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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. is the daily renewal rinse gluten free?
  2. The way your stomach looks should have nothing to do with diagnosing Celiacs. You can't see damage with the eye, that's why biopsies are taken and viewed under the microscope to see if the tiny villi are damaged. According to Celiac Disease: A Hidden Epidemic, atypical symptoms are the norm for people with Celiac. The "classic" symptoms really aren't that classic after all, and many people have silent Celiac, where no symptoms are apparent but they still have it. Additionally, a percentage of people may test negative at first and test positive 1-2 years later. The current methods of testing cannot be 100% since damage must be done to diagnose it. If you are gluten sensitive AND allergic, I would stay away from it. If you still feel badly after a few months (especially if you are Celiac, it takes time to get it out of your body), then perhaps you should consider an elimination diet to see if you are sensitive to other common irritants like soy, dairy, etc. If you do have Celiac and have had issues for a long time, it is not uncommon to develop other food intolerances or autoimmune disorders on top of Celiac. Also, don't consider a biopsy a definite negative diagnosis because if your intestines weren't damaged badly OR if your biopsies weren't at damaged areas, you will be negative. I would recommend checking out that book from the library, it really cleared up some things for me when I was wondering about sensitivity/intolerance/celiac/allergies. Again though, why give yourself constant allergic reactions if you can avoid it altogether? I would drop it just based on sensitivity and allergy. I'm waiting for my biopsy results right now, so I feel for you with the anxiety of waiting. I went gluten-free too while waiting for the results and my gastritis pain is completely gone as long as I avoid even minor amounts of gluten. I hope everything works out for you.
  3. Good afternoon and happy mother's day to all the moms out there, I'm curious to see if anyone else has had something similar to what I have right now. I went to the doctor and was diagnosed with gastritis, and am awaiting the Celiac biopsy results (strongly convinced I have it right now). I went gluten-free after the test, and my gastritis pain, which is usually daily, is gone after I rooted out some decaf tea that had slightly too much caffeine for my stomach to handle. However, my mom brought over gluten-free bread today and when I ate a piece my stomach started doing the usual burning sensation immediately. I called her to ask her about it and it came out that her non-stick pans had quite a few scratches. Does/did anyone else have gluten-induced gastritis pain? Did your gastritis go away after being gluten-free? How long did it take? I really don't want to take the doctor-prescribed Nexium if going gluten-free will cure me. I strongly dislike prescription meds. Any advice/info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  4. Went To Doctor

    Thanks for the help raven, good advice. I only wish they didn't feed me cookies after the procedure, as I'm sure that didn't help! Also, I was so out of it I asked for seconds! My wife was telling me all of the silly things I was saying, such as staring at the finger clamp for heart rate and saying "you son of a b****" and then saying I bet it could shoot laser beams, and how I could really use a mechanical arm. I don't remember anything from when they started the procedure to when I got home, but I guess I told the doctor to please not stick anything else up my bum!
  5. Went To Doctor

    Thanks raven, I will definitely be going on the diet now, but another question now is: Should I take the Nexium, or would you recommend Pepto. I tend to think that since when I was 2 weeks gluten-free prior to the test (then got glutened a lot before the test on doc's orders), my stomach pains went away and that going gluten-free will cure my gastritis. I'm still struggling to figure out exactly what gastritis is and what can be done about it, especially in relation to Celiac, which I'm near 100% I have based on symptom resolution while on gluten-free from before and now the gastritis Dx. My prep was unpleasant but my stomach didn't hurt overly much during the whole thing. This morning it didn't hurt at all, I was just in the zone from all the not eating. Any idea on if gluten-free will cure it?
  6. Went To Doctor

    I need more advice! I just finished my endo/colo and Crohns is ruled out, but the doc says I have gastritis and I won't get the Celiac testing results for 3 weeks. Can gastritis be a sign/symptom of Celiac? P.sS. I'm a little woozy from the meds.
  7. First night ever with a laxative prep for colonic, and it was horrible. I'm underweight and I think that all of the laxative really messed me up. I had to go about every 10-20 minutes until 11pm and I started at 5pm, then i woke up every 2 hours needing to go again, and had more this morning. Next time I'm definitely asking about a colonic! It sounds like a walk through the park compared to the ass-chafing nightmare I endured last night.
  8. Went To Doctor

    I actually read that if a first degree relative has an auto-immune disease that it's 10% chance of you having it. For every first degree relative after that first, it doubles your chance. I highly suspect my brother has it, and my sister has Crohns and possibly Celiac, so that would put me at 20%. That doesn't apply to everyone though. The data is from 2006 though, so I don't know if things have changed since then.
  9. FYI, I was just reading a book on Celiac and it said that a positive biopsy of DH is conclusively Celiac. I just thought I'd follow-up before bed. Good night!
  10. Intesting stuff on colonics, I may try one for my next colo. I had very little time to research (4 days) for this one so I just went with doctors orders. I'm going to do it tomorrow and I'm on the clear liquids right now, here are my observations right now: Note that I am drinking juice and tea and water, that's it. So far I'm 74 or so ounces of juice down. Juices are apple juice and white grape (with apple). 1. Hunger isn't as bad as I thought, but it still sucks 2. Gas was horrible after all the juice, take it slow! 3. Apple juice cleaned out my bowels after the first 64 ounces, then the gas mostly went away 4. I feel like I'm dreaming/heavy brain fog Basically, my bowels have been nearly cleansed just from apple juice. Now I am able to pass gas without diarrhea, so thank heavens. I start MoviPrep at 5pm so we'll see how that goes, I'll update everyone then. I'm really hoping that using juice instead of the coffees/jello/yogurts that many people use will help the process go much more smoothly. Right now I'm in a kind of zen state when I'm hungry but it's not bad and my gas is making the full exit without stool so I'm feeling good overall!
  11. Ang: Just keep moving along, be sure to tell your GI doctor about the skin biopsies. I doubt you'd get into an endoscopy before the skin results come back anyways, so you can always cancel if it's confirmed unless you want an internal biopsy to be 100%. I've never heard about false negatives on skin biopsies, and I don't know if it's 100%, but I think if it's not it's very close. It sounds like you're on the right track.
  12. I was only on the diet for two weeks and I gained 3 pounds, I wouldn't expect it very quickly though. Some people can take up to 2 years to heal fully and start seeing/feeling results. My difference is that I didn't just lose weight, I've been the same weight for 10 years, but underweight (125 at 5'11"). I used to eat the equivalent of 4 sandwiches per meal and couldn't gain weight at all, and I had horrible digestion problems. Here's what we've found to work in just two weeks, quite good: 1. Chili with fresh veggies 2. Brown rice with veggies 3. beans with jalapenos and tomatos (serve hot or cold, like a bean salad kinda) 4. potato topped vegetables (mashed potatoes on broccoli/mushroom/zuccini/whatever else you want) baked in the oven, might be a can of mushroom soup in there, so you need to find a gluten-free one 5. Quick and easy, Carnation instant breakfast classic chocolate is gluten-free 6. Quinoa with veggies 7. Fresh fruits 8. Larabars for on the go (these are really good) 9. Raw nuts (cashews/sunflower seeds/almonds are my favs) 10. Crackers or carrots and hummus 11. Avocado mashed with chips for the fats, you probably need it if you're underweight Good luck!
  13. It sounds like you may want to check your cosmetics/hygiene/food products again for hidden sources of gluten. Sometimes people incorporate a seemingly gluten-free item into their daily regimen only to find out later that it had gluten in it. For example, my floss had gluten and it was the last thing I thought to check! Some people seem to see a resurgence of symptoms due to these hidden glutenings. If that's not it, you may want to schedule an appointment with a doctor to see if you have any other medical conditions.
  14. If he refuses the endo and you don't want to find yet another doctor, I'd recommend trying the diet for 3-6 months. It's not that difficult once you get in the swing of things, but you WILL need to cook more. However, you'll find that you'll be eating a lot more whole foods. From what I've read, many people on this forum have issues getting their doctors to diagnose them even when all of the signs are there. It's considered an uncommon disease, but it's more common than they think and their testing is often wrong or conducted improperly. Again, trying the diet will make any testing come back negative after a period of time, so this would basically be you trying to self-diagnose. Keep a food journal, monitor how you feel, and most of all get rid of everything and anything gluten in your house. 1. Wooden spoons absorb gluten 2. Teflon pans with scatches absorb gluten 3. All cosmetics/hygiene products need to be checked (even something like floss) 4. All foods should be checked on the internet or the companies will need to be called 5. Avoid eating out 6. Most people say to avoid dairy too for the first few months 7. Get a new toaster Be sure you're not ingesting any hidden gluten or you won't improve. Don't buy anything that says it's made in a facility with wheat products (some gluten-free products say this). You may not feel better right away, it took me almost the two full weeks when I was trying it to notice dramatic energy increases. I think I have it but I'm back on gluten now for the testing. ALSO, the doctor said the same thing to me about thinking it's IBS, but Celiac disease has over 200 symptoms, since an auto-immune disorder of the intestines can also manifest itself almost anywhere. He didn't know anything about dermatitis hepaformis (I even showed him), which I believe I have on my leg. Regardless of how my testing comes out, I'm going gluten-free to verify for myself. I was already starting to feel better in 2 weeks, and my other symptoms that had started clearing up were gas, fatigue, bloating, acne, weight gain (I'm underweight), irritability (much more calm), no more undigested food in my stool, going #2 less often (usually 3-4 times a day when I'm on gluten). The food test is really the final test, if you feel a lot better, forget a formal diagnosis and stick with the diet. If you ever want to get diagnosed at a later date though, you will need to eat gluten for what I hear is at least a month (could be more), so keep that in mind. For example, I was off gluten 2 weeks and started eating it again and I'm tired all the time, stomach aches, etc worse than usual. It's certainly unpleasant. One last thing, an endo to test if you're malabsorbing will only be a test for Celiac too if he took biopsies. Good luck, hope you get the results you're looking for with the blood test.
  15. Went To Doctor

    How long does it take to stop feeling horrible after starting on gluten again? I'm ridiculously fatigued, brain fog, stomach ache, gas, and super cranky. I want to get back into my perma-glutened state again so I don't feel AS bad.