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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I was happily eating that chicken for months with no symptoms. Then suddenly got sick everytime, same symptoms as gluten. Turns out from blood tests, I have an allergy to paprika, bell peppers and celery. Celery rxn is especially bad. Anyone else have a problem with celery?
  2. How large is the serving, portioned for the communion? Is it bigger than a single bite?
  3. Does your communion bread need to be unleavened, meaning no yeast or rising agent?
  4. Unfortunately, that characteristic is what gluten provides. There isn't yet an ideal substitute. However, defatted corn protein may fit the bill in the future, hopefully! Perhaps try making a cracker from rice flour--may serve the purpose and not fall apart. http://mobile.foodnavigator-usa.com//Science-Nutrition/Corn-protein-a-step-toward-holy-grail-for-gluten-free-bread-say-researchers
  5. Fodmap?

    I don't know if this will be helpful, but I had a similar experience. Turns out, besides the gluten issue, I'm allergic to many fruits/veggies. http://www.celiac.co..._1&#entry629036
  6. Feeling Sick After Eating Anything.

    I have a similar story, but may or may not be related. I couldn't eat anything either. I had been gluten free for over a year, seeing a lot of improvement. However, in the last year, I was still sick far too often for it to be a cc issue. Food that was safe months previous would make me sick. Eating became like a minefield again. Becoming desperate & losing will to live, I read everything I could find that could possibly cause these terrible symptoms, and documented everything I ate. I went to see other specialists and asked a lot of questions. I was tired of having no good answer from my GI, who seemed to think it was not an allergy issue at all. With a blood test, my new doc confirmed 'Mastocytosis' which sends my 'Oral Allergy Syndrome' thru the roof. My symptoms from that are very much like glutening. Gut anaphylaxis, with bloating, belching, vomitting, D, nausea, abdominal & musculoskeletal pain, immediate anxiety & depression. It's been a godsend to finally have a clue. For me, it's a 'seasonal' allergy to certain many fruit/veggies, etc. depending on what 'pollen' is in the air. Finally can eat, gaining weight again. Good luck to you!
  7. Lol. I don't disagree with you regarding LEAP. I just looked up their patents, interesting. Not "state of the art" as they advertise. I'm just surprised there has been so little commentary about it, controversial as it is.
  8. Thanks, I was aware of the paper on PubMed. Their philosophy seems to be different than mainstream medicine, but I wonder if part of the poor review is because their MRT test is proprietary. I don't know how their lab test is performed. Maybe useful to hear from folks who may have used it to their benefit, or even otherwise. LEAP claims to have helped thousands of patients successfully. Dr. Scot Lewey (who wrote pretty informative articles on celiac disease and celiac disease testing available here on celiac.com) seems to recommend it for his patients. However, there doesn't seem to be much consumer input available. Interesting. http://thefooddoc.bl...conclusive.html http://www.celiac.co...ewey/Page1.html http://www.thefooddoc.com/
  9. Just looking for input with LEAP. How does their immune response blood test work? Effective? Thanks. -D Signet Diagnostic Corporation 3555 Fiscal Court Suites 8 & 9 Riviera Beach, FL 33404 Ph. 888-669-5327 http://www.nowleap.com/about_us.html
  10. Anyone Drink Distilled Water?

    Definately! Research (NIH, ADA) indicates the benefit from flouride is only from topical application. Use a good flouridated toothpaste and mouthwash. We don't need to be swallowing it.
  11. Anyone Drink Distilled Water?

    Distilled or deionized water isn't dangerous or acidic like some folks think. It is completely neutral, lacking any buffering by salts or solutes. For this reason, taking a pH measurement of this water means nothing, as pH of pure water is not relevant! Would be happy If others with science background can pitch in. I'm a biochemist. Many bottled water brands are zero TDS (or close to that), means 'total dissolved solids' in mg/kg or ppm.
  12. Honestly, my experience is anecdotal. Wish it could have been more scientific, but I do avoid donut shops, bakeries, and spilled flour @ grocery stores. Had a few episodes of celiac type symptoms, from taking my toddler to get a donut at Crispy Cremes and other donut shops. I didn't have anything to eat or drink.
  13. Still here. Just been pretty sick lately. Wife was asking me about some expandable thingy posted here somewhere. What the heck is going on here?!!!? Jeepers!
  14. Wheat Amino Acids

    Not knowing what company manufactured the "wheat amino acids" in that lotion, I'm not sure. I'd try contacting the mfr. However, amino acids are often manufactured from wheat proteins. They are hydrolized into separate amino acids, where each of the aa's are isolated for use in research, food supplements, and also for making meds, including TPN solutions for parenteral (IV) feeding. I was wondering if any celiac patients have had issues with TPN feeding, but I haven't heard of it yet.
  15. This seems to work. Just omitted the 2nd http://