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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. Been diagnosed a couple of months now. I was diagnosed the day before I flew out to the USA and my g/friend was SO helpful while I was there, trying to find the right places to eat. While I was there, we ate really well, but now I am back in the UK, my diet has become very poor. I am trying to stop myself being sick, so I am resorting to eating potato chips / crisps and certain chocolate products. I cook a lot of omelettes and gluten-free burgers / chips, but thats it. I am still losing weight like its going out of fashion, but can't seem to pull myself out of this very poor diet. I know it does me no favours at all, but just need help as to what I can do to maintain a healthy diet. Struggling with a few personal issues at the moment which is not helping, but I am desperate to stop abusing my already damaged internal system by eating half decent food. Can anyone advise or help.... pretty please ...
  3. Hi everyone. I went to Tesco's last night and from their "free from" range I made an amazing discovery. "Genius" Gluten Free Bread. I cooked it tonight for the first time and I was left SPEECHLESS!!! It was amazing, beautiful and in my opinion, better than any normal bread I have ever eaten. It cut perfectly to form slices and toasted a dream!!! Topped with some strawberry jam, I was in heaven!! Amazing how something like this has made me write this. The website is www.geniusglutenfree.com and there is a competition on there to win a years supply!! It has a 4 day "use by" period, but in my opinion, its worth it. It was
  4. Popped into a Starbucks today whilst out with a mate... We were sad to see that they do not stock the gluten free Orange Valencia cake, BUT... they do stock gluten free Belgian Chocolate cake!!!!! I have not tried it as yet, but it looked delicious!!! So, us UK guys have not been left out by Starbucks!!!
  5. Smoking & Diet Change

    I have found this link which lists the inregients in a cigarette... http://www.quitsmokingsupport.com/ingredients.htm It mentions "glutamine" in the ingredients list and I have found conflicting reports to see if its linked. However, I have found this forum entry that makes for interesting reading..... The "gluten" in wheat, rye, barley, and in a much lower amount, oats, contains particular amino acid sequences that are harmful to persons with celiac disease. The damaging proteins are particularly rich in proline and glutamine (especially the amino acid sequences which are in the following orders: Pro-Ser-Gln-Gln and Gln-Gln-Gln-Pro). Am I getting glutened with every cigarette????
  6. Airline Meals On Ba & Aa

    I am flying back to the USA with United Airlines next month, so not sure if they do a gluten-free option, but if BA are anything to go by, I would rather skip it and wait until I get to my destination!
  7. Lactose Intolerant...

    I am exactly the same. I cooked a meal yesterday, chicken in olive oil, mushrooms and cheese / potato slices ( that say they are gluten free ). I was SO careful not to gluten myself and I am 99.9% sure I didn't, however, I was really ill last night. I spoke with my girlfriend and we also thought that I could be lactose intolerant. I am so sick of this and I would like to ask the same question as Nikki...could it be lactose as I am so early diagnosed?? Thank you
  8. Airline Meals On Ba & Aa

    Hi... I flew from Denver to London last week and was appauled by the gluten free meal on the flight with BA. I "think" it was chicken on a bed of spinach (!!). It was tasteless, bland and a poor attempt. However, the fruit was fresh and the staff on board were brilliant. I would rather go without when I return to the USA next month, I will eat before boarding the flight and will wait until I get to the other end before attempting food. Just my opinion!
  9. Mcdonalds In The Uk

    Oooo good point Nikki... I just meant regular fries!!
  10. The Pataks website is brilliant!! They stock huge amounts of gluten free curry sauces and you can also see which supermarkets in the UK stock which items as well... Thank you Susie for the advice!
  11. Apologies if this has been posted already, but I cannot find it anywhere!! My girlfriend has just found out some facts about the McDonalds food restaurants in the UK.. As we all know, in the USA the french fries are gluten based... but on the UK McDonald's website, they are not!!!! http://mcdonalds.co.uk/food/nutrition/our-ingredients.mcd Go through the drop down boxes and they state that the fries are gluten free... so tomorrow, Big Mac (with no bun) and fries for me!!!
  12. Thank you everyone... It is SO daunting, my partner will tell you just how hard it has been for both of us.. many many times I have felt like throwing in the towel and taking sickness over hunger. Had many a tearful day as well. It just seems so uphill all the time...... I know it will get easier, but at the moment, I don't see a light at the end of the tunnel. I tried to cook a chicken tikka massala tonight, but in my panic to eat a decent meal, I messed up the rice, put too much gluten-free mix in the pan with the chicken and ended up in tears as it went into the bin...
  13. I have noticed that my heart rate has increased since changing my diet. I smoke and find my heart "thumps" when I smoke... Does anyone suffer any similiar symptoms?
  14. Thank you ... I am just having NO motivation at all and prepping food etc is a challenge..... I think its denial, I am not ill at all, I am fine so why should I make the effort to prep special food.... then it hits home I am hoping it will get better, my partner has been a HUGE help but is not always around to help me, but she is fantastic at helping me.
  15. I was diagnosed with Celiacs the day before I flew to the USA on holiday. While I was there, my friend, who has been AMAZING, helped me through the first 3 very very tough weeks. We had to experiment with food, some of which made me really ill and some of which was quite nice! Now I am back in the UK, I ventured out to go shopping for the first time. I went to a Waitrose store as on their online food list, they stocked over 2300 gluten free items!! I thought this would be heaven.. how disappointed was I when I went into the store, only to find they stocked 6 .... yes 6... items of gluten free food. Leaving there with 2 tins of soup, cereal, pasta and milk, I went home, feeling upset and lost. I am still struggling badly with trying to find a store with enough food in stock to keep me going, but it is proving SO tough and SO expensive. I feel the world is against me right now and I am so so hungry... I nearly gave in and bought a sandwich, but I suddenly thought of how sick I was in the USA and decided that I would suffer hunger instead. I did find some crisps (potato chips) that did say on the back that they were suitable for celiac sufferers, so I bought a few packs of those to keep me going... Is it always going to be this hard?????? I had to ask someone to come shopping with me the other day as I really could not face going on my own. It was upsetting..... My friend in the USA has found places I can eat out in the UK with gluten free menu's but I never thought I would face such an uphill challenge to avoid hunger on a daily basis. :(