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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. Well we are still waiting for test results and all testing to be completed but if we do have to make sure my daughter is not being exposed to gluten is it best to just make the home gluten-free or just try to seperate her foods and cooking things from the others? I'm leaning on just making our house a gluten-free house and treating it just as a house that someone with a peanut allergy lives in, "No Gluten Allowed:)" I've heard that the dust from flours can remain airborne for quite some time and I love to bake. Do I need to replace my pots and pans and cooking equipment and what about dishes? Do I need to somewhat start over with my kitchen supplies because most of the things I have are old and some are scratched and a couple of the plates finishes have little cracks in them on the edges from the dishwasher. Anyone have any suggestions for a smooth transition?
  3. Have you received your results back yet? I'm just wondering how long it takes on average to get the bloodwork back. I think dr. offices are trained to tell everyone a week regardless of how long it will take. Shocking because I know where I work as a nurse we draw many of our own labs and send them and get the results in like 30 minutes according the the test. I usually never wait more than an hour unless it's a blood culture and that has to grow for about 5 days before a definative result can be obtained. I'm rambling on sorry! How long has your home been gluten-free? Was the switch difficult to make?
  4. My 7 year old daughter had a celiac panel, thyroid panel and a liver panel drawn today and we should be getting the results early next week. My husband asked me "What if it comes back negative then what?" It's almost a relief to get something positive so we can yes that is what is wrong now lets fix it. Instead of all this well maybe it's this or maybe it's that. I'm getting really tired and worried. I really feel it's celiac and everytime I give her the normal stuff she has always eaten I feel so guilty but I know I can't go gluten-free until we get all the testing done but I feel almost like I'm poisoning her..... Anyway, my daughter did so well. They had to stick her twice but got three tubes of blood and she didn't even cry. She had her blankey over her head, my iPod on blasting, and her one-eyed purple bunny and my hand clutched to her chest with her free hand. We went and got a new Webkin after.
  5. We went and had blood drawn today and our new pediatrician is really taking this all very seriously. I feel really good about how we are being treated. She is running a full celiac panel, thyroid panel, liver panel, and some other blood tests. She told me she doesn't want to leave a stone unturned. We should have results back by early next week.
  6. Thanks for the suggestions. It really is hard right now because due to the holiday all the Dr. offices are closed and she still never called me back yesterday. I started really piecing things together last night and thinking back to when she was a baby. I had another ped in another state where we lived test her stool for fat malabsorption but said she couldn't have celiac disease because she didn't have a big swollen abdomen and the only case he had ever seen that was what they looked like. I had never heard of celiac disease and really had no idea and just had to take the dr's word for it and we just wrote it off that she was just a small child. She has always had either loose stools or constipation and the dr's have just really written it off as just not a big deal. She has been on colace and had to take children's immodium off and on enough that I keep it stocked in the medicine cabinet and she is used to it and asks me for the one she needs when she starts having issues. From looking back and piecing everything together she has been dealing with this since she started eating regular food. I didnt' notice much when she was a baby I'm guessing because I made all of her babyfood from fresh fruits and vegetables at home. I feel so bad that I missed it. Good news!! The pediatricians office just called me and wants to see my daughter. She has another appt on Wed next week. Say prayers that we get some supportive answers and help!!!
  7. I'm really concerned because my daughter just had a check-up and she has dropped from the 75th percentile in height down to below the 3rd percentile. She has always been very thin, she only weighs 37lbs. and has weighed that amount for a year now. She is 7 years old and I am really worried and her pediatrician is concerned that she isn't growing at a normal rate. She also complains of stomach pain daily and says her legs and feet are sore. Each thing has always been addressed seperately and just today I started putting the whole picture together. THey did test her at the pediatricians office for anemia and never called me back with results so I assume that it was normal. I feel that I should push the pediatrician to test her further to see if celiac disease is the culprit. My mother keeps pushing me to just forgoe the Dr. and just go gluten-free without a diagnosis. My insurance will pay for everything and it would be much more helpful to have a diagnosis but I'm really not sure if the Dr. will take this seriously if just blow it off. Any opinions or help would be appreciated.