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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. L-glutamine

    I have just started to use glutamine powder twice a day after consulting one of the nutrition advisors at Whole Foods! I am celiac and had major abdominal surgery over a year ago, and ever since then have suffered from extreme digestive/bowel distress. I am already beginning to notice an improvement after only one week. It is also beneficial for building muscle when working out on a regular basis, and helps the immune system.........It is so very important for celiacs to do whatever they can to lessen the chances of damage to the intestines, and even though we try to adhere to a strictly gluten-free diet, there are so many hidden sources of gluten out there! If anyone has anymore good tips or supplements they are taking to make life better, please share! Thanks.
  2. Ive Had It With This!

    I agree with all of you - I have been trying to stick to a gluten-free diet for the past 8 years or so, but have just spent the last few months with horrible crampy, urgent diarrhea! Am thinking a complete physical is in order with tests to see what else is causing my problems. Sometimes I get so tired of reading labels on packages and worrying about what's in a restaurant meal I get so frustrated I go to Macdonalds and pack away a 1/4 pounder and fries just to have a few moments of enjoyment!!! I know it's bad and that I will pay for it, but sometimes cheating doesn't bother me as much as something hidden in a meal that I will react to very shortly afterward. Think I need to check out the possibility of other allergens. On top of all that, I was stung by a wasp on the golf course a few years ago and had a severe anaphylactic reaction and am supposed to carry an epipen with me - had never been allergic to bee venom before. I am 57 years young and feel the life draining out of me sometimes and want to feel good even if it's for short periods of time......... Does anyone know of a good "quick" cleanse I can use to get me through whatever I'm having this severe reaction to right now???? Thanks for listening........
  3. I too had all those symptoms as a kid - my mother told me I was a celiac baby, but no one told me (or my parents) that I would have to be on a special gluten-free diet my whole life - unless my parents ignored the fact! In my late 40s I had so many severe symptoms, and like you experienced severe acid reflux, stomach and diarrhea issues and nausea. I finally went and had the blood test after suggesting to my doctor after many inconclusive "nasty" tests that maybe that was the issue - surprise.......it was positive and as soon as I adopted the gluten-free diet I felt much better and many of the symptoms lessened. However due to the frustration of worrying about every single thing I put in my mouth I often get "glutened" and still suffer from constant diarrhea with I will have to get under control. If anyone knows of a decent "cleansing" regimen I can go on for a short period to get back to "normal" I would appreciate all suggestions.