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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Vegan Celiacs?

    Hey Everyone - I went to a Naturopath a few weeks ago b/c I've been gluten-free for 2 1/2 years, but still accidentally get gluten & get sick all the time! She recommended I omit meat & dairy from my diet (in addition to a lot of other things, including a detox & adding many herbal supplements). I had considered being a vegetarian (but still eating eggs & dairy) for many years, but after I was diagnosed w/ Celiac I abandoned that idea b/c I was already so restricted by omitting gluten. Well, I lasted for 8 days with no meat, dairy, or gluten. I felt good. Nothing miraculous like a massive amount of energy or anything (although I didn't crave sweets AT ALL). But, due to scheduling & food options when I was out of the house, I got a salad at BK w/ cheese on it & grilled chicken. I had a little bit of gastrointestinal problems the next morning, but not too bad. Then, at my husband's office party 2 days later, I had a little grilled fish with several vegetable side dishes & rice. The next day I had some of my usual gluten symptoms (feeling like I need to "go", but being "stopped up". Also - my husband told me I had "sick" breath - a symptom he noticed last time I had a gluten attack). So.... I probably got trace gluten at his party. Or possibly the meat, or added dairy ingredients in the food didn't sit well with me. A friend of mine who is a vegan, read the book you mentioned - The China Study. That is why she is a vegan now. She's been very supportive of me switching over, but knows I have a lot of challenges b/c of the Celiac. If anyone wants to keep in touch & communicate about Celiac & Vegetarianism, I'd love to! I need all the support I can get. I'm so tired of being sick all the time. If you want to contact me directly - defuji@earthlink.net. Thanks! ~ Erin
  2. I'm A positive. I recently got the Blood type book (only skimmed it so far - but I remember it saying to avoid wheat gluten for A's). I will have to read the bood for real now!
  3. Olive Garden

    I recently went to an Olive Garden w/ a Ladies group & spoke with the chef - there were only 2 items I thought might be ok, but after speaking with the chef, I found out they DO have flour in them. One was a shish-kabob dish & I can't remember the other. But ALL of their sauces have flour in them. The side order that comes with the shish-kabob is a side of potatoes, which seems like it'd be o.k., but the chef told me even they are dusted in flour. Since it is a chain restaurant, there's not much the chef can do to change the recipes. I'm not sure about the salad dressing.