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  1. The recipe book by Barbones sounds good. Do you think it might be at Books-A-Million? If so, I might take a quick trip over there to check it out. I have many all-purpose flour recipes that taste good. However, I need a good gluten-free flour recipe to make loaf bread or rising rolls with.
  2. Yes - it is very simple...thank goodness. Like most people...I'm too busy for a complicated recipe. I really hope you enjoy it...is an adaptation of several recipes...along with my own picky palette. Have fun making it!
  3. A Great Gluten Free Flour Mix Recipe Roxanne... I do have a gluten-free flour recipe to share with you. Above is your requested recipe. You can double-click on the bold title (above) that says, A Great Gluten Free Flour Mix Recipe. BTW, you may store this ahead and make in large quantities if you'd like. That way you always have a healthy flour-mix on hand. Have a blessed week!
  4. Crystal... Hi. Hope your cookout went well...those kinds of events can be scarey for me, also. I never know what to bring, and if I should risk taking the word of the cook. Can u believe my mom still tries to sneak adding flour, by me. She thinks a little won't hurt. I keep waiting for the day that awareness is raised enough with Celiac Disease...that people take it more seriously. Until then, like you, I must continue to play it safe...by bringing my own items to picnics and gatherings. Wishing you the best, Jamie
  5. I wanted to share a popular recipe....and indulgence of mine. "How to make a Gluten Free Pizza" http://www.ehow.com/how_4876758_gluten-pizza-crust.html
  6. From the recipes I have looked up...it seems to be about 1 teaspoon for every 1 cup of flour...etc. I hope that helps. :-) Sometimes for me, it's by trial and error.