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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Weight Watchers

    I was doing WW before and am on my first week of gluten free. I can already tell I feel SO MUCH BETTER. I went off for the last few weeks before my endoscopy. Today was the first day I felt like..OK I am ready. Pointing here I come. I am curious to see if losing weight will be easier now. I always felt that I gained weight suddenly when my first symptoms came on.
  2. I am awaiting biopsy results but I was in so much upper abdomen pain and was SUPER bloated that I decided to just go gluten free and not wait. I felt really alert the first day! I was shocked! But I had really bad stomach pain for a few days still and decided to cut out dairy too as well as onions and beans for now to see if anything helped. It has only barely a week and I haven't had pain. I am still bloated though, definately not AS bad but still really noticeable. How long does it take before you know? Will I know? I am already thinking about adding dairy back to see and because it is so hard doing both at once. I figure if it hurts I will stop. I don;t have a Drs appt until the 19th and that just seems sooo far away. ALSO- I feel so hungry even after I eat, does it just take time to adjust? At first I was CRAVING sooo badly, like I felt like I was going through withdrawals!! Did anyone else feel like this?
  3. Thanks for your responses. I do not have a dairy or shellfish allergy as I eat both all the time. I was eating wheat/gluten also but have cut it out for about 4 weeks now. I did feel the rapid heartbeat one other time at Easter dinner when I accidently ate boxed scalloped potatoes that I later checked and they contained wheat. Is this kind of a rapid heartbeat something that happens to others after an accidental ingestion? The bathroom was not a urinary sensation but rather...
  4. I have gone gluten free for about 3-4 weeks now and have felt great!! Better then I have in years! Last night I took about 5 bites of clam chowder and I started getting that "feeling". My heart started beating harder and a "warmness" started setting in my body like a panic. My throat was itchy inside and out and I got the sensation of suddenly needing to go to the bathroom. I was at a baseball game and I started getting nervous. After about an hour, things had "calmed" down I was REALLY tired but my heart had stopped racing. Is this a symptom that happens or is this in my mind?? Was this a panic attack? Thanks
  5. Thanks so much for your response! And yes, the "somebody slipped me sleeping pills" is EXACTLY a good way of putting it. I have 2 friends with celiac. One never got diagnosed but she is lactose intolerant and knows she can not eat gluten.. serious issues when she does. The other went through lots of testing to confirm the YES she indeed does. I never suspected I had it until I changed my eating habits after meeting with a trainer at the gym. He suggested I eat really pure clean foods and avoid anything processed. I completely changed how I ate in a desperate attempt to feel better and lose weight. I stopped eating bread and pasta and ate salads and chicken and brown rice. I felt like a NEW person!!!!! Then we went on vacation to Italy and I was "treating" myself and ate pasta and WOAH..... I got the "someone has drugged me feeling" and realized i RECOGNIZED that familiar feeling. I thought it was because I was overweight and out of shape that I felt like that. But when this happened I realized it was a reaction to something I was eating. This happened on vacation everytime I ate something like a sandwich or things I had stopped eating. I felt I was drugged, got weepy and depressed....ON VACATION in Italy! My husbamd commented how I looked "like I used to" MOON FACE...puffy....HUGE stomach etc. He said he could tell it was a reaction just by looking at me. I came home and went back to my salads and brown rice and protein and FEEL SOOOOOO much better. I may not get a diagnosis because I can't imagine going back to feeling like that for a few weeks to get a test done that may or may not be accurate.
  6. I am totally new to this. If I product does not contain "wheat" does that make it gluten-free? I am wondering about Barbara's Puffins Cereal Original. Here are the ingredients: Yellow Corn Flour, Corn Bran Flour, Molasses (Unsulfured), Oat Flour, Expeller Pressed High Oleic Oil (Canola and/or Sunflower), Salt, Baking Soda, Vitamin E (Natural), Vitamin C On the website it says only the Rice Puffins are gluten-free. Could someone please educate me on what makes this product NOT gluten-free? Is it just that it is processed on a wheat machine? Or are there ingredients that should be avoided. THANKS!
  7. Has anyone tested positive for celiac with the *only* symptoms being extreme exhaustion and that fuzzy brain feeling? Weepy/depressed. I also get a "moon" face and stomach bloating. These are my symptoms. No stomach issues. I have gained weight over the past 3 years and seem to CRAVE gluten products. I find that if I eat one thing with flour I get that exhausted and feel that NEED to eat more craving. So without testing I have gone gluten free to see. (My son has allergies and I am up on elimination diets). I feel like a NEW PERSON!!!! I have ENERGY and feel like "myself" again after 3 years. I THOUGHT I was depressed and couldn't concentrate and even went on meds which did not help and after 2 years finally weaned off of. SO then I had a small amount of food that had wheat in it and within 10 mins I got that feeling of EXHAUSTION...like I just want to get in bed and sleep. (which i did). My heart even races a little. So, I guess I am now convinced something is going on. Whether I have celiac or not I will avoid wheat because I feel so much better. WONDERING if anyone else has celiac without stomach issues? Is it important to confirm diagnoses? Where can I turn for more information? Thanks so much.