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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Hi Jason, I've only been diagnosed a month and still getting my head round it so can understand the grief you are going through. However, what all the others have said to you makes sense. It is something, in time, that can be controlled and you will feel better. Yes things are difficult right now and your life feels as though it will never be the same again because it has changed. It won't be the same but it will be better because you will become well again. It doesn't have to stop you living your life whilst you are learning to adapt. Get as much advice as you can and stick to plain fresh foods whilst you are away. Yes it is boring, but only the food is a tad boring. The point is you will be away with your friend enjoying your trip so will be worth it Hope you are doing ok, take care, Nikki
  2. Been constantly checked for... Virus/stress Liver and kidney function so many times over the years.. Hypogycemia so checked for diabetes every year Severe migraine so on daily medication H.Polori which I'm being treated for Anemia which was positive so started the grusome camera invasions! ( and diagnosis ) It actually took a different GP to be concerned about the sickness/fainting to send me to a consultant who linked all the above and insisted on the tests ( I thought I was run down ).
  3. Hi, I'm newly diagnosed with Coeliac. I've been really careful to be gluten free but I've been really sick and in pain since yesterday evening. All I can trace it to is the cottage cheese and milk as the only other things I ate was plain chicken salad!! I've read you can be lactose intolerant at the beginning. If that is the case, and the thought really does my head in, how long do you have to give it up for? I was hoping I wasn't as really struggling with the gluten-free Thanks for your help. Nikki
  4. Hi Laura, Nice to meet you My hubby, bless him, is doing his best to understand ( I was diagnosed the same time as your partner ) but is at a loss I think. He reads all the ingredients of the foods then passes it to me! lol He does join me in the meals when he is home to make it easier, but then raids the cupboards later as he is hungry which makes me laugh! Still, it's so great you are being so supportive, it does make a huge difference. This site is great, don't know what we would do without it! Take care, Nikki
  5. Thanks Laura on the chips advice, we usually buy the blue packet version so I'll look at the others Scott you really need to get that Food directory as it lists all the foods we can buy and there are hundreds!!!! As I said earlier it lists our supermarkets also, I certainly wished I had it before and have been reading it now for the last 2 days AMAZED at what we can actually eat!!! Until yours arrives I'm more than happy to sit and answer your questions. I know I'm in the early days like you and my hubby is learning the same but we've no choice but to get through this and we will, just like everyone else has on here and it will become second nature. Hope you have a good day, Nikki
  6. Thanks Matt, explains it, the USA seems to be more gluten free friendly than over here!! Looks like I'll be cooking my own
  7. Well my hubby and kids wanted KFC tonight so I just grabbed wotsits! Tonight i HATE being celiac! Question for you Matt..you say chips are ok but when I checked on the back of the frozen ones they said they contained wheat as covered in wheat flour??
  8. Hiya Scott, Wished you lived near me then we could help each other. I went hungry for the first week but I am slowly getting the hang of it now. I know what you mean by being overwhelmed, wanting to give in etc. I've had a few frustrated tearful moments and isolated times in the bath where I would allow myself to feel sorry for myself so nothing wrong in that Scott. BUT there is a lot we can eat. Have you joined the Ceoliac Uk as you get a free Food and Drink Directory? It's a Godsend and even has our local supermarkets in there!!!!! I am more than happy for you to email me if it helps. You are not alone and don't go hungry, no need for you to. Take care Nikki
  9. 2 Days Gluten Free

    Hi Matt, I got diagnosed last week and only been gluten free for a few days so feeling overwhelmed with you. This site is a great source of information though and people here are great I have mainly stuck to plain meats/fish salad and potatoe until I can get my head around it and it has made a difference as feeling so much better! A book I order from Amazon arrived today, Gluten free for Dummies, so I'm hoping that will help. If there is anything I can do to help just ask. Take care, Nikki
  10. Celiacs From The UK?

    Hiya All, I'm from Telford and recently diagnosed and still getting my head roynd it and finding my feet! I've started looking round at the supermarkets when I've done the family shopping but to be honest have played safe and stuck to plain meat/fish and salad this week lol Hopefully when a book I ordered from Amazom arrived and I learn how to look for the hidden stuff and become an excellent chef I will become more adventurous. Looking forward to getting to know you and learning from you! Take care Nikki
  11. Been Really Sick Tonight :-(

    Hiya Scott, I'm really glad you had a better meal ( even if not as tasty ) tonight. I must admit I'm bored with the plain stuff but I'm playing safe at the moment, as 1, enjoying not being ill, and 2, book not arrived yet so not got a clue about lables! I can appreciate you being nervous about coming home but this forum stays with you whether you are in the USA or the UK What you have been eating sounds gorgeous though! Hope you have a great last day, take care Nikki
  12. Been Really Sick Tonight :-(

    How are you feeling now? I was toild to stay clear from Soy also...hence sticking to plain meats and salad so far!!!
  13. Been Really Sick Tonight :-(

    Hiya Scott, This happened to me the other day.. I sure hope you are feeling better by now! Anyways, I put it down to cross contamination to the utensils/grill used. Today my Dad is bringing me up my own mini grill/oven to use that no one else can use, just to cook my foods on. Take care of yourself and hope you have a better day, Nikki
  14. Hi... Just Diagnosed :-(

    Hi GFinDC, Thanks for warm welcome and the advice. I am slowly reading the forum. When I forst got diagnosed I thought I could ignore it but that soon went out the window Even though I haven't been eating that much the last 3 days as not sure what to it has been great not being ill Now I just got to get my family used to the idea!! lol
  15. Hi... Just Diagnosed :-(

    Wow lucky you!!! We had a bit of sun here today but nothing much. A good attitude to have, seeing it as an adventure and one with your son. I managed a 2nd day of being gluten free though so bored of salad!! My youngest son ( 11 ) asked me if I was going to eat anything else lol Think I need to experiment with some recipies I actually got told at work this morning I looked well so I must be doing something right!!