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  1. "Tough love is not an effective treatment for chronic illness." That simple sentence speaks volumes. I have been having a list of problems over the years. When I got really, really sick this past February and March, I knew that people were thinking I was not really all that sick. That I should just "suck it up" and go to work, go to dinner, go to athletic events - even though I knew I was SICK. No one really called me out on it, but sometimes you just know. Since my diagnosis of celiac disease on April 7, 2009, sometimes I childishly want to go up to certain people and say, "I TOLD YOU SO!" I wasn't faking anything, but yet sometimes questioned my own sanity because, after all, if all the doctors said nothing was wrong with me then maybe I really was a hypochondriac. My diagnosis has made me more aware of my own inclination to be judgmental of others with an "invisible" illness and to treat them with more empathy and kindness. I would like to put your quote on my blog page, giving you the credit of course, if I may have your permission. Gwynn