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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I can totally relate! I put my daughter through genetic testing and an endoscopie. She came back negative and only has one celiac gene. However, we noticed she had issues. We found a forward thinking doctor and had her food sensitivities done and she came back intolerant to gluten, dairy, eggs, beef, mustard, soy, ginger and certain beans. If you can take her to a naturopathic doctor and get a food sensitivities test done you'll finally be able to really put your mind at rest and start her on the right path. Best of luck.
  2. I was watching this film and they mentioned the increase of celiac and people with digestive issues because of genetically modified crops. It is worth a watch: http://geneticroulettemovie.com/
  3. I found some Nature Clean products at our local health food and grocery store and was wondering if they were safe for us. I wrote to them around 2 am and got this speedy reply when I woke up: Hello Paula, Good day and thanks for utilizing our Nature Clean products. Really do appreciate your feedback and do hope we will be able to continue relying on your support as we continue to develop and re-evaluate our products. Our products are formulated for individual with allergies, multiple chemical sensitivities and most of them are dermatologist tested for non irritancy and allergens. 95% of our consumers are such individual. They are gluten free and lactose free ( the calming bath bar contains oatmeal so this is the only one not recommended). Most of the products are unscented (no masking agent nor any added scent/perfumes/fragrance). There are a few scented products for individual that prefer a scent- this is achieved by the use of pure essential oils. The products are not tested on animals nor do they contain any animal by products. Thanks for the feedback and recommendation it is something we will definitely keep in mind a we continue to reprint our labels. Regards, George
  4. You may also be lactose intolerant. I was having feet, knees and leg issues because of lactose. It was blocking me from absorbing calcium and magnesium. I cut the lactose and started on Caltrate.
  5. I had similar problems! I later found out that I was also lactose intolerant and wasn't absorbing calcium. I'm now taking Caltrait and Borage oil with a pre-natal vitamin.
  6. I forgot to mention..I'm taking one of these at bedtime: 100mg of 5-Hydroxytryptophan (Griffonia source). It really helps with your sleep. Got mine at the health food store.
  7. Hi! I've had some of the same problems. Back in January I started seeing one of the top Fibro docs in Calgary. She has it as well. The first thing she made me do was toss out all my toxic cleaning chemicals and personal care products. Anything with a fragrance was now off limits...even unscented because it was created to cover up chemical smells. She made me switch to fragrance free and all natural products like using Seventh Generation fragrance free detergent, fabric softener, dish detergent and using vinager for everything else. I found a gluten-free and fragrance free shampoo at the health food store and deodorant. Guess what? I started feeling better. From her experience the medications on the market may only work for a year or so. She wants to find out the why behind a person's symptoms. She also made me switch my table salt. Apparently, the one I was using contained a chemical which was grandfathered in and was never tested. It is toxic to humans. So read the label on the type of salt you buy. Pick one that says "Salt" only. Next she took me off dairy. From her research 90% of her patients are intolerant to dairy. She was thrilled that I was already gluten-free. From my own experience getting off the dairy helped me with my stiffness (aprox. 50%), but when I took the "Now" Brand of Borage oil my stiffness in my hands and feet vanished. I take two of those a day. I also take a Caltrate. Gluten free only helped me a bit, but when I went gluten-free, Dairy Free and chemical and fragrance free...I noticed that I finally felt human for the first time in years. My doctor is a true healer, not a pill pusher. I hope some of this information is helpful to you. Many smiles, Paula
  8. Hi there! I hope you find the answers you're looking for. I'm seeing one of the top Fibro docs in my city. She gets her patients off gluten and dairy. 90% are lactose intolerant. She also has them cooking with cast iron and using all natural fragrance free products in their homes.My quality of life has greatly improved.
  9. I have huge issues with my joints, muscles and brain fog. I kept going to my doctor and was told nothing was wrong with me. I've been gluten free for over two years, and I never cheat. I ended up getting all my vitamins checked and the doctor still said that they were a-okay. I was feeling terrible, and was wondering if I needed to go on medical leave. Anyway, I brought the test results into my ND. My iron was borderline, my B-12 was in the lower part of the normal range, and my folic acid was off the charts. Normal? So she put me on vitamins, gave me a number of b-12 shots and gave me something to calm the nerves, and something to help me sleep. Apparently when you are anemic, it affects the quality of your sleep. As soon as I get the B-12 shot, my brain fog vanishes. Currently I'm on ribes, rosemarinus, lingonberry, griffonia (for sleep), Talia (for nerves when I need it) and B-12, folic acid and iron pills. I am FINALLY starting to feel better. It does cost a lot of money right now, but if I didn't do it I wouldn't be able to work. Your doctor sounds like they need to be coached on the many symptoms of celiac because their focus is strictly focused on the gut.
  10. Saw this and thought I would share it. She even gave everyone a celiac testing kit to take home. http://www.marilyn.ca/HealthFitness/segments.aspx/Daily/October2011/10_05_2011/OptimalDigestion
  11. What Liquors Can I Have?

    Just to let you know that Vegas just got their own European inspired gluten-free bakery called beau monde.
  12. Celiac Cost Me Everything

    Raven you are a pathfinder for those who feel lost. True friends don't abandon each other....being diagnosed has opened doors to different types of friendships and we thank you for your much needed guidance. So sorry about your pal.
  13. First of all I just want to thank-you on behalf of your hubby. I'm the celiac in my family and I am grateful for having a great partner who is totally supportive. Mistakes happen...forgive yourself. You make awesome decisions everyday on behalf of your husband.
  14. Thanks so much! Do you know of any good Barbeque places too?
  15. Hi! My family rented a house for a week in the Queen's Creek area (Pheonix) and I am looking for some good restaurant suggestions please. I already know that Sprouts is great for gluten-free and so is Whole Foods, but what lunch meat and hot dogs are safe to eat in the U.S? Any information would be greatly appreciated. Paula