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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Can a doc determine if there is damage to villi with the naked eye or is biopsy the only way to know. Our Gi did 7 biopsys today and said things looked good. So should i believe my sons biopsy will be negative?? Thank-you
  2. Has anyone here experienced neg bloodwork and positive biopsy? My son is 10 low weight and growth.Husband has celiac.
  3. Any helpful info you can give would be great. My son's bloodwork was negetive his total iga was 78 and normal range was 73 to 200? He is 2 years behind in growth and weighs 55lbs at 10.6 years old. He starts to gain weight every april (growth spurt) but then by next april he wil only gain 1-2 pounds if even. He projectile vomited regular formula and breast milk. I had to feed him soy formula now he is allergic to soy!! I just want a answer. My husband has celiac.
  4. Did your son have negetive bloodwork and a positive biopsy?
  5. My son is having endoscopy on 12/15 and prior to the test we had changed his pasta to gluten free but not his bread. My husband was diagnosed 3 months ago and has been gluten free and feels wonderful. My son has had negetive blood work ( My husband also) son is 10 weighs 54 pounds very skinny allergic to soy, malt, corn and oat. What should i try to have him eat for accurate biopsy????
  6. Thank-you all for responding!!! I have sent away for the gene test from (entrolab? ). I figured it was better to do the gene test since my daughter over the past 7 months started complaining after she eats that her stomach hurts. My pediatrician did a ttg on her and it was negative. I will be happpy if the gene test for both my kids are negative. When i look at my son i truley belive he has gluten or wheat sensitivity. Thanks again
  7. I am looking to see how many parents have children that tested negative to blood work and positive with a biopsy. My son is 10 seees a gastro in boston and is going to have a biopsy in november. He has constitutional growth delay by 2 years. He weighs 56lb.( he gained 4lbs since Apil 20th till now from adding boost drink to his diet 1 drink a day. From age 9 to 10 he gained less than 1 pound. He has all classic symptoms of celiac. His gastro wants to give him 3 boost drinks a day 1 with every meal. If i stop giving him them he losses weight. When he was a baby he would projectile vomit his formula and my breast milk. I switched him to prosobee (soy)and he never vomited his bottle again.Any suggestions on what other tests to ask for??? pam
  8. My son was tested by a top childrens hospital. His Symptoms are small stature bone age 2 years behind his age. He is 10. He has a vitamin d difiencey, His teeth are discolored, He can not put weight on. Weight has been 49-51lbs for past 3 years. His pediatrician told me its just constitutional growth delay and he is fine that he is in the 5th percentile and its normal for him. He is allergic to all grasses, trees, weeds. The Childrens hospital did a TTG-IGA, EMA-IGA both were negative and a Iga which his result was 78 normal range was 70-335. I went to see gi yesterday and she said she was gonna do a rast test for wheat and other foods and that i should try a boost drink for kids before bed for extra calories. I have to go back in three months and she said then we can see were he is as far as growth and talk about a endoscopy. So we get home and i decided to pull my husbands old ttg test FROM 2007 and he tested a 6 on his ttg-weak positive and his doctor had told us he was negative. With discovering my husband was positive do you think it would be unreasonable to demand a endoscopy on my son. Any suggestions. Has anyone had there kid test negative on ema, igg and still have celiac?
  9. My son is 10. He just had his 10year check up and we discovered his bone growth is a 8 year old and his is difiecient in vitamin d. He is very small and 51lbs. TTG neg, EMA neg We had a IGA Serum and normal range was 70-312. his result was 78. I was then told by the endo doc to get him to a gast doc because his celiac is probably false neg due to low IGA level. I went to a well known childrens hospital for these tests. Do you think he could still have celiac even with normal low IGA. THANK-YOU ALL IN ADVANCE.