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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Gluten Detective

    Yes I think this was the problem for me notkuroda, a lot of sensitivies to other foods, namely corn, soy, dairy, nightshades. As you can imagine this limits my food options considerably. The good thing is that once I eliminated them all, I felt better within 1-3 days as opposed to 2 weeks with gluten. Best of luck.
  2. Argh

    No it wasn't the water per se, it was the fact there was likely to be gluten on my sleeve which was then transferred onto my mouth and then swallowed by drinking the water. I stopped cleaning so hard at home, and instead rely on plastic plates, cups, disposable everything basically as I tried the cleaning route but I was getting glutenned on average twice a week and I could spend 1-2 hours a day cleaning and still get glutenned. No idea how it got on my coat but my flatmate eats a lot of gluten so it's not a big surprise. Thanks Steph, trying to be positive and now looking forward to a couple of weeks on when I should be there again. Time to batten the hatches. Richard - whilst I appreciate your feedback, I'm literally on the floor with tiredness today so whilst it may be hard to believe, it happened. I wish I knew exactly how it happened, i.e. seen the trace gluten or whatever but the last 6 months I've been glutenned by things I cannot physically trace. Just be glad you aren't this sensitive! I also want to know why my reaction to gluten is so different and a lot more sensitive than others. It's bad enough avoiding gluten but this is so difficult, especially when I get so close as well. Makes me think, is this sustainable over the long term...I mean I literally have to watch anything that touches my mouth, and that doesn't appear to be the case with most folks who have to avoid gluten.
  3. Argh

    Oh man, I must have the most sensitive reaction to gluten ever. I went to work today in a positive frame of mind, it's been two weeks since my last glutenning so this is when improvements start, and continue dramatically over the following week. So of course I was anticipating this and walking to work with a . It was a cold day so wrapped up and walked to work, however I got tap nose en route and it started streaming down my lip to my mouth. I'm understandably sensitive to things touching my mouth in anycase but unfortunately I didn't have a plastic pack of tissues to hand so I thought I'll gently wipe it with my sleeve. I did think at the time, 'will I be safe?' but thought I was being too OCD about it. Of course when I took a gulp of water at work, bang....glutenned. Should have went to the toilet and rinsed my mouth out, stupid. This is exactly 2 weeks since my last gluttening - which I thought at the time was the most ridiculous, I touched a banana before eating at work where tons of folk eat sandwiches at their desks so there's probably gluten all over the desks/files/everywhere. Residual gluten, like peanuts, I guess is everywhere but it's so difficult mentally this disease, you think you're on top only for it to kick you in the nuts in a whole new way. I mean that's 6 weeks of my life taken away by two ridiculously minor infractions. This would be draconian as a federal/criminal punishment!! And of course I organised a poker night for this Saturday on the basis that I would be a bit better....sods law!
  4. Still Angry Sometimes After 2 Years

    I agree, they're pretentious know-it-alls!! Experienced or not...you're are very lucky indeed if you've not experienced the inadequacy of modern medicine. Otherwise I would suggest your symptoms can't be that bad! Mine make me feel like death and not one doctor has eased that, in fact they have prolonged mine substantially. If I had been accurately diagnosed I could saved 10 years of suffering which started off light but is now at the point where I struggle to have any quality of life, basically dragging my sorry behind to work and then back to bed/the sofa as soon as I can. The purpose of this forum to me is to provide the support and guidance that should be provided by the medical community....it's a sad and frankly disgusting irony.
  5. Does Dairy Do Damage?

    I think this depends on how long you went between it starting (for some very difficult to pinpoint) and beginning a strict gluten free diet. After a long period my theory is that your GI tract tries to work out what's causing the inflammation itself and wrongly identifies a selection or one (if you're lucky) of the common allergens such as dairy, soy etc etc. What I'm unclear on is if this is permanent or could be retrained over time.
  6. Cider From The Tap...

    Same issue for me. I stick to bottles and only drink from the bottle, magners, etc. No bottles = no drinking for me. It's fine if you're at home because it's likely unless you live in a really small place that you'll find a pub with at least one bottled cider option. I've risked cider in a glass and got away with it but I would only do this if absolutely pushed because it could be so easy to contaminate the glass, so easy. I guess you'd have this problem all the time if you only drank wine so I'm thankful that bottled cider is pretty standard.
  7. Crushing Depression When Glutened

    Depression is a tough one exactly because of this. It is a separate serious illness in its own right from which I have no experience as I have never had depression as a standalone illness. I only have asymptomatic depression symptoms when I get glutened because I know what this means for me. Just as an aside I've went to the docs and been giving the depression pills, various ones. Every single one of these did zilch for me. I still had all the symptoms of being annoyed, feeling worthless, feeling suicidal, feelings of guilt, anger, you name it. And it still occurs everytime I get glutened only because I know it's 2-3 weeks of pure misery. It's human nature to me if you break it down. Depression pills probably won't do you any harm if you do want to give them a shot although I have severe suspicions about long term effects. Modern medicine after all tends to suppress symptoms rather than invest the time (and money) in finding out the root cause from my own personal experience.
  8. Crushing Depression When Glutened

    I'm exactly the same. The only way I get through it is tell myself it's just 2-3 weeks. And ok that's not great but from a background of having been diagnosed with ME/CFS, 2-3 weeks is a drop in the ocean. I'm not downplaying it at all though, you need a lot of mental strength and an ability to focus on the positives that you are going to achieve when you get to the end of the reaction. At the end of the day though this makes you a better person and that's what I'd focus on. Once glutened then batten down the hatches and cancel all planned activities where possible and redouble my efforts at avoiding getting CC'd. It does get extremely tough when you are constantly getting glutened and with me living in a house with lots of gluen it's a delicate balancing act at all times when eating or drinking including snacking.
  9. Is Turkey From A Stuffed Bird Safe?

    Absolutely no. Separate all the way.
  10. No Fair!

    I agree this completely limits your options - I have to avoid dairy, soy, gluten obviously and bloody corn too which is even worse than dairy at limiting your food options as almost all gluten free foods contain at least some 'maize' or other corn derivative and that includes multivitamins. So in essence, I empathise entirely!! Just out of interest how did you determine dairy was problematic? What are your symptoms? Alcohol will generally be bad to all persons due to the fact it is a mild diuretic, gets into every cell of your body and let's not beat about the bush here...a poison, however mild or tolerated. I would expect you to cope with this relatively mild stress unless you are in the middle of a gluten reaction, where your body - specifically your adrenal glands - are having to deal with all the inflammation caused by your reaction. On top of other things, such as stress generally in your life, your adrenals may be struggling to keep up. I can't drink any alcohol in the 2 weeks of my reaction, after-which my resistance goes back to a level I would consider normal. I know you say you've been gluten-free for 10 years, and have a lot more experience than me, but I thought it might be helpful to add. Another thought could be leaky gut, but after 10 years of being gluten-free I think this is doubtful. I would hypothesise that most leaky gut is caused by the reaction to gluten and for any other chronic inflammatory stomach/gut/bowel diseases.
  11. Ironic

    In all seriousness though, I think it's difficult for anyone without celiac/gluten intolerance of any kind to fully understand just how meticulous you need to be when cooking food for us. One misplaced sticky gluten protein and it's game over. I would only ever eat something from someone else I wholly, totally trust. I often watch Masterchef (UK) - yes I understand the irony, watching a program with chefs who are cooking food I'll never, for the most part, be able to eat - and think it would be a really cool 'challenge' for Michel Roux Jr to say 'right for this test you have to cook a gluten free meal for a panel of celiacs to judge'.
  12. Immediate Reaction?

    Initial reaction with brain fog, feeling spacey etc. This lasts max 24 hours then brief respite for a day or so before the fatigue sets in and doesn't leave me for 2 weeks, almost exactly to the day.
  13. Think it's all up to the individual both in terms of what they believe and how they react. It's widely reported that the gluten protein is too large to be absorbed through the skin and secondly, if you had broken patches of skin and rubbed a weetabix into it then it's unlikely to cause an atypical autoimmune reaction, however this is not to say you won't have a rash or that it will not give you other issues which could be wideranging. However I think it's reasonable to infer that because the forum is not loaded with people constantly getting a typical glutened reaction that gluten in shampoos, shower gel etc is not causing an autoimmune reaction but this is not to say it's not causing a reaction at all. I agree with sandsurfgirl but when you can't rely either solely or partly on empirical evidence your turn to clinical evidence and I'm basing this entirely on the wonderful clinical evidence collated on a daily basis here.
  14. So How Did It Start With You

    Slow onset of gradually worse fatigue to the point of not being able to go into work for me.