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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Protein... And Beef Jerky

    thanks, guys . I'll have to look at those sites. I know, if the soy sauce substitute doesn't work for beef jerky, it still sounds yummy . I miss putting soy sauce and garlic powder on grilled ribs... so I am going to have to try that sometime! thanks again!
  2. Ok... so I am pregnant (going on 6 weeks)... and I just feel like I can't eat enough protein. I always craved it prior to my period too... but now I just feel like I need it more and more. I love beef jerky, and miss it. Especially now. haha. I can't find any that do not contain gluten or soy, and all the recipes I have for it contain soy sauce also... which I know you can get in a non-gluten version, but not non-soy . Any suggestion? thanks for your help!
  3. And they also have soy for those of you who can't tolerate soy lecithin or any other soy...
  4. Surprise!

    Don't mind at all I was on birth control for roughly 3 years (started the month before we were married). I had to switch types a couple times due to side effects. Last year, I started having menopausal symptoms. I was 26. Not a good thing. My grandmother went through menopause at 38 and my aunt at 40 (looking back, I'm convinced my grandmother had celiac, but that's another story). I still got my monthly visitor, but I had major brain fog, skin changes, hair changes, hot flashes, and several other symptoms from the list of menopausal symptoms. that's when my whole quest to figure me out began . I stopped bc last June. gained 15lbs that month. skipped my monthly for a few months, and suffered HORRIBLE back, and achiles tendon pain. I had horrible fatigue, also. Either way, it took several months to somewhat straighten out, and I didn't straighten out completely until I started seeing my chiropractor/naturopathic doctor... figured out I had some adrenal issues, started me on female supplements, and then figured out the dietary issues (gluten and soy), and I've been great since. I became very regular again (until recently haha). I wouldn't despair yet. But I went from specialist to specialist and back again, only to get 'everything is normal... it's all in your head... take some antidepressants'... so don't give up is the best advice I have. good luck, and keep me posted!
  5. Surprise!

    Thanks guys for your advice . it is all so helpful . I greatly appreciate it! and I'll be sure to pass the congrats on to my hubby, aka Dad (who is already wrapped around the baby's little finger. haha)
  6. Surprise!

    Thanks lizsard00 . I did pick that book up from the library yesterday, and my sister is getting me a copy from a book exchange thing she does... so far it's pretty interesting. this is our first, and they are a surprise . I will be sure to stock up on good gluten-free snacks and easy prep foods. My naturopathic doctor has me on some supplements (along w/ my prenatal vitamins) to help w/ the stamina... I'm kind of tired today, but I haven't gotten much sleep . So that's normal. I did notice that eggs smelled funny to me (yeah, more so than normal haha)... and I kind of don't want to eat them, when normally, I eat a hard boiled egg and a banana or yogurt every morning. So I hope that gets normal. I will be sure to get protein. I always keep almonds in my purse as a snack, and also organic fruit leather... both are a pretty good pick me up snack in a pinch. thanks again for the advice, and I'll be hoping to keep that morning sickness at bay. I normally eat small portions all day, so I will continue to do so. thanks!
  7. Surprise!

    Just found out I'm about 4.5 weeks along. It was, of course, a surprise (see the topic haha) . I've never tried to conceive before, so I don't know if I would have had problems... I know my hormones were a mess. I've been gluten free for about a week longer than I've been pregnant. haha. so apparantly, it was easy for me. Does anyone have any good reference websites? Or any suggestions for good foods? I am HOPING not to deal w/ morning sickness... it's not typical in my family... but I, obviously, can't do the saltines. . thanks!
  8. I'm Hungry

    I can relate... gluten free for about a month, (and I had been for a bit before that, too, while on an elimination diet...) and it seems my appetite is HUGE. I can't seem to get enough to eat, ever. I ate 6 tacos for dinner, and I didn't even feel full. 6 tacos!!!! I always used to get bloated and uncomfy, and my stomach would stick out, and I'd have indigestion... but I don't feel that way anymore. But it's hard, when I literally have to eat something every hour because my stomach is so hungry, and is growling "feed me". If I don't, I feel weak and shaky. Like now, I just ate lunch - left over taco stuff in a bowl (kind of taco salad, w/ a lot of meat), and some honey nut rice chex. What's the deal? I feel like I hardly ate anything, and that's quite a substantial lunch. Not to mention I've eaten a hard boiled egg, a yogurt, a banana, and 2 small chex treats today. I was counting down to lunch because I was so hungry, too. It's kind of annoying. will this ever end? I chuckled at the steak w/ 3 baked potatoes... to me, right now, that sounds just great! Just give me a whole beef roast. haha. what do you do when you have to eat something literally hourly? what's the best thing to eat to stave off the hunger. I try almonds, and eggs, and yogurt... because of the protein... and yeah, they only work for so long. thanks (he's saying "FEED ME")
  9. Oh boy! I'm super excited! I just picked some up this weekend, not knowing what to expect... now I want to try it soon! maybe I will this week!
  10. Experience With Parasites?

    Actually, I found out that I had a parasite before I found out about anything else... I got tired of the run around from every doctor on the planet, and decided to go to a chiropractor who is certified in naturopathic medicine and applied kinesiology. Not quite sure how it all works, but it does. Somehow, he figured out I had a parasite. So I took something called Vermifuge (NASTY). Basically it was black walnut and clove. but it got rid of Filbert (what I called my parasite... you gotta have a sense of humor). After that ordeal, he decided I had system wide inflammation (I knew that one), so I was on an elimination diet and had to take nutrition shakes. I felt great. Best I had in a while. I also took a couple of detoxification supplements during this period of time. After 3 HUGE canisters of this shake, I was good to go. So I started eating normal again. And felt icky again. (I don't get horrible stomach pain, just bloating, gas, nausea, reflux, and minor discomfort, and I get irregular). I also had the headaches again, the joint pain, the foggy brain, and the fatigue. It all came back. That's when I decided it was food, and took a test, and found out I have a gluten and soy intolerance. I tested positive for antibodies against gluten, so he said for all purposes I could be diagnosed as celiac. I haven't decided if I want further testing, being that I've almost been gluten-free for about a month, and feel great. I have been on a parasite detox due to the "kill off toxins" of the parasite. but I think I'm almost done with that. Either way, the detox helped a great deal, too. I did read somewhere, that parasites like to hide out in damaged villi areas... I guess it makes them harder to find. when your body starts to heal, it makes it easier to find. It wasn't hard to get rid of my parasite, though. And that seemed to relieve some other issues I had, also. Hope this was helpful
  11. Does anyone get annoying muscle twitches? Like the kind you get when your eye pulsates, but ALL over your body? Like in your arms... legs... side... buttocks... you can visibly see your body twitch, too. It doesn't hurt, but it's annoying! Also, does anyone get a really hot face/head for no reason (no fever)? And how about where it feels like your bp rises for no reason - your heart rate increases, you get warm, you get a headache... but then it goes away shortly thereafter? happened after eating an ever so healthy breakfast of a rice chex krispy treat I made... not thinking it contained gluten, but not sure what the deal was... there was coccoa powder in it.
  12. I've had the nausea, the acne, the warts (when I was a kid... I had a lot of them on my hands), the feeling of hypoglycemia and the need to eat every few hours... I guess I never thought the acne or warts could be connected... Kind of frustrated w/ acne, because you think you'd outgrow it by the time you are in your late 20's... haha. haven't had the wart issue since I was a kid, though... but I had like 30 on my hands. it was just awful. Don't really have these issues so much since I've gone gluten free...
  13. Is This A Symptom?

    Well, thanks.... there are quite a few of them, and no, no children . No miscarriages either. I was on bc, and was having major issues w/ that, and stopped about a year ago. they started when I was on it. but I had been on it for a while, (2.5 years or a little more at that point... started it when I got married). thanks
  14. Anyone From Pa.

    Ok... I know this isn't the newest thread... but Hooray for fellow Pennsylvanians I'm originally from RI, but went to Duquesne out in Pittsburgh, PA, and now live in Lancaster County, PA . We love it. I work in Harrisburg, too. exciting.
  15. thanks! sent mine in