybe as it's a small trace of "possible" wheat.
  5. Gluten Free Now I'm Ok?

    Consondcat, I'm sorry for your humongous misdiagnosis of the H. Pylori. I'm feeling very lost now and have only been on this journey of diagnosis/misdiagnosis for 4 or 5 years. I was in shock almost when the doctor told me the wheat could have been the cause of my mental issues, I cannot imagine the shock you felt after 25 years! I found a website that goes into more detail of brain allergies for anyone reading this little topic. http://www.wholeapproach.com/newsletter/ar...3/04_April.html I found it pretty interesting anyways. Now I'm wondering if I possibly have an allergy to something completely different from gluten that could have caused my mental ordeals. It all started very slowly then progressed rapidly while being put on heavy anti-psychotics so maybe that's a cause. *sigh*
  6. Gluten Free Now I'm Ok?

    That's the way it is with me! I can't understand a disease or intolerance that doesn't actually affect me, as it seems. I've been writing down everything I've eaten for a week, while OFF gluten and I just can't seem to find what's affecting me. My stomach seems to do somersaults besides the gluten. I ate the pieces of pizza last night and seem to be fine! I'm looking at to just get a biopsy and be done with this thing either way if I do or don't have it but I have to worry about pre-existing conditions because my insurance will be changing in the next 6 months. I wonder how many people have the mental side effect as well, it's a conundrum.
  7. To anyone that can shed a light on my situation please do. I was first diagnosed with having the H. Pylori bacteria and was medicated for that to get rid of the bacteria. The doctor told me then to try a wheat/gluten free diet to see if I would feel better. He suspected it would because my blood test had come back positive with anti-bodies. After having been on the diet for a little while, 2 weeks a month maybe I went back for a check up. I was feeling better and he told me then that the wheat/gluten intolerance/allergy could have been the cause of all the mental disorders I had gone through the previous 3 years of my life. It was a big wave of relief and distress because of the horrible anxiety and grief I had been through with the psychiatrists and mental illnesses, but now at least I wasn't crazy. I've been trying my best and have been 100% reading labels before I eat anything to make sure nothing lies within the food that I can't eat. No maltodextrin until sure of it's source, no artificial flavorings. The doctor had told me that there was a possibility that because the way the wheat/gluten affected me mentally that the serotonin mishap in my brain could cause permanent calcification of my brain to indefinitely alter my brain and/or personality which is an extremely scary thing to think and it makes me even more paranoid about the food I eat. Today has been about 8 months on a gluten free diet and I just am not feeling all that much better off wheat than I was on it. I ate a few crackers and have felt better! I just ate a slice of wheat-full pizza and feel... great! Is there a possibility this was a misdiagnosed or proposed notion that I am gluten intolerant or will my stomach continue to feel fine and my brain and other organs slowly rot..?
  8. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!