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  1. Dentist

    Help, I have just started going to a new dentist because I needed a filling replaced well, I needed a crown and I told them I was allergic to gluten and sulfites several times and they assured me there was none of that in their products. I found out there are sulfites in the epinephrine so I had been sick from that for two weeks already and then when I went back for the crown. I explained the reaction from the sulfites, but of course they just looked at me like I was talking about the weather. Then I mentioned again that I'm very gluten sensitive and they said there is no gluten in anything. They put the crown on and I have been sick with sprue for over a week now, I have had this for 11 yrs and haven't been this sick in 4yrs. I called and told them I was sick with mouth sores which are extremely painful and I only get when I've been glutened, along with the other reactions including mal-nutrition. gastro-intestinal, etc. they just told me there was no gluten in the crown or the cement right away, without looking. They don't want to tell me the cement brand they used and are saying I must have eaten something, I've been eating the exact same things every day for the past 4yrs so I know I didn't eat anything with gluten. Typically, my sprue only lasts a couple days but not this time I know it's the dentist and was wondering if anyone knows if the cement has Gluten and if it will leach into my saliva?? I did not have this reaction from a crown that I had last year nor did I have it when I had an extraction two yrs ago. Not sure what to do, help!!
  2. Actually, I just found out that what the pharmacies have been passing off as the "new Armour" is actually NP Thyroid and not made by the same company at all so Armour made by Forest is still okay but NP Thyroid made by Acella DOES contain gluten. The 60mg tablets have an AP on one side of them and 330 on the other side and Real Armour only has an A stamped on it. Yes Synthroid does contain gluten now.
  3. I have celiac disease and a sulfite allergy and have been on Thyroid medication for 15 yrs and was fine until my pharmacy gave me the generic Levoxyl (synthroid) a year and a half ago and I was also on Armour which has just been changed to a new formula. I started getting very very sick with celiac symptoms and had no idea why since I had been on these medications for so long. I stopped eating everything and my heart and lungs started becoming affected along with my liver and I knew I was getting gluten in something. I was taken off of my thyroid meds and my celiac symptoms went away but my thyroid was messed up so I went back on my thyroid meds and got my celiac symptoms back. I finally found information on hidden gluten in meds and here you go... http://celiacdisease.about.com/od/medicalguidelines/a/medications.htm Ive checked levoxyl and my compounded sustained release T3 and those are fine. I hope this will help those of you who can't figure out where your gluten is coming from!
  4. Actually, when we(celiacs) eat gluten, we get mal-absorption/ mal-nutrition which is what causes the mouth and tongue sores, blisters, rashes breakouts, headaches, diarrhea(we all know), easy bruising, hair loss, muscle loss, itching and can slow the healing of cuts . These are also the symptoms of mal-nutrition/ mal-absorption For me, it only takes a very small drop of gluten. I will be sick for 3-4 weeks and very very tired. This is what a lot of us experience. Having gluten can also lower our resistance to the flu and colds. I know a lot of you know this but there are a few that don't so i thought I'd let them know. I hope this helps