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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Anyone In Egypt

    Hello This is knoppie, i lost my password I have a facebook group called gluten free Egypt, i'd love it if you'd join
  2. thanks, i looked it up and multiple sources say wheat, i will be checking it from now on
  3. I was always told that xanthan gum is derived from corn, now i recently read that the original source can be wheat? this confused me a bit.Or is the xanthan gum from wheat not used in foods?? ps. I'm very sensitive so this would be something i would need to look out for
  4. Candy

    When it says gluten free it usually isn't enough for me. I react to a ton of gluten-free stuff but that only means it needs to contain less than 20 ppm which is not low enough for me, i react to much less
  5. Are the Yummy earth lollipops ok for super sensitives? as far as i can see on their website, it should be ok, but i'd like to know if anyone has experience with it I also have Betty crocker's Fruit by the foot, is that ok for super sensitives ? if anyone reacted I'd like to know because i react to almost everything thanks for all the help
  6. Thanks everybody , I am going to give her the suggestions and she can do what she wants with it
  7. I have a water filter now but i suspected that it was giving me issues so i stopped using it and i got better, i contacted the company and after a bunch of stupid answers they stopped answering me altogether, talk about customer service. I wanted to buy the panasonic water purifier because it's small and the rest of my family uses the RO one we have, so does anyone know if the panansonic water purifier is ok for supersensitives? and what other kinds of water purifiers(filters) are gluten free? thanks in advance
  8. thanks for the responses so far Does anybody know anything by lancome, l'oreal or that sort of stuff?
  9. A friend of mine is super sensitive and lives in Egypt, they don't have the gluten free allergy friendly brands there. Are there any gluten free lip sticks or glosses by popular brands? they also have a body shop there
  10. some people react ok to wheat starch and is considered gluten free because it obviously contains less gluten, would the same apply to corn? has anybody had experience with reacting to corn but not the starch?
  11. Cocoa Powder

    I know that this one is ok for many super sensitives. It's called Droste http://www.(Company Name Removed - They Spammed This Forum and are Banned)/Droste-DC9727-Cocoa-8-8o-oz/dp/B0007V11TQ/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1333544427&sr=8-1
  12. Yes i need US brands, without traces of milk
  13. A friend of mine had to stop milk products as well, he doesn't live in the US but has an uncle who is coming to visit him, could anybody tell me the names of some of the brands of gluten free and milk free chocolate and preferably ones that are easy to get for people not all that familiar with the diet thanks in advance
  14. Anyone In Egypt

    No, unfortunately I don't know any store like that. I heard that they bake gluten-free stuff in Sharm el sheikh where i don't go. They have something called papadums in a box like pringles which say that they're gluten free, they're like chips, you can buy those at the supermarket. I only know lasagna sheets. I heard that gluten-free bread is available t the university of agriculture, apparently they have some kind of project with corn and so they make the bread, I don't know if they have anything else and I haven't been there yet. If you have any other questions or helpful tips please feel free to mail me at: knoppie89@hotmail.com bye
  15. Both my iron and B12 levels are low. I started taking injections for B12 which I used to take but stopped. I also started taking an iron supplement again which i stopped because I was afraid it might have gluten in it, I can't find out if it's in medication in Egypt. The others are way too expensive. If I get my iron up how soon should I start feeling better? Will my iron levels stay up or will I have to keep on taking iron like I always had to do?