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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. The general medical system disappoints me once again. After taking about 6tubes of blood out and making me wait a week in agony. My local doctor simply told me that my test came out negative for celiac. Though my gluten symptoms are so severe. My doctor even thought that gluten intolerance is the same thing as celiac... No knowledge whatsoever on food allergies and intolerances. Now, I do not know what to do. I live in London and I am convinced I have Celiac or Crohn's or some sort of bad infection preventing me from eating proper food. My body is too damaged to go back on gluten diet... Are there any more tests avaiable (in affordable price) for celiac? I am so exhausted and fed up...... Can not believe I am more knowledgable on this stuff than the doctors or medical team around me. How uesless. How uninformative. How cruel is this. Please, if anyone knows any alternative, accurate, proper, knowledgeable celiac tests in London, please please let me know. I will be waiting. Thank you so much.
  2. Thank you so much for specific and detailed info! With my initial allergy test back in the summer, I lacked Bio Acid, Magnesium, Calcium and Vitamin E. So I was given Probiotics, calcium supplements. They may have helped without me noticing but I think my body has sustained severe damage that those weren't enough to make a significant recovery. I am vegan because half voluntary/involuntary. My allergies/intolerances means limited diet and I can't diget meat properly even few years ago so had to cut them out of my diet which improved my health until this came along. I am aware that vegans are required to have vitamin supplements which I have already, I think. Thank you so much for detailed info. Thank you.
  3. Thank you so much for the link, checking it out now. What do I eat.. I know :0 My menu is always the same and very limited if I want to look after my health. I can only eat a certain amount of varied fresh vegetables and fruits. Ofcourse not all the kinds as I still have few allergies even to fresh stuff like nuts lol. Things are alright as long as I am eating at home. The major problem is dining out cos I can't eat anything lol. Hard to socialise that way..
  4. May I ask what IMO is? Google is not helping much and I never heard those terms before. Do they include having diarrhea, abd pain/discomfort/cramp, bloating after eating non allergen food? Sparkling drinks whether they are DIET or normal, I react to them. I allergic to saccharine too. Sugary juices also make me really dizzy and confuses my gut. I can't tell whether I am hungry or not. I am ok with fresh fruits and they are included in my daily diet. They are easy to digest and settles my mind, giving me somewhat peace. Though carrots are high in fructose, right? Maybe I am not that friendly with fructose.. so having that a high amount at one ago (via carrots) causes problems? This problem has been with me for quite a few months now.. soon to reach a year. I am waiting for blood test results to come back and hoping they have spotted a cause for it. I would rather have a long list of causes/diseases than nothing cos otherwise I don't know what else to do next.. Thank you so much for your detailed info. Thank you.
  5. Hope your journey is going well <3
  6. Yes, you can purchase Yam Cakes in East Asian super markets (Japanese/Korean..maybe in Chinese shops too). They are usually sold next to each other, noodle and cake. Yam cakes are ofcourse not in the shape of a generic cake (round and big). They are usually a rectangle, slightly smaller than an average woman's hand, about 2cm high as well. Packaged in vinyl with some liquid just like the yam noodles. Hope this helps.
  7. Sorry about the long delayed reply. Yam cakees and noodles are the same thing but just different shapes. If you go to East Asian super markets (Japanese/Korean), they should be next to each other. I buy mine from Korean super markets.. not online. Hope this helps out.
  8. Thank you so much for your advise. I think you are right. My body is too exhausted I think..and probably gained some disease or infection on the way. I am now waiting for blood test results to come in few days. Thank you so much for the support, thank you.
  9. Thank you for the quick reply and info. Though there is a protein allergy?! Gosh! I have Monosodium Glutamate(MSG) allergy/intolerance, does that count as glutamate allergy? I wasn't tested for sulfite/salicylates but tested for meat and eggs and test came out negative. So I am suppose to be ok with them. Though I have cut out red meat 2, 3 years ago as I had problems with them.. indigestion mostly plus I didn't like tham. Then I cut out all meat. Eggs then became troublesome causing allergy symptoms despite the test result. So I am vegan. Eventhough somehow I become able to eat meat and eggs, I don't want to put them back to my diet. I just really don't like them. Plus some fishes (sushi or fresh as that's what I can have safely sometimes) give me symptoms too.. Therefore I decided not to gamble and cut them out too.
  10. Thank you so much for sharing your story. Like you, I was prescribed Probiotics so I had it everyday for few months but made no changes for me. My dietrician recommended Digestive aid supplements too but by then I was fed up relying on those stuff. Furthermore, my gut instinct (and the gut itself lol) told me I need something more than that, the pain and discomfort was too distinctive for any delay. Stress as trigger, I agree with you on that! Really glad I am not alone in thinking that. The time it happened, though I love my work, I was under a lot of stress due to projects and other personal stuff. But I had no control over them..despite my efforts, I couldn't change the personal circumstances and pressured on with things but I guess that has taken its toll. Thank you so much for everything and the website. I am really honored to receive so much support. Thank you.
  11. Thank you so much for your words. Really thank you. Even after months of posting this, my family is still in denial. In fact their pressure only grew stronger. They fail to understand the seriousness or infact the existence of intolerance/allergy. My health has worsened as a result so I am now unable to carry on with daily life which means I am in and out of hospital on regular basis for check ups and meds. Thankfully, through this difficult times I have realised something. Like you said, I am on my way to finding peace. Although my days are more troubled since I posted this, I have begun building something towards light at the end of the tunnel.. I now have the will power, I 'want' to be me, I 'want' to be something. If I am alive, I might as well as live it fully. Spend time with loved ones and be happy. Plus having this condition makes me an expert in this topic than the average so friends come to me for advice every now n then. Plus I can also help out a little with fellow sufferers.. sharing the burden sort of thing. I hope to become like you. Being brave and staying strong and living life.. being able to give solid advices. Thank you for your words again. It means a lot to me. Really really a lot.
  12. Insomnia

    Thank you so much for sharing this, thank you so much. Getting help or sharing the burden with the fellow sufferers are the greatest hope there is ever. Others just don't understand.. I don't blame them and I hope they never have to. It is such a reassuring feeling to get hope from fellow sufferers.. In dark times like this, I am having to hear 'there is hope' talk from the society to really feel it so thank you so much. Your words and hope mean a lot. Thank you.
  13. I can't agree with you more. Few friends and relatives seemed to accept the truth but every now and then I can tell that they are testing me. They try to push on with few allergies. Despite how I emphasise the seriousness and all, they say ok to calm me down but soon like you said, they treat it as if I am the big fat liar...
  14. Thank you so much for your words. You have no idea (or maybe you do) how I am not alone in thinking this... Thank you so so much... After all those months, they still tell me it's my fault for low consumption of my allergens but since my post, I sacrificed my life to prove them wrong but none the less they are convinced with their unproven theory. Thank you so much for your words again. My food menu might be repeated and simple compared to theirs, but it is my guide to survival whether they know it or not.