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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. He also has type 1 diabetes, but his thyroid is normal. I'm not too keen on this doctor, he just seems somewhat manipulative or something. They have only run a ttg, no other tests. He was asymptomatic to begin with so that doesn't help us. They only caught it because of the diabetes and vitamin D and Calcium were very low. Those levels are up now along with weight gain and growth. He wants his number at 0. It seems like that is asking a lot from the 300's in just 3.5 months.
  2. My son has been on the gluten free diet for almost 3.5 months and his ttg is at 278. It was in the 300's when he was first tested. The doctor thinks he must be getting gluten, but I cannot figure out from where. He's never had symptoms except for being very thin, and since being gluten free he has gained 4 pounds, so I thought that was a good sign. I'm not sure if I should be worried of if it's normal for it to take a while for the numbers to drop.
  3. My favorite places to buy gluten free flours are (Company Name Removed - They Spammed This Forum and are Banned), vitacost.com and Lame Advertisement.com. I know amazon and vitacost sell in bulk, but I'm not sure if Lame Advertisement does. As far as how long it lasts in the freezer I am not sure.
  4. I made it in the oven tonight. It came out well, but didn't rise as high as in the microwave. When I make it in the microwave I double the recipe and divide it in thirds. I think I will just divide it in half the next time I bake it and see if it is a better size. It wasn't as fluffy as it is in the microwave, but I thought it was tastier and heartier. I preferred the baked version for a sandwich, but I think the microwave version makes a better bun if you are having hamburgers. I baked it for 12 minutes at 350. I also used a modified version of the recipe. 2 large eggs 4 Tbs. Teff flour 2 Tbs. almond meal 2 Tbs. golden flax meal 12 tsp. baking powder Squirt of Agave Nectar shake of salt pinch of garlic powder 1 tsp of Spectrum Organic Shortening A dash of milk
  5. Yeah I like to use the microwave as little as possible. I think I will try it in the oven tonight and see how it goes. I'll let update then.
  6. I just tried it and it came out very nice. There was no eggy taste at all. I wonder why it's eggy for some people? I am now going to experiment with different flours and such to see what else I can do with it. The possibilities seem endless. I wonder if it would still work in the oven?
  7. I made a new bread recipe today and the outcome was very bitter tasting. The bread itself looks wonderful, probably the prettiest loaf I've made, but it was inedible. The recipe had a quite a few ingredients I've not used before in bread so I'm not sure which one caused the bitter taste. I was wondering if anyone might be able to help me pin down what caused it. Here are the ingredients that I've not used in bread recipes before. buckwheat (light) garbanzo bean amaranth cocoa guar gum ( I've always used xanthan, but this recipe called for half and half) teff ( I have used this in cookies with not notice of bitterness, but maybe the sugar covered it?) So does anyone have any ideas which flour it could be? I was leaning towards the garbanzo bean or amaranth, because they both have a strong scent to them. Any input would be greatly appreciated as this has me going crazy trying to figure out what caused the weird taste. Thanks.