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  1. [quote name='rochesterlynn' date='Jul 25 2009, 07:53 AM']Hi, I'm sorry that I can not help you. I have just joined this site. My daughter has now been sick 23 years with what now looks like celiac diease. She is to start IV infusions this week for her anemia. I am wondering if that was the treatment you got for your tiredness. If so, did the infusions make you sick? Did the infusions cause your nausea to start? My daughter is afraid to have the infusions and I am trying to gather info on the side effects of the infusions. Thanks. Worried mom, rochesterlynn[/quote] sorry i cant help you either my anemia didnt reach that level. the nausea with me i dont understand why its so bad. with the constant tiredness went away for some reason i wish i knew what it was. so good luck to your daughter i wish i could help
  2. Nausea

    i have a question for anyone out there. have gotten my tiredness taken care of now i am dealing with constant nausea! any answers out there?
  3. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  4. Listerine

    does anyone now if listerine cool mint contains gluten? have had a couple of attacks lately, just wondering if thats what is causing it. thanks