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  1. I don't think so. I have always been a big fruit eater and always conscious that I got in all my servings of fruits and veggies in. And I haven't been eating any new fruits that I'm not already used to. Thanks tho
  2. In regards to your pin prick test. I was told by my allergist that they are not that accurate for some people. I saw this allergist because I was occasionally breaking out in hives with no rhyme or reason. And I have sensitive skin (not like to perfumes and dyes etc...) but, to the touch. If I have an itch and scratch it you will see exactly every line that I scratched for at least 5 mins in a red raised puffy line. So, on someone line me if I were to have a pin prick test I would have a positive reaction to everything because it is my skin reacting to the prick not necesarily an allergic reaction to the substance... In case that helps at all.
  3. oh, I will try that, sounds interesting. Thank you.
  4. I do fine with soy but, I prefer almond milk. I just prefer its taste if you don't have any nut allergies you should give it a try. You can find it anywhere they sell soy milk but, on the shelves not the refrigerated section. Are you as overwhelmed as I am??? I thought staying away from pasta and pizza was going to be tough enough but, gluten is everywhere.... and there is just too much information to take in... Although I am glad to finally have been diagnosed correctly and hope that there is an end to my health probs in the near future. Since you have it up on sunday is your body going haywire? I think alot of the reactions I am having are more about giving up caffeine and sugar (nutritionist has me doing a cleanse for 3 weeks) but, I am breaking out in hives at least once a day and I really haven't started eating anything new. I just cut thing out and I am eating alot of fresh fruit, nuts, and vegtables...
  5. Hi, I have just recently been diagnosed and I have been gluten free since Sunday. I have two questions. Does anyone have a good substitute for bread crumbs to use in recipes? Meat loaf? Meat balls etc? Would ground flaxseed work? My 2nd question is. How long until it is out of my system. I have broken out in hives more since I have given up gluten. My nutritionist put me on a 3 week cleanse that cuts gluten, dairy, caffeine etc... and my body must be going through some serious withdrawls / detox but, the hives and itchies are unbearable. I'm trying not to take any benedryl because she said to stay away from anything over the counter but, it is getting worse. Any words of wisdom?