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  1. Diagnosis Positive

    Well I promised I would post regarding my expedition to Children's Hospital in Los Angeles. I have very little positive to say about the office staff so I will keep my mouth shut, but Dr. Pietzak was wonderful once we were able to actually get in front of her. She was a wealth of information, took the time to listen to my daughter's very extensive medical history, all the while my two year old was playing devil child and bouncing off the walls(not the child with celiac disease, she was very well behaved, sat quietly and wolfed down a bag of gluten free pretzels). Anyway, given my daughter's off the charts positives on all the blood tests and her amazing reaction to being on a gluten free diet for over a month Dr. Pietzak felt comfortable officially diagnosing her with celiac disease. We need to get one more blood test to test nutrition levels but we are forgoing the biopsy. So, for anyone in the LA area that is looking for a specialist, I highly recommend Dr. Pietzak, but you need to be pretty tough and persistent to get an appointment in a timely manner. I look forward to learning as much as possible, this forum has been a wealth of information already. Take care, deb, mom to a newly diagnosed 7 year old.
  2. A Newbie

    Mariann, I will let you know regarding the Dr.'s and Childrens once we get in there. I agree that it seems pretty horrible to put her back on gluten to get a diagnosis when everything else points to celiac. The only reason I would consider it is if there is some other really life threatening thing that the biopsy would rule out and it was the only way to diagnose that. I can't imagine that would be the case, so we shall see. Every other blood test has come back in the range of normal. We just had a blood screening done to check out other things prior to the Celiac screening and Enzyme level blood test so we have covered a lot of ground. We are very hospital savvy as my daughter has had other medical issues not related to Celiac Disease so we are not awed by Dr.'s and such so if we are impressed with Dr. Pietzak(she is the specialist we are being referred to) I will let you know. I did see her name mentioned in a couple posts regarding conferences and studies. Anyway, thank you so much for the response and take care. deb
  3. Hello all, I am new to the forum. My daughter is in the process of being diagnosed with celiac disease. We have had the blood screening which came back positive and are in the process of being referred to a specialist at Children's Hospital in Los Angeles. She has had other blood and stool tests which have all come back normal. After months of doing massive amounts of laundry after the blood was drawn and the stool was sent we started on a gluten-free diet. We saw an immediate change, lets just say I haven't had to change the sheets other then the normal cleaning day stuff. I know we should have waited for the confirmed diagnosis but I just couldn't keep feeding her stuff I thought was making her sick. So, anyway, I am looking for information regarding th reasons for and against a biopsy. I really don't want to put her back on gluten. She is doing better in kindergarten, she is gaining weight and seems much less fatigued. There will have to be very compelling reasons for me to put her on gluten for a month to do the test. So anyway, this forum is great, I have been looking up things constantly. Thanks for all your help and have a great night. deb