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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Is All Wine Gluten Free?

    I'm so glad I came across this post as I am trying to figure out the wine issue when it comes to gluten and my allergy. I know that many websites will say that all wine is most likely gluten free, but "most-likely" doesn't do it for me. I am about one week into my gluten-free diet and had a glass of Mark West Pinot Noir which immediately made me sick. I contacted them and they provided the following response: Hi Chris, This is the best answer I could get for you. Most of our wine is not made here as we purchase some wine from other companies and mix them here to create our own wine. TTB is a government agency that does not allow wine producers to add gluten to wines but that does not guarantee that gluten has not been added to the wine we use. We cannot confirm whether or not those wines have been stored in barrels that were sealed with a flour paste and we do not test the wine itself for any gluten so we do not have any way of knowing if our wines contain gluten or not. I hope this helps somewhat. Thank you, Monica So, the jury seems to be out here, which doesn't make me feel good since I'm going to Italy for my honeymoon. Maybe I am having these reactions since I am still in the early recovery stages, but would welcome anyone else's experiences. Thanks!
  2. Thanks so much for the response. Horrible bloating and stomach pain. Headaches come and go, but I can deal with those. The stomach is the worst part. Any suggestions?
  3. I just had lunch and accidentally ate something I wasn't supposed to and now feel awful. Is there anything out there that you can do to feel better more quickly, or any tricks that seem to work? Thanks as always for your support!
  4. Hello, I'm so glad to hear that you're feeling better, and am glad I saw this posting so I could write you. I, for years, have had symptoms similar to celiac, but have recently tested negative for the disease (both blood and endoscopy). With the doctor's help, I self-diagnosed myself with gluten intolerace. I have been gluten free for 4 days and nothing has really changed, which is extremely discouraging. As you think back on your experience, how did your first couple of days go? I realize that everyone is different, but am trying to put things in perspective for myself. Thanks!
  5. I have tested negative for celiac both through a blood test and an endoscopy biopsy, but through my own research, doctor's help, and blood test work, have come to think that I have a gluten intolerance. Without a positive test, however, this has been a frustrating experience to say the least. I have been gluten free for about 3 or 4 days, and have yet to experience the drastic recovery that people speak about. My doctor told me that it could take anywhere from 4-8 weeks, but I wanted to see what other's recovery times were like after going off gluten. Thanks for your support.
  6. That's the tough thing-every time I think I'm gluten-free, I find something else that I'm eating that actually isn't gluten-free. I believe only two days or so, but am starting to worry that I don't have it and I'm wasting my time.
  7. As I read everyone's posts, this makes me feel a little better. I have been living with discomfort for several years now and finally went to the doctor to demand they do something (in the past, they passed it off as stress, not eating correctly, etc.) I had the celiac blood test which came back negative. I had the endoscopy biopsy which ALSO came back negative for celiac, but the doctor told me I has intra epithelial lmphyocytosis, which is found as a precurser to celiac in some cases. So, I'm trying the gluten free diet. I don't feel better yet, but am hoping to God that something changes. It got to the point where I was praying it would come back positive for celiac so I had an answer. Has anyone else had a similar experience?