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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. My daughter was diagnosed over a year ago with celiac disease (she was 17 mo. at DX). Her serologic tests were negative (although done by our pediatrician, so I wonder if she ordered the appropriate tests). We went to a GI after her symptoms of weight loss and diarrhea didn't subside. The GI encouraged us to have the endoscopy and the findings were suggestive of celiac disease (she had some leukocites and some villi atrophy....don't know exact numbers or percentages). Anyway, she was put on a gluten-free diet and has done wonderfully. However in May, she started to have the diarrhea again and after 10 days of it we went back to the GI. He ran some blood work including the HLA test. It was negative! Her symptoms have since subsided, but now we're wondering if she really does have celiac disease? GI recommends a gluten challenge followed by another endoscopy. We will most likely go ahead with it but have lots of questions. Have any of your children had similar findings? Is it possible for her to have celiac disease with a negative HLA? The GI said her 1st endoscopy was borderline, but indicative of celiac disease. Have any of you had second endoscopies? Any thoughts or advice? Thanks!
  2. Facebook Group

    Thanks, everyone. There wasn't a FB group specifically for parents of Celiac children, so I wanted to start one. As a parent of a newly diagnosed toddler and living in an area where there is currently no support group for parents, I really need to connect with other parents dealing with similar issues. Have a great day!
  3. Hi Everyone, For anyone who does Facebook, I started a "Parents of Children with Celiac Disease" group. I use Facebook often and thought it might be another route to giving each other support. If interested, type in the above group name into the search and you'll come across it. I made it a "closed group" so you first have to request to be a member, much like the requesting a friend function. Thanks, AM
  4. Hi Everyone, My 17 month old daughter has been gluten-free (or at least we've done our best) since early May 2009 after being diagnosed with Celiacs. The first week was very tough and she rejected almost everything we gave her. Slowly, she started to eat better and each week her stools were more formed and we thought she was gaining weight. Overall it seemed like she was doing pretty well until earlier this week when she got a hold of a couple of pretzels from another child at daycare (they think she may have eaten 1 small pretzel before they got to her ). I tried not to freak out about it, since I know gluten happens, escpecially at her age. Well, since then, she hasn't been herself and has had some bouts of diarrhea and projectile vomiting again. She also has not been eating much and seems really tired. Is this what a little bit of gluten can do to her system? Any similar experiences? Thanks, AM
  5. similar to which one? thanks,
  6. How was it determined that milk and gluten caused these symptoms. Just curious since my celiac daughter has been having some strange spasms since taking her off gluten.
  7. Hi Valerie, This is interesting and I'd like to hear what your GI says. I have a 17 month old who was diagnosed last month with Celiacs. Shortly after we took her off gluten, she started to have these "spams" where she grits her teeth, shakes and turns red in the face. She'll have anywhere from 0-10 spasms a day and they only thing we see in common is a level of frustration before they occur. We videotaped her and showed our GI, our ped and a neuro and no one is sure what it is, and no one thinks it looks like a seizure. We're seeing the neuro this Tuesday for a consult. Even though your daughter's symptoms are somewhat different, I do wonder if there is something causing these (possible) neurological episodes. Keep me posted and I'll let you know how things go with our appt. too. Hope you can find some answers.
  8. Hi Everyone, My 16 mo. old daughter has been on a gluten-free diet for one week (she was diagnosed with Celiac on 5/5/09 after the biopsy results of her endoscopy). The rest of the family is maintaining our usual diet and trying to do more gluten free meals when possible. I am just overwhelmed with all the possible "gluten contamination" issues and feel stressed and guilty. I am worried about any little crumb, but on the other hand, I know that gluten will happen, if not at our home, then everywhere else! My question is how do you all deal with it? How do you make sure you provide the safest environment for your child, while keeping things in perspective? Despite my fears, we've been doing our usual activities and I'm just watching her like a hawk. But, I won't always be there and need to learn to trust others and give myself a break. Any advice? Also, we have a dog. I read that some people feed their animals gluten-free diets if there is celiac disease in the house. Is this a bit drastic? I want to do what is best and healthiest but maintain some sense of normalcy. Like I said, I'm new to this and still in the fearful stage. I could use some support. Thanks!
  9. Congrats to you and your daughter (and family)! We've only just begun this "journey" and it's so encouraging to hear about the positive outcome you've had. I hope I'm feeling the same way next year. All the best!
  10. My daughter was just diagnosed with Celiacs a few days ago. Her stools were often very, very grainy and light in color (almost tan). We've only had her on the gluten-free diet since the diagnosis, so we still have some of these stools. How long does it take until the gluten is out of her system?