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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I had both procedures in May. I was not able to eat gluten for the test as they had wanted. I made it 4 days and broke out so bad the doc said to stop eating it. The drink itself could have been better....some of the gluten free stuff I have had made it seem ok! LOL Most of the people I had spoken with said how bad the bathroom part was...I laughed as that is what my life was like almost every day before going gluten free!! The tests themselves were a breeze as I was in a "happy place" while they were going on. I had no problems what so ever after. I do recommend eating lightly a day or two before the prep day. Relax and good luck.
  2. I feel your "itch"!! I have been called a freak by more than one Dr. I have been gluten free for about 5 weeks now. My stomach problems got better within a couple of days. My skin is another issue.... I have noticed though that the blistering on my hands is not as bad as it was. My arms and legs have cleared up pretty much. It seems from what I have read it can take anywhere from 6 mos to a year and a half... I had blood tests come back negative, not sure what ones. I also had a edoscopy and colonoscopy which also came back negative. I tried to eat gluten for the scopes, but only made it 4 days and I broke out so bad that both my docs said to go back to gluten free. I have decided not to go through any more testing. My body has told me more than any of the upteen docs I have been to in the last 5 years. What I can tell you is to hang in there and give it a chance to heal. I personally refuse to take anymore steriods!! All they do is make me b%$@#y, want to eat all the time, and mask the symptoms, which I think come back worse!! Do you have any other symptoms? I have also noticed that when I get poisoned now my reactions are worse than they were before. It also seems that I am very sensitive now to gluten. So be careful!!
  3. Dh After Going Gluten Free

    Did you try pasting the link in your address bar? That is how I got it to work for me just now. I am not familiar with Sjogerns... Does it have rashes?
  4. Dh After Going Gluten Free

    It can be very itchy!! Yes it can flare up very bad in a couple of hours. I can not tell you what or how but it does. I am still trying to figure it out. It seems as if since I have been gluten free when I do flare it is much worse than before. I am guessing that my body was so used to being poisoned that it did not react as noticably. I am very sorry for your daughter. I use Desert Essence Organic products for body wash and shampoo/conditioner and their lotions. They are wheat/gluten free!! They are the best I have found as I am also allergic to formaldehyde. A little A&D ointment may help also. Steroid creams have never helped and oral or shots of steroids have only masked the symptoms and they come back worse... Good luck to you and my very best to your daughter. Keep me posted as to how she is doing if you don't mind. Also as a mom I think it is important to tell you that this is not your fault!! It hurts so much to watch your children suffer and feel helpless. She is lucky to have a mom that is doing what she can to find out what is wrong and get her better!
  5. I understand how you feel... I love it when someone offers me a "bite". I also love it when someone tells me well it will be better when they figure out what is wrong... HELLO I know what is wrong!! I can't take a pill and fix it. This is my life. I don't want their sympathy either. If I hear "I don't know how you do it" one more time I think I will scream. I have no choice. My skin breaks out so bad I can't use my hands and I spent all my time worried about where a bathroom was. My insides are great now and I see some improvement in my skin. Now that I am done venting... I look forward to learning some new recipes and getting more creative in the kitchen. I am not passing up on any social activities either. I now have a pretty little lunch box and it goes with me just about everywhere. It gets a little easier everyday and I educate about Celiacs everywhere I go. Hang in there! As awarness increases so do options for us. Look at Starbucks they baked us a cake!!
  6. I started to feel better within days. I could eat without running for a bathroom. I wasn't having stomach pains. It was like WOW.... I stopped after my doc did a blood test which came back negative. I had done alot of reading and when we talked I told him I thought it was Celiac. He told me to try gluten free and I couldn't believe how much better I felt. I then had a horrible reaction. I think I have dermatitis hereptaformis. I have horrible dihydrotic exzema on my hands. My arms, legs, face, and chest break out too. My doc then referred me to a GI. He scheduled a endoscopy and colonoscopy 4 weeks later. The GI told me to go back to eating gluten until the test. I made it from that Tues. to Friday. I was so broke out and all the stomach issues were back full force. Both docs said stop the gluten and they would find what they find. I know that I am so much better off gluten and that is how I intend to stay. Tonight as I prepare for my scopes tomorrow I am laughing... Everyone complains about the prep...This is how I have spent my life!!LOL LOL. I am so happy that no matter what they find or do not find I am staying gluten free. It is funny tonigt to think about how this used to be my life... I am anxious to get the results to make sure there is no other damage to my intestines. I have found that in the last few weeks an "official diagnosis" is not as important as it once was to me. I just wish my skin issues would clear. From what I have read it can take 6mos to a year or more. At least I am on the right path... gotta go..
  7. I use Desert Essence Organics. They make shampoo, conditioner, and lotions that I love. They are wheat and gluten free, no petroluem, and nothing artificial. The lotion I use all over including my face. It costs about $9 a tube but it lasts a long time. A little goes a long way. I recently saw it at my local grocery store for the same price I pay anywhere else. Good Luck
  8. I am still "undiagnosed" officially. I went to the GI doc and he scheduled a endoscopy and colonoscopy for the 12th of May. I met with him on a Tues after I had been gluten-free for 2 weeks. I was scared but agreed to go back to eating it for the test. I went out to dinner that night to a favoriet Mexican restuarant. Within 2 hrs of eating I started breaking out and spent the moring in the bathroom. By Friday I was so broke out and all the bathroom issues returned that I contacted both my docs and they said stop immediately. I am still having the scopes and they will find whatever they find but I know that I am not eating it ever again by choice!!! They have rulled out a bunch of other stuff with blood tests and I am having a ultrasound of my livir and gall bladder tomorrow. I finally have a doc who told me that we need to get to the bottom of this. I think that if everything else comes out negative he will diagnose me by elimination. I really don't care anymore as I know what I am! I make people aware of Celiac Disease everywhere I go! I can only hope that by more awareness someone will not have to suffer as I and many of you have. If docs are not going to recognize it then we as patients have to ask for testing which we can't do if we don't know. My sons and grandsons are going to be tested. Also my mom is going as I think she has had symptoms as long as I can remember. Depending upon the results I will be contacting the other members of our family, ie cousins, aunts, uncles, etc. I am not sure if this helped or just piled more on to sift through.....Take care and my best to you in your quest for answers.
  9. 504 Plan With Schools

    I say good for you! Someone has to stand up for those who come behind. I am sure this will not be an easy task for you but it is a good one!! My boys are grown but I have 3 grandsons, who still have to be tested. I shudder at the thought that they would not be safe at school. I understand feeding us is more difficult but with the proper planning and training it can be done. Keep in mind that any change that comes of this is a big step forward. Plus think of the number of people that will now be aware of Celiac Disease and the dangers of hidden gluten. You are also teaching your children a valuable lesson along the way. I understand it would be easier to just send their lunches with them but that is not the way it should be. Someone has to stand up, usually against the current, when something is not right and say so... I commend you in your efforts. ...my grandsons say "Thank You" Please, keep us advised.
  10. Hello and Welcome! I am new too. I understand what you mean about being obsessed. I have gone so far as I will not eat anything right now that I do not make myself or is clearly labeled. It seems that since I have been off gluten my reactions are worse also. Thought it was just my imagination.... I got poisoned yesterday and have no clue. The only thing I can think of is that I was cleaning out and organinzing my cupboards - my food - bad food... I would just like my skin to clear up and get off steroids long enough to determine what my threshold is. Sometimes it feels like I'm in a box and the walls are closing in. My only upside, it is a big one, is that I have finally found a doc who does not think I am nuts. I scared him last week when I was having a very bad reaction. He made me go back on the steroids as there was no other option except to be admitted to the hosp. I was surprised when he came back in the office with a camera to take pics of me. He had already sent me to a GI who is doing my scopes on the 12th. I am unable to be on gluten for the biopsy but don't care. It will at least rule out any other issues that might be in there. After talking with my mom yesterday I even have a few more puzzle pieces that fit together. She is going to get tested now too. After all my ramblin, I just wanted to say you are not alone...You have to focus on yourself and getting to a point where you are comfortable. At least that is what I am searching for. I think we will always have to look for the crumbs but they will get more "managable" with the more we learn. At least I won't have to worry about having a bad meal anywhere as I intend to bring my own. Chin up as we are at least we are on the right path, no matter how many speed bumps it might have...
  11. Arrgh!

    I guess I am shocked by this. I am not sure why...I wouldn't think anything would suprise me anymore.... If I understand you correctly (which I hope I don't) my drugs are not screened for my listed allergens when I have my prescription filled at a local pharmacy? I know they don't have to list all ingredients under the guise of patented formulas etc... I would think that it would be mandatory though to somehow screen before dispensing medication to a person with allergic reactions? When I questioned my pharmacist regarding gluten in scripts I was currently taking I was surprised that he could not give me a straight answer. Now it may be clear as to why.. As I said I hope I misunderstand and if not my fingers will be very busy contacting everyone I can to find out why the H--- not! Thanks for any info. Spinsterwitch, I hope you had a good time otherwise in New Orleans. It is one of my favorite places to visit.
  12. I can't drink wine either. I am not a big drinker but once in a while it is nice to have one. I have also noticed that when I have a drink I seem to flush so should probably put that on the back burner for now too... Anything else I can give up...I am starting to feel like a Catholic stuck in Lent forever....
  13. I understand what you mean. He thinks some doc will just give me a special shot and I will be fine. He doesn't get that this is now my life. I went through cupboards today and gave myself a little corner where I now keep my stuff. I don't like having to look through everything to find something I can eat. He just kind of rolls his eyes... I don't care anymore as I need to be concerned about my healh. I agree about the center of attention thing too. I have been wearing little white gloves for almost 2 yrs - I do a great mime imitation - and now have to take my food everywhere I go... I am thinking maybe I will invest in some unusual hats and loud plaid and/or floral print clothes. If folks are going to look I might as well give them something to look at!! I just keep telling myself it could be worse... I also had bathroom issues today. Not sure what I got into, as I am being so careful. I have to keep reminding myself that this is a long process. The healing doesn't happen overnight. I have a dr appt tomorrow and going to talk to him about getting off the steroids again! Otherwise I want him to write a note that I am not responsible for my actions as I may hurt someone.....lol.. Take care and I want to thank you for sharing. It helps to know you are not alone..too bad we couldn't have had something better in common..lmao By the way Tequila, Rum, and Potatoe Vodka are OK!!!!
  14. I really like your reference...That is how I am looking at everything these days. My family looks at me strange and I think they think I'm paranoid but they don't have the issues I have been dealing everyday. "I think they think" I am paranoid aren't I! LOL That is ok as it beats the heck out of getting sicker and not being able to point to "one" thing that is doing it. It seems as if each day I put more pieces of the puzzle together... D--- steroids I am ramblin' again.....No more poison donuts for me, I will read and check, no more gluten for me!!!
  15. Question About Warning/links

    Is posting a link to flckr to show DH pics OK. If not I sincerely apologize and will not do it again. I am just hoping to find "THANK YOU" to all of your behind the scenes work!!! Your site is extremely helpful and understanding....