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  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. Neurological Issues?

    I recently suffered violent reactions to food a few weeks back and I didn't even have to ingest all the food before my body started purging itself and it seemed, any food, at the time wasn't welcome. I would immediately start to feel nauseous, then my body would get the chills and then finally I would end up at the toilet. It all started off with a viral infection and I thought I was recovering from this when I suddenly, out of the blue, got really bad heartburn and suffered from GERD. It was a very scarry time as I felt my whole body was simply turning upside down on me and only a couple of weeks before hand, everything seemed fine. Back in Nov 2007 I had a positive blood test and it was rather over whelmingly positive. I went on to have the biopsy early Jan 2008 but the biopsy couldn't give a positive result and hence my specialist said I was a 'latent celiac' and said not to stop eating gluten at this stage but come back and see him at a later stage. Well I did go gluten free for three months just to see if I noticed any difference but the problem being, I wasn't really suffering from any so called 'normal symptons' at that stage. I did however stuggle a little with my breathing at times but put this down to anxiety or a bit of seasonal hayfever. I had also the year previously been diagnosed with oral lichen planus (a skin rash inside the mouth along with severe canker sores which would flare up every so often). Previously to this, I had twice been sent to a Rheumatologist due to my high inflammation readings - my C Reactive was well out of the range and the inflammatory tier also and they were looking for Lupus or arthritis but twice this was a negative needle in the haystack. What I didn't put 2 and 2 together was since Xmas time I had been experiencing diahorrea but I just thought too much fruit cake but then in March I thought, ah maybe it isn't just the fruitcake maybe its the gluten. So I had just started back going gluten free when I got horribly sick. What I think happened was my body was getting sicker and sicker with the gluten and the virus was the flood gates to let everything in. It has been at least 8 weeks since I first contacted that viral infection and even though I am a lot better, only last week I experienced severe pain down the left and right tubes of my neck and one would think this was earache but it wasn't. It was the inflammation that would flick from one side to the other and when it started to leave that part of my body it then manifested itself along my nerves in my arms and legs. I think this again is the inflammation running along the nerves and I suspect that this is most likely inflammation from arthritis. Even though I am a slight, and before this, a very fit person, and I show no outwardly signs of any muscle or bone degeneration, will it be as my doctors have always said - a wait and see game. None of my symptons may be any that you have experienced but I truly believe that the gluten that I was consuming in my diet, put it this, didn't exactly help any. It is too early to say (I've only been gluten free for nearly two weeks) whether going gluten free will clear up any of these symptons but I have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Just don't be surprised if you experience of whole range of symptons. I think once gluten upsets your body, it can attack areas you may not have realised would be attack.
  3. Hi mushroom :-) Nice to meet a fellow Cantabrian ~ really appreciate your words of support and looking forward to feeling better thats for sure. lol Yes, it was strange that my doctor did not advise me to cut out the gluten but oh well, that decision has now been forced upon me and I am certainly going to cut out gluten completely. Tell me mushroom, how do you find your own health these days by I see, cutting out a few things. Have things settled down for you? Be interested to know the type of symptons that you experienced just to compare and just generally interested. Thanks mushroon, cheers Angie
  4. [quote name='amber' date='May 4 I know my sister had reflux before she found out she was coeliac. Where do you live Angie? I would suggest that you go and see a dietician that has a special interest in coeliac disease also. If you live in Melbourne I can give you the name of some that you could go to. If you have any other questions feel free to ask. /quote] Hi amber That's interesting about your sister having reflux first before she found out about her coeliac. I am definitely going to adhere to a strict gluten free diet as living with the side effects are just not worth it. The biggest change for me in my diet will be my lunchtime meals. I'm so use to making a sandwich and satisfying that quick fix without having to go to so much trouble as well. Breakfast I can just switch to gluten-free cereal and even dinner is not really much change but it will be all those little hidden gluten nasties that I'm still trying to get my head around. I'm in Christchurch but been to Melbourne numerous times and love it! A great city. At the moment the real pain I'm enduring is now with these mouth ulcers. At last I've been able to eat three meals a day albeit not huge servings but at least consume most of it and without the nauseousness and running to the toilet straight afterwards. The tablet I'm on for a month to stop any reflux and if there is an ulcer there to repair it but it is difficult to know this first month whether I'm able to eat the food because it doesn't contain gluten or simply the reflux but either way, I'm still going to go gluten free. It would just be nice to know whether there was something more going on with the intestinal area but I've already had one gastroscopy and I really don't feel like doing that again. I think what has happened, my body has slowly been building up to this complete break-down, purging of gluten and when I got sick with a bad chest infection that was its flood gates and thought hey, she isn't well now so why not play merry havoc with her system and upset the whole apple cart lol. I can't wait till I'm feeling a whole heck of a lot better. The last time I got so sick like this it took me five months to recover. It was a long slow process and my immune system took such a hammering. But hopefully I'm moving in the right direction. Tell me amber, do you suffer from any other auto immune conditions and how are you now going gluten free? Can I ask you what your health is like in general? I'm just curious to know how people feel after going gluten-free and what the biggest changes that they have noticed since cutting out gluten or any other food type allergies. Oh one other thing, how would I know if I am dairy intolerant? I hope I'm not but I'm just wondering what sort of role dairy plays with our immune systems too. Thanks for listening :-) Angie
  5. Hi everyone :-) I'm a newbie kiwi on here and also new to coeliac disease so still very much finding my way and still wondering, 'is this what I've got?' At the end of 2007 I had a positive blood test for coeliac : Tissue Transglutaminase IgA 204 - Ref range [0 - 20] and also a Positive Anti-endomysial [igA] and the blood test read: 'These results support a diagnosis of coeliac disease' I also had a biopsy done early January 2008 but there wasn't enough damage to suggest it was coeliac disease but my specialist said I had 'latent coeliac disease' meaning that if I didn't have it then I was going to get it. In March this year I got a really bad chest infection which is something I don't get and went from being able to run four times a week (was training for a half marathon in June) to being totally wiped out not to mention other complications. Nearly 10 days after getting really sick I experienced reflux really bad for the first time. It was horrible. I didn't know what was wrong with me. I couldn't even stand the sight of food going near my mouth because I just felt so nauesous and got these horrible chills and then diahorrea would finally set in. I couldn't really eat and was at the stage of being afraid to eat. I'm now on a tablet to help with the reflux and I have started going gluten free although since being sick I've like lost weight which I don't really want to but because my system has been in such a tiz its still finding its way. I would be really interested to know whether other people have experienced similar things. I mean, is this normal? The thing was, about a week before getting sick I had actually gone gluten free because I thought it would help my breathing and also I've had diahorrea since Xmas time but I thought it was simply too much Xmas cake. The other thing I get is really bad mouth ulcers. I have oral lichen planus and right now these are playing havoc with my system. I get ear ache that comes and goes through the day shifting from one ear to another but the doctor can't see any inflammation there. I'm really hoping everything will settle down after a while and has this been the case for others. If so, how long does it take before your body stops wanting to purge itself of the gluten and any suggestions and ideas would be much appreciated. There are times that I think my body is simply fighting so hard that it doesn't know which fire to put out first. It's been a bit of an emotional roller coaster right now but just knowing your not alone at least makes you think you're not completely going bonkers! lol Thanks for listening guys and I hope to make some great friends on here. Cheers Angie
  6. Hi everyone :-) I'm a newbie and it's so wonderful to have stumbled across such a great website with a whole wealth of information and people whom share at least some of your mixed bag of emotions we all have from this roller coaster that life throws our way at times. I hope to make some great friendships along the way. :-) I'm really interested to hear about people with celiac disease who also suffer from chronic canker sores. Back in 2006 I was referred by my dentist to visit a Peridontist because my gums were always red and I suffered from mouth ulcers numerous times and the dentist just wanted to be safe than sorry. The Peridontist put me on a strong dose of antibiotics for 10 days hoping that the infection I had would clear up but no, my gums were still a red colour. I then had a biopsy done and it was discovered that I had oral lichen planus. Now this isn't a common disease and there is also a lichen planus which comes out on your skin like your arms or legs etc. I was referred to a specialist in Melbourne - btw, I'm a kiwi, whom I see - he comes out for a couple of days every month to ChCh and I see him depending on our my condition is doing between once a month or every six months. I just thought, gee, what rotten luck! As we all do. :-) Then late 2007 I had a positive blood test for celiac disease and what I am wondering is, whether anyone else out there might have oral lichen planus but it simply isn't being picked up. I'm wondering too whether the onset of mouth ulcers was perhaps the first sign of celiac except I had no way of knowing, I didn't even know about the condition until quite recent. I have asked my specialist if there is a correlation between celiacs and oral lichen planus but he simply says, the old standard answer 'there is no medical evidence to suggest that there is' but it just seems funny that hey, I've been suffering from mouth ulcers for years and then later on down the track, discover they are in fact oral lichen planus and on top, I get celiac disease as well. By the way, I have also been referred to a rheumatologist twice because I have such high inflammation in my blood suspecting lupus but that so far has been ruled out. I know with lupus you also get lots of canker sores. It would seem that many of these types of illnesses you get many of the same symptons but it just depends on which way the wind is going to blow for you. I just wanted to share this information with people because like me, I had never heard of it until I was diagnosed with it and maybe there is someone out there two whom might benefit by knowing about such a condition exists. Cheers, Whiterabbit :-)
  7. Hi im :-) That's really interesting to hear that your white patches just disappeared never to return - great news :-). With my lichen planus I also have the white spidery marks on the cheeks which don't give me much trouble but it is the mouth ulcers (canker sores) along the tongue and the burning/inflammation of the tongue that really plays havoc with my health. I feel like this dog lol I know when I'm feeling unwell because my tongue gets really hot and I usually put it between my teeth and I can feel the heat hence my unwellness factor climbs up several notches. I am thinking though that my hormones also have a big role to play in this as usually my best week in my month is the week just before my cycle kicks in - if only I could 'always' feel that way I'd feel like superwoman compared to how I feel right now. Thanks for replying :-) cheers whiterabbit
  8. Stomach Pain After Eating

    Hi there :-) You are not alone in this arena - I've just recently had a bad chest infection and it has triggered a whole new spectrum of reactions to food such as, violent pain just as the last mouthful (which isn't even cleaning the plate I might add lol) reaches the mouth. Pain so bad I can feel it in my lower back, in my stomach, the gas builds up so quickly it is amazing. I was gluten free for a short while before falling sick but the severe reaction to eating ie I felt nauseous as soon as food touched my lips and then a short while later I would also get really bad chills, so cold and then the diahorrea. I think your body must try to purge itself of this unwanted agent that it causes such violent reactions. And yes, you think you're going mad or at least your body is but you're not. It's just our bodies are trying to tell us something and unfortunately the language we have to communicate in isn't the most pleasant language to enter into a dialogue lol. I too hope that I will be able to get on top of some of these reactions and I guess the only way of doing so is to keep trying and try and try again until you find a recipe that one's body likes. :-) Whiterabbit
  9. Hi there all I'm a newbie and I think it is wonderful that websites like this exist helping people understand and share experiences which otherwise might be a very lonely time not to mention, frightening and uncertain. I was wondering if anybody here also suffers from oral lichen planus? I was diagnosed in 2007 with oral lichen planus and then that November I had an overwhelmingly postive blood test for celiac disease. I had a biopsy taken early January 08 but the biopsy showed only minor atrophy of the villi. My specialist could not recommend me to go gluten free due to the biopsy but I know the blood test itself is substantial enough on its own. I did go gluten free for three months at that stage but because I didn't really notice any of the more familiar symptons I thought perhaps, maybe, more like hoping that perhaps the blood test was simply a red herring and it could have possibly been mistaken for something else. I decided though to go gluten free mid March this year because I had diahorrea only in the mornings mainly since Xmas time. However I got a bad chest infection just after going gluten free and with it, I experienced a very bad episode of reflux and heartburn which previously I never had. I am also continuing to lose unnecessary weight. (I wish I had more meat on my bones to say yeah but unfortunately I don't lol) On top of all this, I had a chest x-ray on Saturday just to check that I didn't have pneumonia and it was noted that I have over inflated lungs due to asthma possibly although I've never used an inhaler to date. What I really wanted to know if anyone else out there suffers from this horrible condition oral lichen planus and how does this sit alongside their gluten sensitivity issue. I really find the lichen planus plays absolute havoc with my body, with all the inflammation and I would be interested to know if anyone else has similar experiences. Thanks everyone for taking the time to read this and I hope to make some wonderful celiac friends. kind regards Whiterabbit