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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I will follow these replies with great interest. The same thing has happened to me. I have had DH since i was a child but it was only diagnosed on a stay in the US and treated with sulphapiridine and then dapsone. When i could not get dapsone (They stopped making it in Spain where i live now.) i stayed clear of rash for nearly three years. But recently it has returned in the hair in my head. This was the worse part of my body in my twenties. Now i buy dapsone on the internet and i only need a very small dose to keep it under control. I did not go to the doctor with this, i go to him with too many other complaints and he would only give me Colchicine which does not work for me. Maybe there are some who are cured of DH, but of course they will not have any further interest in the web site and we won
  2. Dapsone

    I could not get dapsone here in Spain (after 15 years on Dapsone). I was panicking. Eventually i was prescribed "colchicine houde" but this made me very, very ill. So i stopped taking it! It has been four months now since i took dapsone, the skin rash has not come back and i feel well. I am still worried that it will return, but so far so good. I am glad to be off sulphapyridine and dapsone after many years, over 40 altogether. One doctor on a UK website said that this can happen and for me i
  3. Dh On My Tongue?

    Yes, one of the worse memories of my childhood was having blisters on my tongue and inside my lower lip. A child cannot explain what it is like to teachers who said that it was eating too many sweets and just a "softy." My parents tried to help, but they were not given any diagnosis so there was little they could do. declan
  4. Does This Look Like Dh?

    No, does not look like mind did either, but not everyone is the same. declan
  5. Dh On My Scalp

    I am so glad for you Very many of us know the joy of finding out what is wrong and finding a solution. Good luck. declan
  6. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  7. Do I Really Have Dh?

    What a clear and detailed description you give! I have DH; until now, this year, i have always reacted when i don
  8. Misdiagnosis

    I don
  9. Thank you. At the very least you made me realize how lucky i am, i have a very very mild form of DH. I will look into a GFD, but am not looking forward to it. However my partner says that we can do it, so we
  10. I have had itching since i was a small child, horrible time, i don