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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Bad Mood Swings

    [quote name='Bubu' date='Jan 14 2009, 02:45 PM']Hi, well cross contamination could be the problem of your mood swings and being so irritable at times. I am on a gluten-free diet in the past 15 month and it's not easy! Every time you eat foods that contains gluten , your body needs 3-5 days to get symptom free but truly the recovery could take much longer for the digestive system. I had a lot of abdominal pain, migraines, signs of a cold, joint pain and other things and I had days when I was sitting on the sofa and couldn't do a thing. I did not feel like cooking or eating or even reading a book. I felt like going into a depression. It was hard on my marriage as well. I went to the doctor and told every symptom I had and all she did is orderd a blood work, but because nothing seemd like out of order she said that my body is more sensitive than others and I should drink more fluids.After this I went online to try to figure out what's going on. Useing my knowledge from school(nurse)and all the information from websites I came down to gluten intolerance. And it worked. I started the diet and after 5 days I felt much better and after 5 month I really could tell the difference!!!!!!!!!!!!! All the symptoms I mentioned above dissapeared. About eating in restaurants. I lived in the States for a few years and just moved back to Europe but while living in NH I found that Outback has it's gluten free menu and it's very good too!!! and there are others who are helpfull when it comes down to gluten-free food. Most well known restaurants have a menu online where you can check it out. And as Baillie said the Gluten Free Bible is very very good. It has a lot of good information and very helpful even if you are traveling to different countries.It has cards in other languages that explain what is gluten intolerancy and what the cook has to watch when preparing food for you. This book is worth the money. About dealing with family and friends, it's good to tell them about it!! It can save a lot of confusing situation. I tought my husband about foods I can't have or mostly what can I have. We both like to cook but after I started this diet I had no desire to cook and my husband did not know what to prepare for me and it wasn't easy but having knowledge made it easy for both of us. My friends started to look up information as well after I told them that I dont feel like going over because of this diet( prepare your own food when they eat something you really like but can't have!! it's not fun) They had always something for me and had asked me about all the seasoning that they wanted to use ( because you have to watch out for that too) They were really supportive and that helped a lot.You can even ask them to help to find places where you can safely enjoy a meal. The more knowledge you have and you give to your family and friends the easier it will be for you to stick to this diet!! Now that we moved form the States it was very hard and I felt I have to start all over the lerning process. It takes time but I got help here too, but you have to tell people about your diet!!!!!! I hope this was some help to you!!!! Bernadett[/quote] I enjoyed reading your comment. It hits home truly it does. I live in NH. I was just diagnosed 2wks ago and it is so difficult yet getting easier. I have a lot of support w/ my husband and his family. Miy family is still unsure of the diagnosis and they want to rely on older outdated information from like 30 yrs. ago. I can't stress enough to them that I can no longer eat gluten and no I can not go off the diet if I want to be healthy. I see my G.I. doc tomorrow to go over the next steps. My blood test were positive for the disease. I didn't know the outback was gluten free. Here in Keene,NH they have the 99 pub and supposedly they have a gluten free menu. I'm still too scared to try. I'm affraid of contamination. I've been vvery ill at times from detoxing the body of gluten and somethings just don't agree. I think I will by the Gluten free bible as well. I learned something new. Thank you! It helps so much to read everyone elses comments and stories. Best luck in Europe! P.S. Did I mention I have terrible mood swings as well. I have no energy most days and had to force myself to get back to the gym today. I need to nix the moodswings I feel my family suffering. I hate it!
  2. I Crave Milk....any Suggestions?

    Thanks so much! I was gonna try that one next. I just hate wasting money on the ones I don't like.
  3. Looking For Answers

    I'm thinking I have issues w/ soy now too. I am having trouble finding a milk product actually that does not make my stomach feel as yours did after the soy nuts. I have heard that there is a soy intolerance as well w/ some people. I also have lactose intolerance. the only soy product so far that hasn't bothered me is Stop and shops soy milk. I bought it on a trip to Cape Cod on the 11th and it says Gluten free on the box. I don't know if this helps but I am experiencing similiar. I also heard there are things that you should stay clear of untill your body detoxes and then try introducing items slowly. Hope I helped. good luck. I've been gluten/wheat free since 11th. It's not so easy but well worth it. Also, I have noticed that cross contamination sometimes effects me worse. Products that say they're gluten free or the ingredients mentioned mean no gluten sometimes these can be processed in facilities processing wheat,barley products etc. I have been ill x2 this wk from what I think is cross contamination. It is so difficult to determine at times it all trial and error. try a different product and see if you're effected in the same manner. process of elimination is how I'm learning now. I know it's difficult but it's getting a lil easier everyday. GOOD LUCK!
  4. I Crave Milk....any Suggestions?

    I have always been lactose intolerant I guess but I absolutely love milk. I've tried Soy milk some make me sick some I'm not sure. I'm still so very new to all of this. Does anyone have any suggestions on a brand of Soy milk, rice milk etc. that works for them? This has been the hardest part of the transition for me. Should I just give up on the milk?
  5. Getting Over The Past

    Thanks so much. I really want to push for this b/c we may have been able to prevent some of these defects (key words may ) not 100% no one ever knows for sure but if there is a possibility then why not. I just need a direction to go in for the testing. Where do I start? I have entered as many studies and researches I can find on the link between the 2 but this is not enough for me. I need drs. to step up.
  6. Getting Over The Past

    I just wanted you to know....I am trying to deal with this in the best way I can educating myself. I will continue to educate myself in the same manner I did when my son was diagnosed w/ Optic Nerve Hypoplasia. I found a link to nueral tube defects and untreated celiac. There are many links to other disorders as well. I signed up with the birth defects registry in Fla. for research on the link between Celiac and birth defects. I am pretty sure I am not the only mom w/ a child w/ this disability registered. I just wonder about the others parents having Celiac or not. I hope this will lead me to stronger evidence to the link between the 2. I am very hopeful. I have calls out to Drs. that head research on the Optic Nerve and other research foundations I feel this needs to be done. I also feel that Early detection is the Best detection the sooner we know the better. This is what I've always been told from the time Robert was diagnosed blind to present. How can we push for routine testing in Children? Is anyone willing to help w/ this?
  7. I was just wondering.....How long b4 I have no more problems? when can I wake up and feel ok, not fatigue, no in pain bones or belly,no fogginess or irritabilty? I feel somedays as though I'm losing my mind. I feel tired all the time and I just want to feel ok. I'm glad I finally have an answer other then its' all in your head. That makes me feel better . I've heard that some people start to feel better in anywhere from 3-6mths. Is this true? If I'm strictly eating gluten/wheat free foods from day of diagnosis will it still be this long? I know it's different for everyone so I guess I would like to know How long it took all of you. I need positive here people. I can deal w/ the diet but the symptoms I'm over already..... I have another question too..... Why is it I can have some Soy products but have horrible issues from others? Is this an Intolrance to Soy as well? Should I just stay away from it? I have so many questions if anyone has the time. I go for a G.I. consult on the 21st. I guess then they will schedule the biopsy and appt. w/ Dietition. I would just like to talk to someone w/ first hand experience instead of someone w/ knowledge of the disease.
  8. I don't like this. I have been battling brain fog for the past 6 mths and increasing I really thought it was stress then to find out it is a side effect of Celiac Disease. I'm 32 I shouldn't be mixing up words, forgetting where I parked my car and unable to finish a sentence b/c I forgot what I was talking about. I was sooooo hoping these symptoms would go away. I still Hope they will go away. I feel so stupid at times and I know I'm not but it happens at the most inconvient times. It is very disheartening for me.
  9. Not Gonna Take It

    I so feel the same way. I am no longer a single mother. I am newly married however, I am still working my "A" off to feed my fam and pay the bills. Now I have to change my whole way of food intake and it is dicouraging when you look at the prices and you have to choose eat or pay a bill. be healthy or not. I wonder if I will be able to continue to afford to eat where I am constantly very fatigued, ill and overworked. I wish I had your faith.
  10. Getting Over The Past

    I am actually newly diagnosed and cannot help but review the past and be upset. I look back and remember being told I was a hyperchondriac by family and doctors it's in your head its' your depression. Now many yrs. later and very ill I have an answer I wish I had earlier. I hope now that this becomes a routine test for children during thier annual appts. I fear my G.I. consult and tests to come, Thou, I try to be positive...... I can't help the What if's. I have too young boys one of which was born Blind....I did not have the 2 causes Gestational Diabetes or exposure to toxic substance could the fact that I had this disease all this time and eating gluten,wheat,soy dairy all of which I am intolerant of be the toxic substance that caused my sons birth defect. I need to research more. Both my boys show symptoms of the disease and will be tested in May. My mom is just as always unsupportive my inlaws are always supportive and I have siblings that have always had the same issues but b/c of how I was treated they never bothered till they got older to seek help. I can't express enough to them they need to be tested to be on the safe side either way. I have to remain positive b/c when I found out I cried and my boys were very upset. I am still upset I know now I'm not crazy and I now have to switch over to an expensive lifestyle to be heathy I am cheap. This is very hard for me. I will continue to try and remain positive. So all in all I feel your grief. I am there too.
  11. Newly Diagnosed

    Ah.... I'm 32 yrs. old I have 2 lil boys 10+11 my first son was born blind (now i wonder the cause) I had a positive blood test now waiting for the G.I. consult. I am trying to be very conscientious of every ingredient I get confused. I had soy milk today that i swear almost killed me. I feel like I'm getting worse w/ the gluten free diet. I have a lot of support from my in-laws b/c one has celiac. My mom is in denial I keep hearing it's the new "Designer Disease" I fear that my siblings and my boys have this they all have a lot of the same issues I have and always have. My boys will be tested soon. How do you all cope w/ not being able to just go to the store and pick up any loaf of bread or box of cereal. I need to know what products are really good and which are a waste of $ I really don't have the money to waste on trying these pricey foods out. I lack the energy to bake right now. I feel ill everyday. Aany suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I look forward to meeting and connecting w/ people that can help me first hand and know what is needed. Oh.... I also have this realllllllly itchy rash for over a yr. now on my palms that I thought was from washing my hands so much from my job however it won't go away and I swear I'm gonna tear my skin open. Any Ideas of what to use on it. I think it may be the DH too.
  12. I was just recently diagnosed as well and would love more information especially about the soy intolerance I found out today that I couldn't have one brand so far of soy milk I thought I was gonna die w/ the effects it had on me. I found that they make a breading that has corn meal and organic sugr haven't tried it thou I'm as far in as you. I've been gluten-free since Sunday as well.
  13. Help?

    You realy need to be tested regardless of fear. Feel the fear and do it anyways! Your health is more important. Only you can help you.