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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I used to be on the prescription formula and had no problems. Now that I have to take the otc formula, I have some mild, yet unpleasant symptoms. I have changed nothing else in my extremely limited diet. I checked the website which gave no indication either way, so I emailed them with the question - is this gluten-free? I never received an answer which prompted me to call them. I was told that while gluten isn't added, the otc formula has not been tested, but they will get back to me. Just when things were under control....
  2. Need To Solve A Mystery

    Quinoa could be your problem - you have to rinse it thoroughly before you cook it- and if you're not cooking it..... There is either protein/enzyme (don't remember which) on the outside, if not rinsed off that will give you gastric issues. I learned the hard way!
  3. Tattoos & Sun Screen

    I know there are some mainstream products that are okay - but I use badger sunscreen due to all of my other allergies: www.badgerbalm.com. It was okay on my tattoo as well.
  4. Thanks for the replies! I'm still trying to see if there is anything else to have caused the outbreak - (definitely no smooching) - could be a paranoid boss though....
  5. Can you get "glutened" transdermally? Recently I had a fiberglass cast put on my broken wrist - which meant that I couldn't get it wet. I used packing tape over a plastic bag to protect the cast, did this for 2 weeks. The tape did stick to my skin each time. I didn't get any symptoms until about 10-12 days later. I have a gluten free home, products, prepare all of my own foods, etc. Added nothing new - pain meds were gluten-free as well. I actually had a dh bump come up on the other arm (how weird!), as well as intestinal issues. Any thoughts??
  6. Sunshine Burgers are gluten/soy free and vegan.
  7. I use floravital liquid iron - www.florahealth.com and a sublingual b comlex by nutraceutical solutions 800-856-7040
  8. I can only speak for myself; but I noticed that I am way more sensitive now to my food allergens than when first tested and diagnosed for allergies - which was 20 years ago. I personally stay away from it all and I have a lot of things that I am allergic to. Way back when I first was diagnosed, my doctor suggested that I food challenge my body to find out which items that I was really sensitive to other than the obvious reacting ones. Trouble for me was - that symptons were different for different food food groups, ie: migraine headaches from corn, hives from strawberries/shrimp, asthma from soy, etc. So it comes down to a personal choice - can your body handle a little? Also depends on how much damage there is from celiac disease as to whether your body can digest the allergic proteins. Lots to consider. Hope I haven't confused you further!
  9. Vegetarian Nutrition

    Due to my many food allergies and celiac disease I eat a vegan/gluten-free diet. I so understand the frustration! The dietitian I went to was useless. I get my protein (and mind you I had to start with small amounts) from Quinoa, Sunflower/Pumpkin seeds, Shelled Hemp seeds (I like the Nutiva brand). I also take a sublingual B-complex to make sure I get enough of B-12. There are Rice protein powders available that are gluten free, too. I found much of my info by searching the internet. There should be a site or 2 that can help you with your specific intake requirements, though I don't know any off the top of my head. Hope this helps some.
  10. I have difficulty in digesting them also, so I grind them up in a food chopper and add it to salads, veggies, etc. I also use it as a main ingredient in my veggie burgers.
  11. Cold All Of The Time....

    being cold also relates to anemia... check iron and b12 levels?
  12. Thanks - sending this to one of my healthcare providers who doesn't think it's genetic according to their very outdated guideline...
  13. The pharmacy that I use has one clueless (and wants to remain that way) pharmacist and another who knows about celiac (his MIL has it). So if I have a new prescription I find out when he is there and walk in and talk to him about it - he always looks things up for me and will even print out the info so I can look at it. He's so cool I can never thank him enough!
  14. Cant Find Any

    I don't know if this will help - but due to my many food allergies I use coconut oil (non-bleached no Hexane) or olive oil (organic).
  15. Ah yes, the work environment! Even with my food allergies for 5 years my boss would take me (I am the only one in the front office/showroom) and perhaps someone (from the work area) out to eat for a working lunch several times a week. Once diagnosed with celiac - I would bring my own food- but whether my boss was embarrassed or whatever, he just stopped taking me (others still go) with no explanation. Meanwhile, he likes to buy "bagged/boxed office snacks and drinks". He used to purchase them at Kroger (there were a few things in the health food section that I could have) but now has decided to go to Publix, where there really isn't anything I can eat. Since I bring in my own food it is not an issue. But he always calls me from the store at least once a week and asks, "are there any snacks that you want from Publix?" and I reply every time, "no, they don't have anything that I can eat there." I get the perverbial "oh yeah" - like this is new or something.... My attitude is: what goes around. comes around. Meanwhile I don't sweat the small stuff.....