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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. My daughter's doctor had only me, my husband and son tested. He said if one of us came back positive he would send the grandparents. None of us came back positive, but I wonder if the grandparents should be tested anyway?
  2. We have designated the pantry for all of my daughters gluten-free foods, we have also designated shelves in the fridge and freezer. We purchased new cooking utensils pots/pans, potholders, cutting boards and we got all of them in red. We tell everyone that only red items are to be used for her. We also designated a silverware draw for her to avoid crumbs since our draw is near the stove. We use a different part of the counter to prepare her foods (even though we use paper plates). We also buy our daughter her own butter, peanut butter, grated cheese, etc. I don't bake for anyone but my daughter so when I got the baking pans I dont need to worry about that. I don't cook for myself and my husband only for her (my husband still thinks I can't iron! LOL) The hardest part is when she is not home. People just don't understand the importance of avoiding cross contamination or thinking it is OK to give her "just a little". I have tried books, lists, talking to them - only to find out that one of my babysitters was giving her french fries and sharing her sandwiches! Keep reading, talking to your doctor keep & asking questions of those who are in your situation, I know I do.
  3. Hi Kelly, My daugher was 2 yrs old when diagnosed with Celiac disease. She was only 20 lbs. at her 2 yr check up which concerned her dr. and he asked us a series of questions many about her stool. Her stool was loose, light in color, look like it had pieces of food in it and would float in the toilet. All of which the Gastro dr. said were consistant with Celiac. She never vomitted and was on the curve as far as weight until she started eating solid foods. After being on solid foods she was losing weight and not eating. when she did eat she would have alot of gas, was cranky some of the time and would say her belly hurt. She would also get cold sores and her belly was big. Go to the doctor and get her tested. Especially since you and others in your family have it also. When my daughter was diagnosed the doctor told us the immediate family should also be tested. Good luck!
  4. Hi, my daughter had a similar issue. Her stool looked like had pepper/food in it. At first I thought it was something she ate. My daughter's specialist said that it was due to celiac disease and that the color would be light, most of the time be loose and would also float. He asks about her stool everytime we see him. Since we have started her on a gluten free diet (almost a year now) her stool is more solid. If I were you I would look for a pediatric gastroenterologist.
  5. Hi, Can anyone suggest great tasting and fun cakes/decorations for a childrens birthday cake. I would also love to have some suggestions on a cookbook for cakes/cookies. I was thining of using a box cake mix and decorating with jelly beans or Necco wafers, but I would like to try to make something myself. I want to make something special for my soon to be 3 year old. Thanks!